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March 2012.   
March 19th,
6PM Monday nights.
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     Spring is in the air (despite our current snowstorm!) and it is a great time for rejuvenation and change. As I become more entrenched as a health care practitioner and Chiropractor, I am increasingly aware of the importance of behavioral change for any significant change in our personal health. I am offering two classes this spring designed to create change.  I know  small changes over time lead to significant improvements in well being.


The first class is a weight loss/cleanse class with the Isagenix 30 day system. The class will meet Monday evenings from 6-7 p.m at the Burton House in Norwich from March 19th-April 9th. The class focuses on the Isagenix products, effects of toxins on our bodies and metabolism, where we are most exposed to toxins, and the benefits of cleansing.  I am also including a series of health assessments. 


     The health assessments are on body composition, kitchen makeover, social support, and a toxicity questionnaire. I use them to help clients discover areas where behavioral changes are needed and to help guide them to make behavioral changes that will have the greatest effect on their overall health.


     I have had great success with this class and these products. After running this class for 3 years, having pretty close to 100 people take the class,  only  one person has asked for their money back (the 30 day Isagenix program comes with a money back guarantee). It has transformed health consistently and is a structured program that is literally guaranteed to help you lose weight. I have also had tremendous success with lowering cholesterol, PMS, and digestive issues.  Were working on a lot more than weight loss here. 


   The cost of the 30 day Isagenix products is $300. For that you are getting 60 meal replacements with specialized whey protein shakes, 2 bottles of Ionix Supreme an herbal/ionic mineral nutritional supplement, the natural accelerator (B vits, chromium and other nutritional products designed to help your body burn fat), snacks, and 2 bottles of a cleansing formula. As mentioned this comes with a money back guarantee. The cost of the class is $75. I think the addition of the assessments is really going to add value to a class that I already get tremendous feedback from.


   The second class is a new class that I have developed and will be running through  the Hanover recreation department.


The class is called Six Behaviors in Six Weeks and is a six week health class centered on goal setting, weekly health assessments and behavioral change.


The class focuses on identifying health challenges via assessments, setting achievable and measurable goals, and committing to one behavioral change a week to reach those goals.


Each week I will introduce a health assessment and provide a master list of potential behavioral changes for participants to commit to for the following week. Each participant will commit to one behavioral change for the following week.  The focus is on REALISTIC behavior changes and goals. The behavior changes will be focused on diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction.


The class will meet at the Hanover Recreation Department building in Hanover from Wednesday March 9 through Wednesday April 11th from 11-11:45 a.m. It will focus primarily on open discussions focused on participants behavior changes and the weekly assessments. In addition to the assessments participants will be given some didactic material on nutrition and health. You can either call me at 295-4800 or Sherry Colfer at 603-643-5315 ext 3305 to sign up. The cost of the class is $40 for Hanover residents and $50 for non-residents.


Some examples of behavioral changes that keep me healthy and vibrant are;  


~I cleanse and fast regularly.  

~I drink a pint of water every morning first thing.  

~I do the 5 Tibetans at least 5X a week (see my link to the right).  

~I do high intensity workouts 1-3 times a week.  

~I have a protein shake with greens for breakfast.  

~I say, out loud, every morning 10 things I am grateful for.  

~I sit at the dinner table for a minimum of 15 minutes (o.k, not exactly French here, but 5 minutes better than sitting for 10!) and I try and chew at least 5 bites 20 times.  

~I take supplements daily.  

~I sleep 8 hours a night.  

~I schedule time to play with my family.  

~I seek out positive people that enrich my life and try and avoid relationships that are toxic.  

~I prep huge amounts of vegetables weekly.  


These are all simple changes in behavior that I have made over the past couple of years. If you make a change, stick with it for a month, and it becomes a behavior.


Favorite recent quote:

"You don't get healthy by losing weight, you lose weight when you are healthy."  

~Diane Schwarzbein MD



Yours in Health,



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