FALL 2011 Newsletter
Are You Ready For An Injury Free Fall Season?

Fall is the season for sports! However, this means that people are more prone to injuries, including injuries to the foot & ankle.  This month we are covering safe trail running & keeping your kids injury free this Fall.  In case you've missed our recent blog posts, you can check out some of the most popular topics here:

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Dr. Kevin Murray and Dr. Stewart Chang
Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic

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Safe Fall Trail Running Tips


Fall is a great time to hit the trails and check out Virginia's beautiful Fall foliage!  Stay safe on the trails by following these tips from runner Christine Luff. 
  • Choose your trails wisely: Flat trails are suggested for beginners while experienced runners can choose more challenging, hilly trails. 
  • Get the right gear:  Wear trail-running shoes, and dress in synthetic fabric running clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions. 
  • Buddy up: If possible, find a friend to run with you.  If you're running along, always be sure you tell someone which trail you'll be running on. 
  • Slow it down: Trail running is usually harder on the body than road running, so plan to run fewer miles at a slower pace than you do on the roads. 
  • Pay attention: Keep your head up and your eyes on the trail ahead.  Try not to look down at your feet, so you can watch ahead for obstacles such as rocks, roots, logs and branches. 
  •  Careful on the downhills: Don't get out of control on steep downhills.  Control your speed and keep your head up, so you can avoid obstacles.
For more running tips and information on local running clubs & upcoming races, visit our WEBSITE.  
Stop Sports Injuries: Keep Kids In The Game For Life

The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM)
has joined together with the several other organizations to promote the STOP Sports Injuries campaign.  


The campaign educates athletes, parents, athletic trainers, coaches and healthcare providers about the rapid increase in youth sports injuries, the necessary steps to help reverse the trend and the need to keep young athletes healthy. The STOP Sports Injuries campaign highlights include teaching proper prevention techniques, discussing the need for open communication between everyone involved in young athletes' lives, and encouraging those affected to sign The Pledge to be an advocate for sports safety. 


The campaign website and pledge are available at www.STOPSportsInjuries.org  Here are some tips for keeping your child safe as they participate in popular Fall sports:










Click here for more sport specific resources. 

We're Healthwise!

Dr. Murry and Dr. Chang were recently featured on the Martha Jefferson Healthwise segment on CBS19! They give tips on how to keep exercising injury free as the weather becomes cooler. 

 Read The Article & View The Video

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