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Getting Tuned Up Jack and Chris

May 2011 



The Forsythia is finally in bloom and it appears that spring will make it to the UpperValley.  Spring is a great time to assess your health and start making long term changes to your behaviors to positively affect your health.  Here are some of my offerings and tools to help you.


Blood Chemistry Panel and Consult 


I have been taking a class from Dr. Dicken Weatherby on Functional Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis.  It is a class on interpreting standard blood chemistries and applying the findings to nutritional, lifestyle, and supplement protocols.  It is a great tool for determining where you are headed and provides insight on pro-active lifestyle changes you should make.  


I suggest this for anyone who wants to know what those numbers on your blood tests mean and what they represent.  This is a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in being pro-active with their health. I am offering a 30 minute consult and interpretation for $45.  Give a call to the office and we can set it up.   


I will soon be offering blood chemistry panels here at the office.  The panels I will be offering will be considerably more comprehensive than anything you will get in a MD's office at about of the cost.  This would be the perfect test to spend your Health Savings Account dollars on.  Hopefully this program will be up and running by mid summer.


Standard Process  


Standard Process is one of my favorite supplement companies.  The appeal to me is their whole foods philosophy.  Most of their supplements come from whole food sources which provide a wider array of nutrients than synthetic formulas.  I also like their glandular extracts functions similarly to amino acid therapy.


I have been using their symptom survey form and creating supplement protocols based on a computer generated report.  It's pretty slick in that you have targeted goals and continual feedback by re-examination of the survey.  Protocols have been ranging from $60-$90 a month depending on the survey.  In short, you can invest $2-$3 a day on a protocol that addresses your health issues and get feedback on the efficacy of the program.  I can run a survey and give you the computer generated report for $25.  I highly recommend this for anyone interested in a supplement program, or anyone that has a specific health concern they would like to address.  If interested give us a call.


Cleanse Class 

I will be offering a final spring cleanse class with Isagenix nine day cleanse products. The cost of the class is $75. Product ranges are from $160 to $300 depending on which program you choose. Classes will start on Monday June 6th and finish on Monday the 20th. Classes will be held at my office at 289 Main Street Burton House, Norwich, VT on Monday and Wednesday evenings.


The class will focus on assessments of body composition, lifestyle and social support, introduction of Isagenix products, and cleanse support. Depending on which cleanse you choose, you will get from 28 to 60 meal replacements. You can expect to lose approximately 6-10 pounds and 1-3% body fat. Improvements in sleep, skin, PMS, blood pressure, and significant improvements to cholesterol numbers have all been regularly reported.  


For those of you who are veterans of the cleanse class, I am offering this class to you as a Spring refresher at a discounted rate. For more information, please feel free to give me a call at 802-295-4800 . The cut off date to sign up is Monday, May 23rd.  


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And here's some info on the 9 day cleanse... 


9 Day
Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse Program  


**Parting thought:  A great article to read is "Is Sugar Toxic" by Gary Taubes in a back issue of the New York Times. Click here to read this insightful article. After you read the article, spend a couple of days monitoring what you are eating.  How many calories of your diet is coming from carbohydrate?  Protein?  Fat?.  Most of us consume way to many of our calories as carbohydrate. A well balanced diet that is effective at maintaining level blood sugar is going to be roughly 30% of your calories from protein and fat and 40% from carbohydrate. 

Until next time, be well.


Dr. Chris Hastings, D.C., I.C.A.K.


289 Main Street, Burton House

Norwich, VT 05055



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