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Sustainable Bainbridge will be at the Seattle Green Festival as a member of SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound). We will be tabling at the Community Action Center, and be part of a World Cafe dialogue on Saturday, April 12, 6:00pm.

SB Recommends

Bainbridge Island Health Care Study Circles 

Are you fed up with the state of our health care system and eager to find some answers as to how to fix it? Then you may be interested in a study circle program being initiated here on Bainbridge Island.

Contact: Karen Scarvie at

Going Car-Less to Church!

Grace Episcopal Church is encouraging its congregation to go car-less! Starting on Sunday, April 27, and on the last Sunday of subsequent months through September, congregation members will be encouraged to walk, bicycle, car pool, or even come to church on horseback! Grace Episcopal Church is also inviting other BI churches and communities of worship to initiate a similar initiative.

For the full story, link here.

Regional Actions

Citizen's Energy Conservation Advisory Committee

The Board of County Commissioners for Kitsap County has established a Citizen's Energy Conservation Advisory Committee comprised of up to nine citizens interested in energy conservation. The members will be selected based on their particular and professional expertise. While preference will be given Kitsap County residents, members may be drawn from throughout the Puget Sound region. The committee will be empowered to review all County programs, services and financial reports and to make recommendations to the Citizen's Budget Committee and the Board of Commissioners on what types of measures could be implemented to conserve energy in order to reduce energy costs and promote economic and environmental sustainability.

For more information, please contact Anne Blair at 360-337-4426 or email her at


Spring is here and Sustainable Bainbridge is busy growing and supporting new and existing projects! Read below to find out more about Sound Food, Earth Day 2008, Bag Reduction, and our monthly public forum, Sustainable First Mondays. Happy Spring from the Board of Sustainable Bainbridge!
Upcoming Events

Bainbridge Celebrates Earth Day 2008
April 13-26

Learn, play, celebrate and get your hands dirty! Be a good steward of the Earth! Something for everyone! For a list of events visit the Sustainable Bainbridge/Earth Day link.

Rainwater Catchment Hands-on Workshop
Saturday April 5, 1:00- 5:00pm
Sponsored by Bainbridge Permaculture Guild, Bainbridge Island Watershed Council, and DRIP (Demonstrating Rainwater Irrigation Possibilities)

Design & install a rainwater catchment system for your yard & garden. Names will also be taken for people interested in purchasing a 3000 gallon catchment tank at discount prices.
Advance registration required ($25) Space limited.
To register contact:

Citizen Climate Lobby
April 6, 3:00-6:00pm, Bainbridge Library

Do you want to make an impact on Climate Change beyond changing light bulbs? A Citizens Climate Lobby is forming to network caring citizens across the country to influence the Congress on Legislation regarding Climate Change.  This initiative uses a proven model that takes only a few hours a month, yet uses that time to strategically inform and create meaningful action. Join Marshall Saunders, Founder of the Citizen Climate Lobby to talk about the Citizen Climate Lobby and effective activism.

Contact: Peggi Erickson 206-842-2232

Sustainable First Mondays!
April 7, 7:00-9:00pm, The Commons, Bjune Drive
Sponsored by Sustainable Bainbridge
Theme: Sustainable Stories

What is more inspiring then hearing your neighbors tell stories about what they are doing to live more sustainably and seeing those stories come to life before your eyes?  Join us this month as we forward the Sustainable Stories Project. We will be sharing a couple of homemade videos that present inspiring stores and have filmmakers on hand to help capture some stories from the evening to be presented later to the community. We will also be sharing tips on how you can capture your own story on video at home to be shared with the larger community.


Agriculture Code Meeting
April 8, 7:00 pm, Bainbridge Island Grange Hall, 10340 N.Madison

If you have questions or are interested in producing user-friendly agriculture and farming codes, please attend this meeting and help shape local agricultural regulations. If you cannot attend, please email any questions to: or call (360) 337-7171 X 23.

Seattle Green Festival
April 12-13, 2008, Washington State Convention Center
800 Convention Place, Level 4
The Green Festival is a joint project of Global Exchange and Co-op America.

Enjoy 150 other visionary speakers and 300 green exhibits on a great variety of topics-from sustainable food and strong local economies to green building and youth in action. 

