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Colorado Youth for a Change just completed another school year with great success! The CYC Outreach Program helped 95 students graduate from high school this spring. In addition, 24 youth supported by CYC's Futures Academy and the Outreach Program received their GED. We are keeping the momentum going throughout the summer as we help students prepare for the fall semester. Check out what CYC has been doing this summer!









Ready to Laugh Again?

The Grainger Foundation presents the 6th Annual Back to School Comedy Benefit at Comedy Works South on September 27, 2012 featuring Season 2 Last Comic Standing winner, John Heffron. During this year's event, Assistant Superintendent for School Leadership in Middle and High Schools, Deirdre Pilch, will receive the Innovation in Education award for her bold leadership in efforts of re-engaging youth back into school and preventing at-risk students from dropping out in the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). 


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Future Focused: Camp 2016 


The students of the Class of 2016 haven't experienced their first day of high school yet, but they have already begun to receive the tools needed to prepare for college. Mapleton School District and Colorado Youth for a Change (CYC) Intervention Team staff members -Kathryn Blankenberg, Samson Barrios, and Julie Silipo -opened the doors to 60 of these future ninth grade students on June 5th, 2012 with Camp 2016, part of a new Mapleton initiative to create a college-focused culture in its schools.

Camp 2016 consisted of daily events that demonstrated how the students' success in high school can affect their future. Activities included current high school and college student panels, college campus visits, financial aid sessions, community service activities, motivational speakers, and simulated college admissions Camp 2016 also stressed how accessible college can be, an idea that shocked some of the youth. Students left this camp with a new understanding of the importance of giving back to one's school and community and the realization of the work involved in reaching one's full potential. Some students felt so empowered by this camp that they informed staff of their excitement for their futures as college students and their hopes to one day become peer leaders for this life-changing summer camp.  


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Youth Success: Meet Julieta  


School was not a priority for 18 year old Julieta Meyemberg, who dropped out of high school to work and support her family. This young woman's mindset changed after talking to CYC Outreach Coordinator, Robert Garcia. He helped her believe that receiving her high school diploma was an achievable goal. After several conversations and help from Robert, Julieta enrolled at Denver Public Schools' West Engagement Center in August 2010.  With the decision to make a positive change in her education and future, however, came other challenges that worked to pull her away from a high school diploma.  



Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Gonzalez  


Mr. Eric Gonzalez volunteers with Colorado Youth for a Change's ninth grade Dropout Intervention Program at North High School (NHS) with Educational Intervention Coordinator, Allison Hollander. Two of Eric's children graduated from North HS, and one is still attending. Eric immigrated to Colorado from Mexico 25 years ago to support his father. He left Mexico three months before finishing high school. He wasn't planning to do so until 20 years later when he was denied a job because of a lack of a diploma.



CYC Takes Students to Guatemala 

Several students from the CYC Futures Program received the opportunity of a lifetime in May 2012. These young men and women completed a service learning trip in Guatemala led by CYC staff members, Amber Hochbein and Manny Gonzalez. Amber discusses what they experienced and learned when helping a small rural community.


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Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to the 2012 Colfax Marathon on the behalf of CYC. If you are interested in participating in the 2013 Colfax Marathon, please contact Sharla Williams.  


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