June 2011 Newsletter
What You MUST Know About Summer Foot Safety
The Blue RIdge Foot & Ankle Colts

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family & friends.  Although Summer isn't 'officially' here yet these high temperatures in Virginia mean that outdoor activities like hiking and cooling off by the pool have started early this year! While having your Summer fun, there are a few things that you must consider in order to keep your feet healthy!

Our June news covers the following topics:

- Cross Training To Prevent Injury
- Hiking & Your Feet
- Summer Flip Flop Tips from APMA

We would also like to take a moment to congratulate the Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Colts! They are having a winning season and a lot of fun doing it.  We are proud to sponsor their soccer team this season!  


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Dr. Kevin Murray and Dr. Stewart Chang
Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic

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Cross Training To Prevent Injury


When the weather gets warmer, many runners and cyclists start doing their chosen sport more and more of the time and they spend less time indoors at the gym or doing other activities.  We see many injuries from these types of seasonal changes and always recommend that out patients cross train year round in order to stay healthy.  Strength training, trying another activity or sport and even yoga are great options.  Here are some ideas that we are planning to try out this Summer:


Switch Hits from Runners World
This plan suggests that you borrow your workout from other sports like boxing, golf and swimming.


Ways To Beat The Heat from Smooth Fitness Blog  

 These suggests are great for those super hot days when exercise outside is dangerous.  They suggest group fitness classes and even exercise videos.


Do you have any favorite ways to cross train?  Share them with us on our FACEBOOK page!  

Summer Hiking & Your Feet

Hiking is very popular in Central Virginia this time of year.  There are so many great trails and we suggest checking out as many as you can! TIP: It is very important that you wear the appropriate and properly fitted trail shoes and socks.  Need suggestions?  Sign up for our recommended shoe (and sock!) list on our website.

Here are a few products that we suggest for blister prevention and treatment that will help to keep you hiking all Summer long.  These are both available in our Charlottesville and Waynesboro offices.  Please
contact us if you would like to pick them up! 

Hydropel Sports Ointment is a lubricant that can be used to prevent blisters in hot or wet conditions.

Leukotape P Tape is great for preventing blisters.  As soon as you feel a hot spot, apply the tape as a layer of protection.

Summer Flip Flop Tips from APMA

It's an unwelcome fact that warm weather lovers don't want to hear: your favorite pair of flip-flops is bad for your health. The health of your feet, that is.


A survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that 50 percent of Americans have experienced foot pain or discomfort at some point. Improper footwear is often a chief cause of this pain, and many types of flip-flops can directly cause foot problems due to lack of support and other factors.      

"During the warmer months of the year, many podiatrists treat a greater number of foot problems that can be traced back to wearing flip-flops," said Michael King, DPM, president of APMA. "However, people don't have to give up wearing this type of footwear altogether. There are certain types of flip-flops that offer a superior amount of stability and support than others."

Looking to avoid a flip-flop fiasco?



If you need new flip flops, here are some brands that we suggest:  


Fit Flops

*Please note that this is not a complete list.  Please contact us for more specific recommendations. 
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