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Re-launch of the "Karma & Reincarnation" book
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June, 2009 

Dear Newsletter Readers,

We are happy to announce that we have finally re-published Dr. Motoyama's book, "Karma and Reincarnation", which has been out of print for almost a decade. 
Dr. Kazuhiro Motoyama, a successor to Dr. Motoyama's priesthood at his Shinto Shrine in Tokyo, is coming to CIHS this month.  We are taking advantage of this opportunity to present a special Lecture by him on Sunday, June 14.   
The lecture is titled "Spirituality & Psychophysiology" and Dr. Kazuhiro Motoyama will talk about the stages of spiritual development based on his father's writings and experiences.  This is a rare chance to hear about Dr. Motoyama's work and philosophical thoughts directly from his son.  We decided to make it a very special event open to all interested people free of charge.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of this special arrangement.
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Best regards, 

Hideki Baba

Re-launch of the "Karma & Reincarnation" book

Toshiaki Harada, Ph.D., Vice President, CIHS

This book was first published in 1992 by Judy Piatkus Ltd, a British publishing company. At that time it was regarded one of the most important treatises on the subject of "Karma" and "Reincarnation" written by a person who had the first-hand knowledge of this highly esoteric subject. The book was truly distinct and unique in the sense that the author himself has the rare ability to move in his consciousness through subtler dimensions of being and perceive the realities directly when compared to many other books, academic or popular, by authors who presented their "findings" and thoughts from extensive literature research or case studies.
In this book Dr. Motoyama quotes a number of concrete episodes of individuals who sought spiritual consultations with Rev. Kinue Motoyama, his spiritual mother and founder of Tamamitsu Shrine in Japan, and later with himself.  Those individuals are told of the karmic causes for the hardships they were facing at the time and historical evidences were often found later on to substantiate the validity of the information given in the spiritual consultation. Sufferings, which are otherwise inexplicable and absurd, are explained as inevitable consequences of the intense emotions and/or thoughts associated with certain specific events in their past lives. Such things are so personal to the particular individuals concerned and therefore often difficult to objectify. Although in their present incarnation they have no memory or awareness of the related events in past lives, the specific messages and suggestions given in spiritual consultations as to what they should do to dissolve the "karmic cause" somehow made sense to them personally. Many followed the advice and saw their predicaments solved or mitigated in due course.

Through tens of thousands of sessions of the spiritual consultations over 50 years or more, Dr. Motoyama gained direct knowledge about the principle of Karma and the process of Reincarnation by himself going into timeless dimensions of beings. He explains Karma as the fundamental law of all things that exist from individual humans to the whole universe. He specifically talks about karmic forces of different scales, e.g., personal/individual karma, marital relationship karma, family karma, geographical karma, national and global karma, etc., all intertwined and operating behind the scenes of cosmic processes in space and time.

This book provides compelling evidences for the reality of soul's immortality, karmic succession from past lives, purpose of reincarnation, mystery of human existence as well as practical guidelines on how to dissolve undesirable karma and achieve transcendence.
The original book has long been out of print and unavailable. In view of the intrinsic value of this book and also in response to frequent inquiries from people who wished to purchase the book, we at CIHS began a project earlier this year to revive it and make it available through CIHS Press. In doing so, with support of Dr. Motoyama, we added a new chapter on characterization of chakra types by AMI and their correlations to individual karma, which we believe will shed new light on further understanding of the multi-dimensional constitution of our being.
Our plan was to organize a special workshop on Karma and Reincarnation and officially announce the launch this new book in the presence of Dr. Motoyama, the author, followed by book signing event by him. Unfortunately it did not work out that way due to unexpected change of Dr. Motoyama's schedule.

Nevertheless, the book was completed on schedule. We are therefore very pleased to inform all the readers of our newsletter that the long awaited "Karma & Reincarnation" book is finally available again..!

We are confident that this book will continue to inspire many people in today's world anxious to know the meaning of life and intrinsic constitution of human existence.

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CIHS Workshops in 2009

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  Spirituality and Psychophysiology
June 14, 2009
9:00am -12pm & 2:00pm-5pm
Free Admission

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Dr. Kazuhiro Motoyama
Dr. Kazuhiro Motoyama is Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama's son and appointed successor to the head-priesthood of Tamamitsu Shrine in Japan. He has gone through many years of intensive spiritual training under his father and is now an adept in meditation technique in a unique blend of Yoga and Japan's Shinto tradition. This will be a rare opportunity to come to know him and experience guided meditation by his unique teaching method.
Guided Meditation
June 15
Dr. Kazuhiro Motoyama

Fundamentals of Spiritual Evolution
June 20 & 21
                                $20 (Student Discount)
Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama
and Timothy Laporte
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Psychokinesis and Realms of Consciousness
July 11 & 12, 2009
9am - 1pm & 2pm -6pm
Dr. John Lovern
                           $150 (student discout) 

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