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January 2012    

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New Year Greetings!

Sustainable Bainbridge is eagerly beginning a fresh year of making connections that lead to a more sustainable and resilient community.   From hard-working Zero Waste "Z-agents" to intrepid Beach Naturalists, our stories from 2011 could fill many pages! We'd like to share a few highlights with you, and more importantly, thank each one of you for being a vital part of our community.   


In 2011, we redesigned our website, and a number of new groups and initiatives joined with existing ones in the Sustainable Bainbridge 'yurt'.  We welcomed the Weed Warriors with their mighty efforts to support a flourishing native plant population by vanquishing invasive 'weeds'.  For the second year, the Student Conservation Corps not only removed mountains of ivy from Blakely Harbor Park, but also served as meaningful employment for more than two dozen high school students. 


The Bainbridge Beach Naturalists delighted many with their educational excursions at low tide.  These not-to-be missed outings took place both during the day and late at night, and opened a whole new world for many people.  The Watershed Council continued their fine work monitoring salmon in several Bainbridge Island creeks, and making plans to install a rain garden at Ordway this year.


Our Zero Waste "Z-agents" were cheerfully busy all year.  In addition to having teams and waste-collection gear available at public gatherings, the group has developed educational campaigns in some of our public schools. A very successful WOW (Wipe Out Waste) campaign raised over $42,000 to provide seven recycling/garbage collection points in Winslow.  The Sustainable Business Network is maintaining our BALLE connection, and exploring ways to work with the Chamber of Commerce.


Beyond all the fulfilling work, lots of people took time for social camaraderie at Green Drinks this past year, and enjoyed a variety of venues from Roosters to the new OfficeXpats space.  The first Frog Rock Forum in June was a lively afternoon, showcasing individuals and organizations that are helping to create a resilient community.  


Positive Energy signed up more than 1500 households for free energy assessments last year.  One friend remarked that the energy assessment had "changed her life" by showing her ways to make her home more comfortable and energy efficient at the same time.  Sound Food started a series of Local Food Roundtables to identify the most effective ways to grow our food system, and worked with Bay Hay and Feed to create a farm store for local food.


You'll hear more this year about our Prepared Neighborhoods initiative that will be working with Rotary to assist all of us to be ready to help each other during power outages and other unexpected happenings.  Go!Bainbridge is leading the charge for alternative transportation, and will be setting their goals this month.  And, the West Sound Time Bank is gearing up for some alternative ways to exchange goods and services.


Our Sustainable First Mondays (SFM) brought citizens together to hear about and discuss topics from trail systems to economic resilience.   And bees, nuclear weapons, and Aldo Leopold made it into the film lineup this past year as Matinees That Matter (MTM) continued to partner with the historic Lynwood Theatre to present thought and action provoking topics.   


And finally, as an organization, we're thrilled to welcome four new Board members in 2012. Liesl Clark, Tony D'Onofrio, Marit Saltrones, and Leslie Schneider bring a host of talents and expertise to the Board, and we look forward to a collaborative adventure with them!   


As always, if you have a sustainability issue that inspires or interests you, please let us know.   Sharing our ideas strengthens relationships, weaves a community together and becomes the heart of sustainability. You can contact us by email or by phone at 206/842-4439.  We look forward to hearing from you this year!

Your Sustainable Bainbridge Board
Sallie Maron, President
Liesl Clark          
Cathie Currie
Tony D'Onofrio
Maradel Gale
Kat Gjovik
Els Heyne, Treasurer
Scott James
Lisa Macchio
Donna Mohr, Secretary
Kate Ruffing, Vice President
Marit Saltrones
Leslie Schneider
Jon Quitslund
Barb Zimmer