The Bainbridge Permaculture Guild
April 16, 7:00-9:00pm
Holly Lane Gardens, Bainbridge Island

The topic of the evening is poultry - chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys.  Bring your favorite poultry raising methods and stories to share with others. Consider how incorporating a few chickens in your backyard permaculture site can fill niches and serve multiple needs. Of course we'll also   talk about whatever is on people's minds, as we usually do at these informal monthly gatherings.

For More Info: Chuck Estin at

Bring Your Bag Day!
April 19, 2008
Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Bainbridge, Town & Country Markets, and other community members.

We want to help our fellow islanders get into the habit of using reusable bags when they shop-- not just in the grocery stores, but for all their shopping.  We're ready to launch a community-wide initiative on Earth Day, and we're asking the Bainbridge City Council to declare April 19th as "Bring Your Bag Day".  We'll have reusable bags available at a great price during the Earth Day events on April 19. Americans consume more than 10 billion paper bags each year. Some 14 million trees are cut down annually for paper bag production. The U.S. uses 100 billion plastic bags annually, made from an estimated 12 million barrels of oil. (Washington Post, 2007).

For more information, contact Els Heyne at

Sustainable Garden Workshop
Saturday, April 26, 10:00am to 12:20pm
Sponsored by Eagle Harbor Congregational Church

Ann Lovejoy will offer a free slide-accompanied talk on practical sustainable gardening for Bainbridge Islanders. Learn to create and maintain gardens and landscapes easily and efficiently using safe and sustainable techniques.  Bring your notebooks and your questions!  Stay for a potluck lunch.

For more information, contact Madelyn Fox at 842-5360
Sustainable Bainbridge Action News

Sound Food, a new project of Sustainable Bainbridge, is live! 

Check out the Sound Food Local Farms Map, your one-stop resource for knowing where to get the freshest locally grown food on Bainbridge Island and in the Puget Sound area!

Sound Food also encourages you to share stories, resources and ideas about eating locally and seasonally. You can contribute an article to the community blogs, participate in a discussion forum, sign up for the newsletter, or just visit the site to learn more about how to find food grown and harvested closer to home.

Sustainable First Mondays (SFM)

More than 60 people showed up for March's SFM to discuss food and farming. You can read the "easel notes" by visiting our website link at Sustainable Bainbridge/SFM.

Sustainable Stories

What is more inspiring then hearing your neighbors tell stories about what they are doing to live more sustainably and seeing those stories come to life before your eyes? Please join us at April's Sustainable First Monday to tell your story! (See Upcoming Events above.) For more information visit Sustainable Bainbridge/Sustainable Stories link.

Paper and Plastic Bag Reduction

The City of Bainbridge Island passes the "Bring your Bag Day" resolution No. 2008-10 declaring April 19, 2008, to be "Bring Your Bag Day" on Bainbridge Island.

This initiative is a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Bainbridge, Town & Country Markets, and other community members. For more information, contact Els Heyne at

Volunteer Opportunities

Sustainable Bainbridge Communications Outreach Volunteer

Have a knack for public relations? Sustainable Bainbridge is looking for someone who can work about 8 hours per month helping us get the word out about all of the exciting things happening with the organization.


Volunteer for Green Fest!
April 12-13, WA State Convention Center

Sustainable Bainbridge is joining other area groups to recruit volunteers for the Green Fest! We are looking for 20 volunteers who can work a 4-1/2 hour shift (many choices of times and roles), and get free access all weekend, an organic t-shirt, and membership in Co-op America and Global Exchange. To join in, go to - then create a username that starts with the word Bainbridge.
Sustainable Living Tips

Saving Water

A new website, H2O Conserve, allows you to calculate how much water you use so you can begin to assess your "water footprint." As their site explains, "Your water footprint takes into account not only the water used in your home, but also the water that is used to produce the food you choose to eat and the products you buy. Your water footprint also includes other factors, such as the water used to cool the power plants that provide your electricity and the water that is saved when you recycle. You may not drink, feel or see this water, but it makes up the large majority of your water footprint."

The website also goes a step further -- there is a ton of
information that helps you figure out how to cut that footprint down.