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August 2011 


Real or Not?

Silicon Dragon 2011: Oct. 6

Rosewood Sand Hill Resort 

Richard Lim, GSR Ventures

Tim Draper, DFJ

Bill Tai, Charles River Ventures

 Benjamin Joffe, Plus 8*

Howard Chao, OM&M

Marguerite Hancock, SPRIE

Moderator: Rebecca Fannin 
Haidong Pan

Tech chatter Haidong Pan just raised $15 million from Tim Draper,

see Forbes post for why

 Jeff Chen, founder of Internet Explorer +, Maxthon
Haidong Pan, founder of China's Wikipedia +, Hudong
Moderators: Andy Tsao, SVB
Xiaojing Fan, KPMG 
IPO Alert: Nasdaq's
Bob McCooey

Silicon Dragon 2011
October 6, 2011
Rosewood Sand Hill Resort

Program: 6-7:45PM

Cocktail Reception: 8-9PM
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O'Melveny & Myers, KPMG,



 Emotte raises series A round of $8M from TianTu Capital to expand its household service information platform 


Tim Draper angel invests in Singapore government-backed tech incubator

Clearbridge Accelerator  


IPOs, Listings    

U.S. IPO of video sharing site Tudou was fully subscribed at $180M. The  IPO priced as a series of accounting scandals shook investor confidence.   


Shanda's online literature portal affiliate calls off planned $200M U.S. IPO



Orchid Asia reaches $650M in final close for its fifth

China fund with subscriptions 35% over target size.


 RRE Ventures in NY aims to raise $300M+ for fifth technology fund. 


UBS set to launch funds for making private equity investments in China  




The Silicon Alley 100: 

New York's Coolest Tech People. Any surprise that digital entrepreneur Michael Bloomberg leads the list of top tech innovators in NY? 

See Business Insider




China's Baidu has released a browser that will compete with Internet Explorer and Google's Chrome 


Social gamer PapayaMobile hits 25M users. We know how to pick 'em! Si Shen, co-founder and CEO of the China startup was our Silicon Dragon Entrepreneur of Beijing.




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Timing Not on Tudou's Side

Gary WangTiming is everything, as Tudou CEO Gary Wang knows all too well. Chinese video sharing site Tudou beat Youku to a product debut by one year, and was the market leader for several years. Now, Youku has jumped ahead, becoming China's largest YouTube-like player and scoring a high-flying IPO eight months before Tudou could bet to NASDAQ. You can bet that Wang (right) wishes he could have gone public late last year. Still, he deserves a lot of credit for getting the IPO done in a tough year. See Silicon Asia post at Forbes.   




Renren, Tudou, Youku, Dangdang: Next? 

September 8, 2011, 4 PM 

Robin Li @ NASDAQ

CEO Robin Li of Baidu at NASDAQ in 2005

Program: China Deals/IPOs/Returns

Risks & Rewards

Keynote Speaker: Peter Lighte, Chairman, JPMorgan Chase China

Panelists: David Chao, DCM; Barry Silbert, SecondMarket; Tony Florence, NEA;

James Robinson IV, RRE Ventures; Ron Posner, eChinaCash

Robert Pietzrak, Sidley Austin; Porter Bibb, MediaTech Capital;

Eric Xu, Rock Rose Partners

Moderator: Author & Journalist Rebecca Fannin, SiliconAsia


Closing Bell Ceremony: 4-4:30PM (guest arrival, 3:30PM) 

Program: 4:45-7PM

Cocktail Reception: 7-8PM

NASDAQ MarketSite: Times Square, 43rd/Broadway

Sign up: Silicon Dragon @ NASDAQ


Our thanks to Sidley Austin and NASDAQ OMX for sponsoring this VIP event

Outreach partner: China Institute 



Microblogs Users in China Multiplying 


       Q2 2011        Q1 2011                 % change     

# of users      174M              140M                      +24%


China microblogging market could reach 250 million users by the end of 2011.

Source: Analysys International



Worth Reading


 GroupOn CEO Discusses China

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason sent to his employees. Mason briefly addresses Gaopeng, Groupon's China joint venture: What about our joint-venture with Tencent in China? Did you read the article that Gaopeng's CEO has kidnapped the first born children of all our employees and is putting them to work building a laser beam he'll use to slice the moon in half? It turns out that that one isn't true either. China is definitely a different market, but every month we inch closer to profitability. See DigiCha.


Progress on De-linking China's Innovation and Procurement Policies 

PRC government officials committed to breaking these links during President Hu Jintao's January 2011 trip to the U.S. and the May 2011 Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The US-China Business Council has prioritized the elimination of discriminatory innovation-related procurement rules and has provided various PRC government agencies with a list of rules and policies that need to be addressed. In one sign of change, the Shanghai local government formally eliminated its indigenous innovation product catalogue. See USCBC write-up.  

Gaining by Betting Against Flimsy Chinese Firms

Sahm Adrangi works with six other people in a small room on Madison Avenue with a view of an adjacent brick building. He doesn't speak Chinese. He's never set foot in China. At 30, he claims no special insight into the sources or durability of the Chinese economic miracle. Yet he has managed to dig up enough information to wreck the fortunes of several Chinese companies - while building up his own. See Washington Post.


Bashing Baidu

Last year Google remembered its motto ("Don't be evil") and stopped co-operating with China's censors. Since then, Google has found it much harder to do business in mainland China. The chief beneficiary was Baidu, China's leading search engine. Its share of internet searches, already vast, grew to a dominant 75%.

Robin Li, Baidu's Chinese-born, American-educated co-founder, is only 42 but one of China's richest men. That makes him a target, despite his scrupulous efforts not to upset the ruling Communist Party. Since August 14th Baidu has been the subject of a series of damning investigative reports on CCTV, the main state-run broadcaster. See The Economist.



Startup Asia

Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia's Innovation Boom (October 2011, John Wiley & Sons) by Rebecca A. Fannin

 Advance Praise:

Author Rebecca Fannin, Startup Asia

Contract signing for

Startup Asia

Dick Kramlich, NEA: "starts out with a bang and picks up steam, excellent work"

Pat McGovern, IDG: "No one has done more field research or has more thoughtful analysis and insights"

Jason Pontin, Technology Review: "no better guide"

Bill Draper, Draper International: "must read about Asia's burgeoning startups"

Ron Schramm, Columbia University: "should be on Kindle shelf for every B school course on Asia or  entrepreneurship"

Tony Nash, Economist: "splendidly woven narrative"

David Lam, WI Harper & AAMA: impressive facts, stunning anecdotes, insightful visions

Peter Lighte, banker and Sinologist: "takes a still picture of a scenario moving almost too fast to photograph."








Sand Hill Road, Feb. 9: Chindia & The Next Frontier

Beijing, May 25: Beijing Ventures Bloom

New York, Sept 8: IPOs, Exits & China Returns, NASDAQ 

Silicon Valley, Oct 6: Chinovation, Rosewood Sand Hill 

Shanghai, Nov 7: Startups Battle the BAT, Portman Ritz-Carlton

Hong Kong, Nov 9: Venture VIPs, China Club

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