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An Olympian's Health Letter
~ January 2012

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More of the same = more of the same. Or in the words of Albert Einstein "insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result."


If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired it is time to introduce some change into your life. With everything that is going on in the world today we can't afford to be sick, tired and fat any more. These are all serious drains on our psyche, our energy, and on our bodies.


Many of us believe that movement or exercise, and eating correctly is a lot of hard work.  I would argue that not doing these things has serious ramifications. The ramifications are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual decay. If you take a look at the soaring rates of depression, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, et al it's not difficult to reach the conclusion that many of us are losing our connection to self, the earth, and our relationships with those around us. I believe it is very difficult to have any type of spiritual or emotional growth if we are in a constant state of stress and fatigue.


To change our lives we need to change our way of thinking. We need to change our behaviors. The program that I can offer, that I have found to be a fantastic tool to change your health through change in behavior are the Isagenix cleanses. I'm not the only one and here are a few things that have been said about the program:


"I began the Isagenix 30 day cleanse in September and have continued with a maintenance plan since than. I have lost 28 pounds and feel fantastic. I have really noticed a decrease in back pain which I have had for 40 years, so imagine that relief!" - Chris N. LPN


"Working with Dr. Hastings and Isagenix has not only made profound change in my immediate overall health, but also given me an achievable plan for maintaining my health long term. In just under 3 months, I have lost over 35 lbs, gotten off all medication ( including a steroid inhaler), lowered my blood pressure to a normal healthy level ( within the first month and after 10 years of high blood pressure), and have gotten free from life-long migraines. Because my body feels better and my energy is improved, I am able to exercise as much as I want and feel confident I am not just losing weight, but changing my metabolism so that I can manage my weight and energy over the long haul. By losing the weight and improving my muscle to fat ratio, I am decreasing my risk of cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and cancer without medication. I have tried many different approaches to working with my sluggish metabolism and manage my weight- this is the first approach that I can honestly say has been easy, fun and that I actually WANT to stick with as a lifestyle change."  - Cynthia (age 48)


"The program encourages healthy foods, portion control, and nutritious natural supplements. It was reassuring for me to follow a program Dr. Hastings had personally experienced and I can report reaching a weight that I have not known in forty years! This weight level feels vital and energetic. I have more strength and endurance to pursue daily chores and pleasures like water sports and snow sports." -Peter B.


My goal is to change as many lives as possible by teaching how to achieve a healthier state. I have selfish reasons for doing this; I understand that people who take better care of themselves take better care of their environments and relationships making the planet a better place for everyone, including myself and my children. I hope you feel the same. 


 If this is the year that you really want to change your health, give me a call and let's start your health program.  In addition, I will do a complementary body composition exam pre and post and offer free e-mail support throughout your cleanse. You literally have nothing to lose, the program has a money back guarantee. At this stage I have guided almost 100 people through the cleanse and have had only one person ask for there money back. Those results speak for themselves. Looking forward to helping you get started! 


Yours in Health,



Dr. Chris Hastings, D.C., I.C.A.K.
289 Main Street, Burton House
Norwich, VT 05055
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