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Sustainable Bainbridge is proud to announce our new office at the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way, alongside some of Bainbridge Island's most notable nonprofit organizations!


Neighborhoods Unite!

The City of Bainbridge Island, with the help of Ed Call, are working diligently to create neighborhoods that  work together to handle a myriad of emergencies. Is your neighborhood prepared? Check out the COBI Emergency Preparedness web pages for more information on how to organize your neighborhood.

Inspiring Sustainable Practices in School

Local Bainbridge school, Voyager Montessori Elementary is committed to sustainable practices both inside and outside the classroom every school day.

Regional Actions
Living our Cooperative Values: Sustainable Alternatives to a Culture in Crisis

Sunday November 2
1:00-3:00pm, Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue in Seattle

Panel includes farmers, activists, organizers, business and political leaders creating ways to live that meet human needs, strengthen our local food economy, and sustain the Earth: Richard Conlin, Seattle City Council; Lottie Cross, Black Dollar Days Task Force; Heather Day, Community Alliance for Global Justice; Diane Dempster, Charlie's Produce; Derek Hoshiko, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies; Dan Hulse, Tacoma Food Co-op; Sue McGann, Marra Farm; Mark McIntyre, Cascade Harvest Coalition; Laura Niemi, Seattle Tilth Association; Viki Sonntag, EcoPraxis; 21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living.

For more information call Madison Market 206.329.1545 or e-mail


Sustainable Bainbridge sends our sincerest thanks to everyone who made Green October a success! From partnering organizations to speakers, volunteers, and participants, we are reminded once again that we live in an amazing community of engaged, caring people who are making their lives and Bainbridge Island more sustainable. In this approaching season of gratitude, we are indeed thankful for all you do.
November Events

Monday, November 3
7-9pm, The Commons, Bjune Drive
Sustainable First Monday Presents...
What's your Vote for Actions to Achieve a More Sustainable City?

Join us for presentations by Bainbridge residents who have ideas for a more sustainable City of Bainbridge Island. There will be time for spontaneous suggestions from the audience and at the end of the evening, everyone attending gets to vote on the ideas that show greatest promise. Presenters include:
Tom Von Schrader: An expert on green infrastructure and low impact development -- will talk about the importance of surface water to our city, and what we could be doing with rainwater.
Hilary Franz:  An environmental attorney and City Council member -- will talk about City action steps to achieve a smaller carbon footprint.
Charlie Wenzlau:  A local architect -- will show how "small can be beautiful", with a slide show on cottage housing and sustainability in home design.

Barry Peters:  A Sustainable Bainbridge co-founder and City Council member -- will show slides on recycling treated and purified water back onto the land and into our aquifers, for a more sustainable supply of fresh water.

Saturday, November 1
10:00am - 5:00pm, Suquamish United Church of Christ, 18732 Division
Green and Global Holiday Faire

Incorporate green and healthy practices into the holiday season.  Local and global nonprofit organizations will show their products and have donation certificates and memberships available for you to purchase and give as gifts. Faire shoppers can buy recycled garden art, jewelry, new & gently used items, delicious organic products, tree seedlings, silent auction items from local businesses and more. Guest speaker topics will include solar energy, habitat  protection  wildlife preservation, global warming and green  holiday ideas.  Entertainment for the entire family will include the  "Haute Trash Fashion" show, and performances for  children by "The Frog Chorus" and a visit from WestSound  Wildlife Shelter's owl.

For more info contact: Susan Hancock at or (360) 440-4799
Sustainable Bainbridge Action News

Sound Food
As you make plans to gather with family and friends, consider adding at least one locally grown edible to your celebration.  The harvest is ready-sugar pumpkins for pie, multi-colored squashes, earthy potatoes, fresh onions, robust garlic and lots more.  Let this bounty of locally-grown vegetables add fresh flair and flavor to your Thanksgiving feast.  It's a wonderful way to eat well, honor our local farmers and preserve the productive farmland we cherish. We'll be posting recipes and more information about local food at

Our lively Bainbridge Farmers' Market has taken leave of its summer location, but will reappear at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church for five consecutive Saturdays beginning November  22, 10am-3pm-- just in time for Thanksgiving!

One Call For All
Sustainable Bainbridge is a proud partner organization and beneficiary of the Island-wide One Call For All annual fundraising drive. Look for the One Call For All red envelope which will arrive in your mail box in October and consider a generous donation to Sustainable Bainbridge. Help One Call for All reach One Million in 2008!  We get 100 percent of all donations made to us!

Carbon Neutral Bainbridge
There has been much activity on the Island lately on the issue of Energy, Carbon Footprint and Climate Change. This year's Bainbridge Island Environmental Conference in September focused on Positive Energy: Practical Ways to Generate, Use and Conserve Energy.  The conference assembled a large group of people on and around Bainbridge Island who wish to help address global warming and solve our current energy crisis. More recently, Community Energy Solutions sponsored the Kitsap County Solar Tour showcasing seven cutting edge examples of energy conservation and renewable energy on Bainbridge and Kitsap County. Last week, Puget Sound Energy met with Island citizens to seek ways to delay or prevent a 3rd electrical substation on Bainbridge. Efforts continue on several fronts to reduce Bainbridge Island's carbon footprint.  One of these is a new initiative called Carbon Neutral Bainbridge, which is intended to help Bainbridge Island achieve carbon neutrality by putting in place goals, strategies and campaigns for reducing carbon emissions in our community.  If you are interested in helping Bainbridge become carbon neutral, please contact
Volunteer Opportunities

The Suquamish Tribe has formed a committee to work to make the 2009 canoe journey hosting "waste-free." They are expecting 10,000 people the first day, and the event lasts five days! The tribe is looking for volunteers who can help with the practical side of figuring out how to do this event without generating waste, and then perhaps helping during the event next summer to implement the plan. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Kelly Gemmell (
Sustainable Living Tips

Vote early! Don't wait until November 4th to cast your ballot. And, check out our own YES! Magazine's twelve steps to protect the vote.