April 6



Someone asked: what is this "charm" you speak of? as in, "We pay attention to the subtle tug of charm, allowing ourselves to be led."


Some would call it "the still, small voice." Intuition. Conscience. There is a flow of life, of nature, within the oneness. Like a river, like the wind, there are currents and crosscurrents, subtle shifts of direction. These hold the information that can guide us through our days. By paying attention to this information, we align ourselves with the flow of evolution. By following evolution, life feels right. We can live our life based upon this feeling of rightness, rather than on idesa of what we should or shouldn't be doing, who we think we're supposed to be.


In Mexico there was a friend of our hostess whom I had met here in the States. Let's call her Lilly. Lilly wanted to learn to meditate, but had just returned from a month out of the country and was overwhelmed by everything upon returning to her life. Plus there's the traffic, from her side of town to ours. All of it just too much to deal with right now. Can't make it to the first session. Maybe next time.


Next day, Saturday, she wakes with the idea to go to the Coyocan Market, a weekend assembly of artists and artisans, street vendors and food. Though she's lived in Mexico her whole life, she's never been. But today it seemed like the best idea. 


Before our trip, the only thing I knew I wanted to see in Mexico City was La Casa Azul, the home shared by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. In the neighborhood of Coyocan. We made a day of it. After teaching that morning, our host family took us to the Coyocan Market to shop and eat, and then it would be off to see The Blue House. 


Coming out of the restaurant, we ran into Lilly. She saw it as a suggestion from the universe that perhaps it was time for her to learn to meditate. I offered to teach her a mantra that evening, if she wished, and she did. Though she's done a lot of spiritual practice in her life, at the end of the weekend she said, "Now I know what meditation is."


Following charm is not magical thinking. It is paying attention to what nature would have me do, rather than what my ideas and opinions, my hopes and fears, would have me do. We pay attention to charm with the idea that, as individual expressions of nature, it just makes sense to align ourselves with its flow, and by aligning ourselves with this flow, we are guaranteed to end up where we're meant to be.


Today I will allow that there is a flow in nature that I have access to, and I will open myself to feeling it.


dual statue 

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