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May 5, 2010
First Registration Deadline
Nacra Welcome Party
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May 31 Deadline to Guarantee the Goods

Here's the deal. When you're putting on a regatta and giving away valuable swag as part of the registration fee, you've got to make an early call on the quantities you'll produce. Guess too high, and you're upside down on your cost forecast. Guess too low, and the late-commiters may end up with light swag bags. What's at stake? A super-sweet, long sleeve rash guard for every sailor...the kind to be worn over your PFD to prevent tangles in the rigging. All the rock stars wear them. So even if you're not a rock star, why not look like one!? Your team will actually "look" coordinated, even as you're shouting at each other during the douse while tea-bagging that new chute you bought just for the championships.

Below is a mock-up of what the rock star attire will look like, along with a description from the manufacturer, Dry, Incorporated, supplier of rash guards to big time organizations nationwide. I'd tell you who some of them are, but confidentiality agreements restrict such "shameless promotion." Now that Dry, Inc. can claim CRAW on their customer list, they'll probably go ahead with that new wing they were thinking of adding to the plant. Just sayin'.

rcc jersey

Our premium compression fit water sports shirts are made from premium 4-way stretch Lycra and feature six needle flat lock stitching for the ultimate in fit and comfort. Our super soft fabric and seven panel construction has been ergonomically designed to provide you with a moisture management top that will enhance your performance and allow you to keep your mind off your gear and keep your head in the race. This product provides UPF 50+ sun protection. (The maximum protection rating available).

We don't want to disappoint, but we don't want to lose money, either.  So help us out and go to our website NOW and register! If you're on the list and PAID by the end of May, you're guaranteed the goods.  If not, then maybe not.  And that could suck!
Nacra to Pick up Tab at Welcome Party

Mr. Fat Wallet himself, Jack Young, of Nacra Catamarans, Long Beach, California, would like to invite all sailors to officially celebrate the opening of the Racine Catamaran Championships on Sunday night, August 8.  Fittingly, the menu will include beer and cheese. 

CRAW's west coast correspondent reports that Jack has been hard at work interviewing chefs for the event.  Exactly what his selection criteria are, we don't know, but CRAW has paid an obscene amount of money to secure the photo below from the paparazzi.  "Keep up the good work, Jack, and we'll look forward to seeing you in August," said Chris Blake, in a prepared statement through his publicist.  Blake is the Food and Social Chair for the event.  Hollywood insiders say Young plans to turn the whole thing into a new reality series, and that the pilot will be shot in Racine this August.  Could you be brushed by fame? 

A few fun facts about our distinguished sponsor.  Jack Young has been eating tofu in California for so long that even he thinks of himself as a native.  But back here in cheeseland, we know better.  Jack was born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  He and his brother Jim were the driving force behind the North American Catamaran Racing Association.  The acronym for the organization, NACRA, eventually became the brand name for the line of catamarans now being sailed around the world. 

nacra logo

beach cookout

There's A Map For That. 

Ever wonder where your competition is coming from?  Wonder no more...cuz there's a map for that.  CRAW's Warlord of the Web World, Mark Thomson, has been at it again, adding way cool functionality to the Racine Catamaran Championships website.  Not only are you going to know where they park their boat,  now you can know their names, what they sail, and even get a glance at their picture.  Check it out here...Competition Home Ports

And speaking of pictures, what's up with that Daniel Hearn guy from Madison, Wisconsin? What a tool!  No one's impressed that you trap without a harness, just hanging from your belt loops, so put your shirt back on! Did you fall off the Chippendale's bus in November during deer hunters widows weekend.
  Next time somebody asks you to bring a six-pack, try Pabst ya dufus!

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