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I am really excited about the work that I am currently doing.  I have spent years learning about functional medicine, concentrating on the root causes of dis-ease as opposed to symptom based care, very concentrated on didactic material. Recently I have been taking a class on functional medicine from Dr. Daniel Kalish.  This class is long on didactic but also offers a really sound approach to assess patients through specific testing to come up with lifestyle modifications and specific treatment protocols.   

These protocols and testing procedures are best suited for people who have damaged metabolisms and can't lose weight, suffer from fatigue, female hormone imbalances, depression, and/or people with digestive complaints.  The common thread is cortisol and it's affects on metabolism, the hormonal system, and on gut health. 

I am looking for referrals, specifically for people who suffer from the conditions mentioned above. To be totally upfront, the referrals must be willing to make lifestyle changes particularly in diet. The testing that I use is not covered by insurance and I always start with an adrenal stress profile which runs $106.  Protocols generally run $60 to about $120 a month and treatment plans generally last 6-12 months depending on the severity.  The upside is testing with the ability to retest and measure in an objective manner. 


Here is some of the feedback I have been receiving:


"I have had very uncomfortable periods since my early 20s and I had resigned to the fact that I would need to rely on ibuprofen for a week, every month, to manage my symptoms. By the time I finally tried Chris's adrenal support protocol, my periods and PMS were the most painful and disruptive to my daily functioning they had ever been.  Chris explained the role of stress in my symptoms and after doing the saliva adrenal functioning test and supplementing for a month according to Chris's recommended protocol, I had the most gentle cycle I've ever had in my life! I experienced no uncomfortable or premenstrual symptoms and I did not require ibuprofen for pain management. I am excited to see how I feel after two months and feel very confident I will only continue to feel better!"

-Jaclyn age 27


"My life has changed since being on Chris's adrenal protocol. For years, I have relied on sleeping pills to go to sleep - everything from natural to Ambien. And though the Ambien worked (better than the naturals over time), I didn't like relying on it.

After just a few weeks on Chris's protocol, I very seldom use Ambien - I can't remember the last time that I've been able to go so long without any outside help. As a result, I feel better during the day (I didn't realize I wasn't feeling as good as I could), I don't feel the same need for naps (though I still love them), and I feel I'm in control of that aspect of my life.

Truly a life changer for me. Thanks, Chris!"

-Susan age 74


Please give me a call or send me an email if you or someone you know could benefit with these protocols. I would love to help. And as the old cliche goes, "There's no better time than the present." Let's get started. 


Yours in Health,



Dr. Chris Hastings, D.C., I.C.A.K.
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