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I just returned from one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating trips I've ever taken to Costa Rica. Swimming in the warm beautiful Pacific Ocean, ziplining through the rain forest, eating delicious fresh local fruits and vegetables and deepening my counseling skills... read more about my trip by visiting my blog.

Summer always seems to end too quickly! While I am still enjoying the slower pace of summer and looking forward to some more beach days Labor Day weekend, I am also starting to look forward to the busyness of fall. This is the time of year that i start making project lists and mapping out what the rest of the year will look like.

I find it easier to envision my future when I'm a bit more relaxed. When I'm super busy, it's hard to think beyond today. When I have some space in my schedule, I am able to see the bigger picture and the steps I need to take to get there. Check out the future building exercise below for some ideas on how to manifest the future you desire.

May the next month be healthy and happy for you and your loved ones!

Liz Vequist

Read about my Costa Rica trip!
 Cambridge Whole Health blog

Future Building Exercise

Do you find yourself wondering where time has gone and why you haven't reached your goals yet? Life is a long time, but it seems to go by in a flash if we don't pay some attention to what we want our future to look like. Creating a clear intention of where you want to be in 5 years will help you build a roadmap to get there.

Pen and paper

What to Do:
Sit in a quiet place and take some deep breaths, letting your mental busyness fall away. Visualize yourself 5 years from now. How old will you be? How old will your parents be? If you have a partner and/or children, how old will they be? Will you have a partner or children in 5 years? What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Will you have the same career or will you be doing something completely different?  What will your home environment look like? Focus on one aspect of your future that you feel most strongly about and visualize yourself in that future as if it is the present. Get as detailed and specific as you possibly can. The clearer you get on your future, the more likely you will be to manifest it. Now think, what are the obstacles standing in the way of your dreams? What are the fears, resistances or circumstances that are holding you back? How can you overcome these or let them go in order to reach your dream life?

Jot down your vision of your future on a piece of paper, as well as any obstacles. This is your roadmap. Put this in a safe place.

Courtesy of Joshua Rosenthal, Institue for Integrative Nutrition.

Mango Salsa
Inspired by my trip to Costa Rica and the delicious mangos that I enjoyed there, here is a simple recipe that is a great substitute for the usual jar salsa and can be a great snack, picnic or potluck addition or used as a topping for fresh fish.

2 mangos, peeled, pitted and cut into 1/4-inch pieces
1 small red onion, chopped
1/2 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves, chopped
1 serrano or jalapeno chile, minced (ribs and seeds removed for less heat if desired)
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
Coarse sea salt
Baked tortilla chips, for serving

In a medium bowl, combine mango, onion, cilantro, chile, and lime juice; season with sea salt. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one night. Serve with tortilla chips.

Recipe courtesy of Body & Soul magazine Sept. 2008.

Planning Your Workouts

It's just as important to plan your workouts as it is to plan your career, family or house purchase. Especially if you have a super busy schedule or you're prone to putting off your workouts, brainstorm how and when you can fit exercise into your day.

Here are some ideas:
  • Try getting up a little earlier and working out before work.
  • Lunchtime workouts can be a nice break in the day.
  • Getting out of the office for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day will help your heart as well as clear your head.
  • Working out or taking a class after work can help reduce stress before going home.
  • Working out as transportation: can you bike or walk all or part of the way to work?
  • Get together with a buddy and schedule your workouts together.
Once you've figured out how and when exercise will work for you, put it in your calendar and stick to it!

Would you like to achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle?

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