October 14, 2011                                                                                             Volume 1 Issue 1
In This Issue
Amphib Landing at Camp Pendleton
Iran's Show and Tell
Marines to Get H&K M27
F-16s for Iraqi Air Force
New Afghan Prison
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Blackwater Tactical Weekly
Earlier this month at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, the Navy and Marine Corps partnered up for the biggest beach-landing exercise of the year. Between the helicopters, hovercrafts, and amphibious assualt vehicles, it was an impressive display of capability... MORE
While the country's nuclear capabilities remain in question, it seems that Iran can now build cruise   missiles. So what are the country's plans for the new ordnance? Parking on our doorstep, for starters. The Pentagon, however, could care less... MORE
New Weapon for Marine Corps
In August, the Marine Corps announced that it was M27GearCheckissuing a new rifle to its infantry. The Heckler & Koch M27 is a 5.56x45mm, gas-powered workhorse. And even though we haven't got our hands on one yet, we think it's a dandy... MORE
F-16 The Iraqi Air Force has made a down payment of $1.4 billion on 18 advanced Block 52 F-16s from Lockheed Martin Corp. The purchase is one more step in preparing for US withdrawal from the coutnry expected at the end of this year... MORE
Amid talks of a troop drawdown, the US government is soliciting bids to build a new prison in Bagram, Afghanistan. Expected cost of the 2,000-inmate facility is between $24 million and $100 million. The bidding process is open through November 17, 2011... MORE
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