NEW YEAR NEWS: January 2011
Happy New Year! We Need Your Help.

Kevin Murray, DPM and Stewart Chang, DPM

We are big supporters of the 'Shoes for the Homeless' Drive happening this month in Charlottesville and WE NEED YOUR SHOES!

Here is how you can donate to the program:

Drop off used but usable men's, women's and children's shoes at one of our offices before February 10th and we will donate them to this awesome Salvation Army program. Please tie pairs together & recycle your shoes boxes at home.

We have also included some great information this month for athletes and those experiencing heel pain.  Check it out below!
  • The Ultimate Heel Pain Home Remedy Kit
  • What You MUST Know To Train Smarter This Winter
  • Tools That Will Make You WANT To Exercise
  • Winter Recipes from C-ville's Own In The Kitchen 
  • Win Free Powersteps!

If you or a loved one are experiencing foot & ankle pain in the new year, we hope you will consider our practice. Please CONTACT us or fill out the form on our WEBSITE to make an appointment. 

Dr. Kevin Murray and Dr. Stewart Chang
Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic

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The Ultimate Home Remedy Heel Pain Kit

Are you experiencing heel pain? Many of our patients are able to manage heel pain at home.  We have created the ultimate kit of products that should make a big difference.  If you try these and still experience pain, we would suggest making an appointment with a podiatrist for care.
Strassburg Sock
Strassburg Sock

Foot Roller
Thera-Band Foot Foller
Powersteps Insoles

   Click on each item to purchase them in our online store!

What You MUST Know To Train Smart This Winter

Cold RunnerIt's that time of year again when base training is very important in order to boost performance later in the season.  Training at a low intensity is often difficult for athletes to understand but doing it during the Winter will really pay off down the road! Here are a few great articles on base training that we found:

Train Smart This Winter: Base Training Basics by Matt Russ at Triathlete Magazine

Cyclists: Maintain Balance During Base Training by Eddie Monnier at UltraFit

Base Training Basics from Running Times Magazine
Tools That Will Make You WANT To Exercise

We love the new exercise and training technology that is out there these days because it is getting people excited about their exercise & training again! Here are some of our favorite apps that athletes are using to track their training and great tools that are making it more cost effective to exercise at home.Active

Map My Run

Map My Ride

EA Sports Active: Interactive and customized fitness programs (including personal training!) for Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360

Winter Recipes from In The Kitchen

In The Kitchen OnlineWe have been talking a lot at our office about how we enjoy cooking at home after all of the holiday parties and new year's celebrations have ended.  It's nice to get back to a schedule of exercise and eating healthier.  So, we have partnered up with Charlottesville's Rowena Morrell at In The Kitchen Online to bring you a couple of great recipes perfect for this time of year. She suggested these for Valentine's Day so we are sharing them early to give you plenty of time to plan. They sound pretty great so we will be trying them out before then for sure! If you enjoy these, be sure to check out her January Meal Planner which features daily recipes like these!

Stuffed Mushrooms
4 large mushrooms, stems removed and reserved
1 shallot, minced
1 tablespoon butter, melted
1/4 cup soft breadcrumbs
1 tablespoons roasted, salted cashews, chopped
3 tablespoons cream
1/4 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves, minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Parsley for garnish

Remove stems from 4 large mushrooms. 
Chop stems and sauté with shallot in butter in a small pan.
Add 1/4 c soft breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons T salted cashews and enough cream to moisten. 
Add fresh thyme, salt and pepper to taste. 
Brush caps with butter and place on baking sheet.  At serving time, broil mushrooms 2 minutes, bottom side up.
Stuff with prepared mixture and  brush with butter and broil 2-5 minutes longer.
Serve garnished with parsley

Porterhouse Au Poivre
Porterhouse steak, 2 inches thick
Fresh black pepper, cracked
Kosher salt
2 tablespoons butter
Dash of Tabasco
Dash of Worchestershire
Dash of lemon juice
1 tablespoon cognac
Parsley for garnish

Choose a porterhouse steak, 2 inches thick.
Pound pepper into both sides of steak and let rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.
Lightly sprinkle salt over bottom of heavy skillet on heat to high.
When salt begins to brown, add steak; cook until brown on one side (rare for 2 minutes); turn steak; cook 2-3 more minutes. 
Place butter on steak and allow to melt into the pan.
Add dash of Tabasco, Worcestershire, and lemon juice.
Heat cognac and blaze, spooning pan juices over steak.  Transfer to hot plate, add pan juices and garnish with parsley.  
Serve with Potatoes Au gratin, Green Salad and Chocolate truffles for dessert.

Win Free Powersteps!
Congratulations to Lou who won a free pair of Powersteps in December! We are doing another drawing at the end of January.  Request our Recommended Shoe List through our WEBSITE to enter!

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