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An Olympian's Health LetterFall 2010

I became a doctor because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives.  I wanted to expand upon all that I had learned as an Olympic athlete and a U.S Ski Team coach and help people to reach their full potential.  It has been a great journey and I have learned so much.  Much of that learning has come about through trial and error, going to weekend seminars, trying different protocols, diets, exercises.  You name it and chances are pretty good I've either tried it or read about it.

In my 10 years of practice I have never found a product line that so consistently delivers results as Isagenix products.  The changes I have seen in my patients body composition, lipid profiles, hypertension, PMS, and overall feeling of wellness has been truly gratifying and quite frankly, remarkable.  Of all the products I could be taking, this is the one that I choose for my family and myself.

Some of the results I have witnessed with Isagenix products include:

  • Paul B., a 72 year old gentleman with emphysema, hypertension and high blood pressure.  Paul has lost 15 pounds, has gotten off of two of his heart meds and his lung capacity has gone from 55% to 74%
  • Teddy, who suffered from high cholesterol, dropped 90 points on her total cholesterol and 8 pounds after her 9 day cleanse.  
  • Brad lost 20 pounds and 40 points on his cholesterol.  
  • Cynthia M., Sojourns Community Health Clinic's Executive Director, has lost over 35 pounds.  For the first time she has her high blood pressure under control, and is no longer suffering with migraines.  
And the stories continue to come in.  Take out the toxins, feed the body good nutrition, and the results are remarkable.

I would like to introduce you to Isagenix by inviting you to attend my upcoming cleansing class. The class will meet every Monday night at 6:00 for 5 weeks starting on Monday, October 18th.  The cost of the class will be $360.  With that price you will be getting 60 meal replacements (2 meals a day for a month).  Isagenix offers a $260 money back guarantee, if you're not totally satisfied with the product and your results, you will get that money back no questions asked. 

The class will focus on the benefits of cleansing, the cleansing products, proper diet for your metabolic type, and how to get the most bang out of your workouts (which workouts maximize fat burning and cardiovascular health).  In short, I'm going to be sharing what I have learned and what I do to keep my family, my patients, and me at peak health.The cleanse is gentle and easy to follow in a group format.

So many times I hear "all I have to do is clean up my diet".  And I hear it year, after year, after year.  I am offering a lifestyle change that will change your body composition and your health dramatically.  Guaranteed!

To sign up, give Michele or me a call at (802) 295-4800.

Be well.


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