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Many of you have visited our practice before and know a little about what we do.  We wanted to take an opportunity this Fall to share more information with you on the areas in which we specialize- sports injury, heel pain, diabetic foot care and foot & ankle surgery.
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Dr. Kevin Murray and Dr. Stewart Chang
Blue Ridge Foot and Ankle Clinic

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Sports Injury

Whether you are a competitive college athlete or an active adult exercising to stay in shape, we can help you with your foot and ankle pain and injuries.  We realize how important sports and exercise is to you and will do everything that we can to quickly get you back to your chosen activity. 

A few of our favorite resources from our website-
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Selecting A Running Shoe
Socks and Your Feet
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Avoiding Step Aerobics Injuries

Athlete's Corner Our Athlete's Corner is also a great resource for everyone from people who are just getting started to marathon runners.  We keep it updated with our favorite sports and exercise resources, links to local sports clubs and upcoming events and other helpful tips to keep you moving.

If you are experiencing foot and ankle pain from a sports related injury, please contact us.
Foot and Ankle Surgery

SurgerySurgical treatment of your foot or ankle problem should be taken seriously.  While we make every attempt to treat you conservatively many problems do require surgical intervention.  Rest assured that our board certified doctors will treat you with knowledge, compassion and exceptional skill.  Drs Murray and Chang utilize the latest techniques in foot and ankle surgery to help you achieve your desired post operative goal. 
We work in operating rooms at Martha Jefferson Hospital as well as Augusta Health staffed by extremely well trained, experienced nurses.
Surgery resources from our website-
What is a Foot & Ankle Surgeon?
Bunion Surgery FAQ
Using Crutches

Think you may need foot & ankle surgery?  Please contact us for a consultation
Diabetic Foot Care

If you or someone you know has diabetes you understand the importance of diabetic foot care.  Because diabetes often affects the small arteries and nerves in your feet small cuts and bruises can take a long time to heal and sometimes cannot even be felt.  Most of the problems that arise can be treated rather easily if caught in their early stages.  We take great pride in our role in helping prevent and reduce diabetic amputations.
Heel Pain

Heel PainHeel pain consistently is the most common problem that we treat.  Approximately 50% of the population will experience pain in the heel at some time in their life.  Most heel pain be fall into 3 categories; plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon problems and calcaneal apophysitis (pediatric heel pain).

Heel pain is most frequently caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is occasionally also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present. Heel pain may also be because of other causes, such as a stress fracture, tendonitis, arthritis, nerve irritation, or, rarely, a cyst. Because there tend to be several potential causes, it is important to have heel pain properly diagnosed. A foot and ankle surgeon is able to distinguish between all the possibilities and determine the underlying source of your heel pain. 

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