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Training Magazine Reveals Rankings
Wellness Program
NADSP Ceremony
DSP-R Certification Process
Residents Government Election
The Evolution of MCP's Social Cafe
80th Street News
Braddock News
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Volume II- April 2011

Training Magazine Reveals Rankings for 2011 Top 125Top 125 Award

Once again for the fourth year, Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services ranked as one of the Top 125 companies for excellence in employer-sponsored training and development programs. Training magazine recognized the 2011 Training Top 125 winners with crystal awards and revealed their rankings during a black-tie gala held during the Training 2011 Conference & Expo at the San Diego Convention Center.  With great anticipation, Migdalia Santiago, Associate Director traveled to San Diego, California to accept the award on behalf of MCPRS and to learn where MCPRS ranked.  MCPRS is proud to announce that this year we ranked number forty (40) out of 125 companies.  MCPRS continues to be humbled by the recognition of this award considering all of the other great companies that were recognized.  To see the ranked listings of the 2011 Training Top 125 award winners and learn more about Training Magazine, click on the following:    Click Here

Wellness Program At MCPRS

From Human Resources

Weight Watchers Picture 

Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services, Inc. has joined other corporations and started its first wellness program.  On February 8, 2011 eighteen employees participated in the first meeting of Weight Watchers along with our mentor Irene Kapur, a Weight Watchers nutritionist who up until today has been keeping everyone on their toes.  As of March 28, 2011, the group has lost a total of 154 pounds; this has been achieved due to the awareness of having to modify our lifestyles and motivation from each other.  The group has been very proactive and there has been a great deal of discussion about health, exercise and eating habits.  Walking the talk is how we hope to inspire other employees to join the next wellness session and take the leap into learning to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Employees wishing to join should contact human resources for more information.


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NADSP Ceremony


On February 18th, 2011 MCP hosted its traditional NADSP ceremony for seven newly Registered Direct Support Professionals and for Mr. Elvin Alvarez Credential/Registered Direct Support Professional. NADSP Ceremony Picture Read More


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MCPRS First DSP-CertifiedDSP-R Certification Process

MCP continues to move ahead in its efforts to advance our DSPs professional development.


Elvin Alvarez (DSP - Certified and a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional) and Sofia Capaldo (DSP-R and a Residential Services Coordinator) have been developing and holding certification workshops. The workshops are held at the facilities during weekends and after work hours making it convenient for staff to attend during their free time and at convenient locations. Interest in the process continues to grow. Both Elvin and Sofia are seeing greater numbers of attendees. At the workshops attendees receive specific tasks that they must accomplish as part of the portfolio development process. The portfolio is a comprehensive document of specific knowledge, skills, and abilities the direct support professional must have and demonstrate in their day to day interactions with the people they serve. This portfolio, accompanied by other credentials, is used to evaluate and certify the DSP. We congratulate Elvin and Sofia for their dedicated efforts and eagerly look forward to the certification achievement by our DSPs.

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Resident Government Election 2011


On January 22, 2011, Miami Cerebral Palsy Residential Services Inc. held the election for the residents to elect the officers for the Resident Government Committee.


The process that the individuals Resident Government Electionparticipated in was a lifelong experience. The individuals had the opportunity to campaign at their facility among their peers to choose the candidate that would represent the individuals at their facility. The campaign was one that will be long remembered. The competition was heated, signs were made, speeches were written and the race was on. With the support of the Coaches for the residents this election was coordinated well allowing each candidate to express what they could offer if elected. Read More


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The Evolution of MCP's Social Café


In the summer of 2009, MCPRS' Life Long Learning Program introduced cooking classes to their adult students. Basic skills were taught including how to plan a menu, shopping for groceries, and cooking skills. As the students and the class flourished in both their abilities and imagination, the social café was born (as an extension to acquire vocational skills). Each student was given a "job" to either bake items, serve beverages, warm bread for toast, cleaning, or serving as the cashier. Since that time and to keep up with the café's demand and popularity, the administration has also had to expand in both our abilities and imagination as well.  Read More


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80th Street News


The Eightieth Street Facility would like to announce the most recent addition to our Management Team: Ms. Lindsey Gibbons and Ms. Lynn Rattigan-Grey, who will serve in the capacity of Residential Services Coordinator, House A and Assistant Administrator/Qualified Developmentally Disabled Professional, respectively.  

Lindsey picture

Lindsey Gibbons
Lynn 80th Street
Lynn Rattigan-Grey 

 Read More



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Braddock News


Effective Monday April 3rd, former RSC of Braddock House B, Elvin Alvarez will become the new Assistant Administrator/QDDP for the Braddock Facility. Elvin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Organizational Psychology from Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar in Colombia, South America. Deciding to relocate to Miami from Colombia, Elvin will now resume his Graduate-level education this coming Fall at Florida International University in their Master's Program in Behavior Analysis.  Read More


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NW Second Street News


As with every year we had our annual state survey which was recently conducted on February 14th. It was a thorough inspection lasting three days, but I'm proud to announce that the results was a big success for the Second Street Facility as we did very well passing the survey process with only one minor citation. We are very proud of all our staff and supervisors as they worked hard throughout the year in preparation for this intense and critical process.  Congratulations to the Second Street management team, nurses, therapeutic staff  and our wonderful group of Direct Support Professionals, for a superb job done.  A special congratulations to our operations department and maintenance personnel for a "0" deficiency Life Safety survey.

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