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"Hit Count" Proposal Receives Widespread Support 

"I have been waiting for someone or some group to come up with a sensible plan to reduce the problem at the grassroots...So I was happy to hear Friday that the Sports Legacy Institute in Boston has advocated a hit count for athletes." - Chris Cochrane, Chronicle Herald Sports. 
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"If we go to such great lengths to protect the elbows of baseball players . . . don't you think we ought to set limits to the number of times we allow a child to be hit in the head in sports?"-  Dr. Robert Cantu, SLI Co-Founder.
Read CBS Sports article here.


SLI's "Hit Count" Proposal was also featured in The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, CNN, The Associated Press, Education Week, The Boston Herald and The Guardian.


Read SLI's "Hit Count" White Paper here.

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March 23, 2012, Harvard Law School Sports Law Symposium, SLI Lunch Panel hosted by SLI Board Member Peter Carfagna, featuring Dr. Bob Cantu and Tim Fleiszer. Learn more here.

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Cantu and Nowinski Named Third on the Globe and Mail's Power 50
Dr. Cantu, Chris Nowinski ranked third on Canada's Globe & Mail Power 50 in Hockey. Read article here.


Chicago Concussion Coalition Update: Former NFL players help educate, raise awareness at SLI Advanced Concussion Trainings. Read more here. 
Watch video here.


Mystery Solved? Key Alzheimer's study may have unlocked mystery of how CTE progresses. Read about the study here.


New Concussion Study Releases Findings
Football study suggests that damage can be caused by many hits to the head over time and not just a single major hit to the head. Read more here.


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