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In This Issue:
Psychology Interns at MCPRS
Natalie Perez - LPTA
DDNA -Carmen Tinoco
The 144th Court Group Home
Audrey Evans
"Java Wednesday"
N.W. 2nd Street News
Speech Department
Community Base Instruction
Friendship Beyond the Classroom
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Volume V- September 2012


Emar Trudy/Jorge
Gertrudis, ADON with Jorge, LPN




The MCPRS nursing department is very excited to have recently launched the inception of the eMAR (electronic medication Administration Record) system at the end of June2012. Read More



JR and Georgia
Georgia (LPN) with JR (ALMSA)



Elaine Lanaris, Director of Nutritional Services


Dietary Interns at MCPRS


Over the past 11 years, we at MCPRS have had the pleasure of providing internship opportunities for dietetic interns from the Pasco County Health Department. Pasco's internship mission is "to educate nutrition graduates for leadership roles in the profession of dietetics in a stimulating environment which is both conducive to learning and committed to excellence, where full realization of human potential and commitment to improving the health status of the community are pursued." Read More





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New Occupational Therapist

Anita Abuathareh, OT

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Anita Abuathareh, our new Occupational Therapist. Anita, who earned her Master's Degree as an Occupational Therapist from Florida International University, was also awarded with the "Worlds Ahead Graduates" for her outstanding performance at FIU. Anita started at MCP on March 19, 2012 and has demonstrated great passion for what she does and to the individuals that we support. Anita is very organized, disciplined and has quickly adapted to all of MCPs systems. Anita is extremely creative and is adapting her clinical skills to the needs of the individuals as she seeks to be innovative and fun while providing therapy. Anita has embraced and continues with the Multi-Sensory Environment program at the Life Long Learning Program. Ms. Abuathareh firmly believes that Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are an important part in the individual's rehabilitation process and she is targeting those areas in her new treatment plans.


Please welcome Anita to MCP as our new Occupational Therapist.

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Christopher Mazzarella, Psychologist
 Psychology Interns at MCPRS


Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Florida International University to serve as a learning center for interns enrolled in their Behavior Analysis Master's program. Last semester, a total of 6 FIU interns selected MCPRS to do their internship. Activities assigned to the interns ranged from conducting behavior assessments, developing interventions, conducting staff training, analyzing data and monitoring program implementation. Each student must also complete a research study as part of their internship. Several have selected to teach functional communication skills (i.e. pointing to picture symbols to request desired items) to some of our individuals and with tremendous success. The interns have gained a greater appreciation of the challenges of applying behavioral principles in natural settings. We currently have 4 interns this semester.

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Natalie Perez, LPTA 


Natalie, LPTA

Congratulations, Natalie Perez


Natalie Perez, who works for the Therapy Department at MCP as a Physical Therapy aide, is currently in a process of changing professional and personal roles. Natalie has just become licensed to practice as a Physical Therapy Assistant, as she passed the PTA National License Examination. Natalie is now completing the educational journey she decided to follow when she first chose to study Physical Therapy Assistant at Keiser University.


As a LPTA, Natalie will expand her degree of interaction with the individuals that we support as she will now perform and provide specific physical therapy procedures selected and delegated by the Physical Therapist.


Let's congratulate and celebrate Natalie's recent achievement!

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Carmen Tinoco, LPN/DDNA

DDNA Carmen Tinoco



Carmen Tinoco, LPN


Carmen Tinoco recently became (DDNA) certified by the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association. As stated by the DDNA, to be certified means that you are competent in your chosen field and have a recognized level of achievement. You understand and comply with the standards of your professional organization, live by those standards professionally, and set an example of excellence. Certification attests to your knowledge in your chosen specialty area of nursing practice. Certification provides a way to demonstrate your experience, competence, and proficiency beyond that required for nursing licensure. As a nurse practicing in the field of developmental disabilities, certification also documents that you possess special knowledge and gives you access to expanded career opportunities and advancement. As a certified nurse, you also benefit the profession of nursing, the specialty of developmental disabilities, and the people for whom you care.


All of us at Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc. are proud of Carmen Tinoco for having taken this immense and important step in becoming recognized as a leader in your field of developmental disabilities nursing.

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Luis gardening
Slow Food Miami gardening with Luis


The 144th Court Group Home


On behalf of the individual's residing at the 144th ct. group home, I would like to recognize Marie Vacca for her support and efforts in obtaining valuable donations for the home, in the way of much needed cash and towels, and new kitchen appliances purchased by Marie herself. Marie was also instrumental in obtaining the services of Slow Food Miami to build an outdoor raised garden for the home. Each of the individual's selected a vegetable or spice and participated in the planting and cultivating of their selection. The garden has become a source of pride and joy for the individuals. They truly enjoy seeing the "fruit of their labor" being incorporated into their dinner menus. Thank you Marie for taking an interest in the lives of our individuals and for making their home a better place to live.

See Pictures.


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Audrey gardening.

 Audrey Evans


It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of our beloved Audrie Evans on

7/02/12. We were extremely proud of Audrie's accomplishments that included

holding the position of Vice President of the MCPRS Resident Government

Committee and participating in providing staff orientation training on Choices and

Rights. Audrie was a very caring and compassionate individual and we will surely

miss her presence and seeing her beautiful smile








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Aisha coffee
Aisha paying for coffee

JAVA Wednesday                                                 



How do you start your day? How about a good cup of fresh brewed 100% Colombian coffee!


The hard working Social Café entrepreneurs switch roles when their café is closed.

Students become costumers themselves while supporting their peers in classroom #1, who provide "Wednesday Java" at discount prices.See Pictures








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N.W. Second Street News

Lindsey picture

Lindsey Gibbons


We welcome our newest member to our facility team, Lyndsey Gibbons, as a Residential Services Coordinator in House-B.  Lyndsey has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work from Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri.  She was recently appointed as the Lead RSC acquiring additional responsibilities in her position over seeing/ monitoring the programming and the Residential department as a whole.  We wish her success in the coming year and feel fortunate to have Lyndsey join our Second Street Facility team.


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Speech Department


Aisha Communication
Yaremi and Aisha


"To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others" - Anthony Robbins



This year the speech department has been blessed to have Yaremi Gonzalez assisting in one on one therapy sessions with individuals at the day program. Yaremi in conjunction with the speech language pathologist works with a variety of individuals in an effort to enhance their communicative skills. Acknowledging that we are all different, our goal is to improve the communication abilities of our individuals by either improving their verbal communication abilities or improving the individual's ability to activate their communication devices. As a result of the above mentioned intervention, we have seen a great deal of improvement in overall communication abilities. Presently, individuals are initiating communication more frequently and their overall communication cognition has improved. We look forward to continue working with the individuals as communication is the gateway to establishing everlasting relationships.


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Community Base Instruction


Classroom #1 and #2 Community Base Instruction at Dolphin Mall


Going out shopping in a group requires a lot of planning, organization, and more importantly, agreeing on where to shop. Read More

Philip Shopping
Phillip paying for lunch

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Visiting with a friend.

 Friendship Beyond the Classroom


           Community Based Instruction (CBI) seems to be beneficial for students, enhancing a better quality of life. It promotes a positive outcome, happiness, friendship, and satisfaction in both social and academic skills. Read More



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