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Sustainable Bainbridge is proudly partnering with Community Energy Solutions by providing them with fiscal sponsorship until their 501c3  gets approved.


Why Bother?
By Michael Pollan

"Why bother?That really is the big question facing us as individuals hoping to do something about climate change, and it's not an easy one to answer."

Read full NY Times article.

New Al Gore

Link here to see this inspiring  27 minute video.

Regional Actions

City of Seattle  Local Food Initiative

On April 28th the
Seattle City Council passed a Local Food Action Initiative that
develop a Food Policy Action Plan
which will identify policies, programs
and opportunities to promote local food system sustainability and security.

Link here for more


Many thanks to all who helped make Earth Day on Bainbridge Island a memorable event! While there are many definitions of sustainability, we believe community-building is one of the most important things we can do to strengthen our local ecology and economy.

To that end, here are several suggestions for getting green with community:

  • Join us May 5th for the film, The Power of Community
  • Engage in one of the suggestions from our Sustainability Tips
  • Apply for the Creative Grounds community arts grant
See details for these (and more) below and have a great month!
Upcoming Events 

Creative Grounds: Communities Building Neighborhood Projects
May 1, 7:30pm, Island Center Hall 

Learn more about Creative Grounds, a program funded by the Public Art Committee that seeks to inspire communities to generate project ideas that will enhance or transform a public space within their neighborhood. The awarded community will be eligible for reimbursement up to $8,000.00 for applicable costs as the project is built.

Contact: Kelly Davidson ( or Klass Hesselink (

10th Annual Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
May 1-4, Johnson Hall, University of Washington.

Fifty-seven films and shorts. Notable filmmakers and speakers.
For detailed film schedule, go to

Renewable Energy Expo
May 4, 10:00am-5:00pm, Seattle Center Pavilion 

The region's premier renewable fuel event, complete with
Renewable Energy Expo, vehicles, demonstrations, kids' activities, and interactive biodiesel discussion panels.

For more Info:

Sustainable First Mondays!
Film: The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
May 5, 7:00-9:00pm, The Commons, Bjune Drive
Sponsored by Sustainable Bainbridge

If you haven't seen this inspiring film yet, don't miss this opportunity! When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. With imports of oil cut by more than half - and food by 80 percent - people were desperate. This film tells of the hardships and struggles as well as the community and creativity of the Cuban people during this difficult time. Cubans share how they transformed from a highly mechanized, industrial agricultural system to one using organic methods of farming and local, urban gardens. A story of hope and resilience. Discussion and networking follows.

For more Info:

Home Energy Solutions: An Evening with Kathleen O'Brien
June 5, 7-9pm, Islandwood
Sponsored by Sustainable Bainbridge

Mark your calendars! Award-winning sustainable design and building consultant and teacher Kathleen O'Brien will talk about refitting your  home with green options. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Sustainable Bainbridge Action News

Sound Food, a new project of Sustainable Bainbridge, is live! 

Check out the Sound Food Local Farms Map, your one-stop resource for knowing where to get the freshest locally grown food on Bainbridge Island and in the Puget Sound area!

Sound Food also encourages you to share stories, resources and ideas about eating locally and seasonally. You can contribute an article to the community blogs, participate in a discussion forum, sign up for the newsletter, or just visit the site to learn more about how to find food grown and harvested closer to home.

Paper and Plastic Bag Reduction

The Earth Day Bag campaign was a huge success. Safeway gave away free reusable bags for every customer that came in and report  a large increase in people bringing in their own bags since Earthday. Ace handed out 1000 free bags. Town and Country reported that reusable bag usage after the event has gone up from 15% to 25% .

Many other stores participated in the "Bring your Bag Day" event as well: Walt groceries, Rite Aid,  Eagle Harbor Books, Paper Products, Bay Hay and Feed, Classic Cycle, The Traveler Store, Port Madison Homes, Town and Country, Safeway, Ace, Hockett and Olsen, Law Off. of Lynda McMaken and Vern's Pharmacy.

Thank you for making it a great success and remember to use your bags everyday!

Volunteer Opportunities

Sustainable Bainbridge Communications Outreach Volunteer

Have a knack for public relations? Sustainable Bainbridge is looking for someone who can work about 8 hours per month helping us get the word out about all of the exciting things happening with the organization.


Sustainable Living Tips

Community and Sustainability go together like organic meat and potatoes! Here are just a few ideas to inspire you:
  • Arrange a neighborhood carpool to save on gas money and reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • Gather your neighbors together in the spring to plant a community garden.
  • Host a hundred-mile foods summer barbecue or block part.
  • Organize your neighbors for a neighborhood cleanup.
  • Turn your holiday parties into green theme fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a credible charity.
  • Have an annual sidewalk trade sale where neighbors can swap their used things for yours.
  • Consider a tool bank where neighbors can share hardly used tools instead of everyone owning their own.