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Special Issue on Healthy Aging


More than 850 partners in communities, schools, worksites, healthcare, government and many other settings have pledged to support Washington's Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan.


In this issue, Partners reflect on healthy aging, which has been defined as the development and maintenance of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being in older adults. Healthy aging is most likely to be achieved when communities are safe, walkable, have access to transit and promote health and well-being. In Washington, communities and agencies are adopting policies and environments that make it easier for aging residents to maintain healthy lifestyles.


Partner Profile: Martha Peppones

Partner Profiles highlight the work of long-standing champions of nutrition and physical activity. Martha Peppones is renowned for her expertise in nutrition and aging and for her leadership in developing and implementing strong policies and programs that address the changing needs of an increasingly diverse aging population. more

Planning Allows Aging in Place 

Communities are making policy and environmental changes that will help adults "age in place," allowing people to live in their current home even as they face mobility challenges associated with growing older. According to a recent study 90% of adults want to age in place, remaining healthy, active and engaged. more
Access to Low Cost Fitness Classes Enhances Healthy Aging
Communities and health care facilities that offer low cost opportunities for physical activity can contribute to older adults' goals for "aging in place." More than 70 agencies and organizations in Washington State and over 500 in the nation offer EnhanceFitness classes for older adults. Published studies demonstrate the program's impact on the function and health of participants, as well as the health care cost differences among participants and non-participants. more
The 8/80 Rule Works for Children and Seniors
The "8/80 Rule" proposes that city planning should consider needs across the lifespan - from eight year old children to eighty year old adults. Communities in Europe and Canada have used the rule to plan safe walking areas in neighborhoods and city centers, along with interconnected transportation options to help people that prefer not to drive. more
Farm-to-Senior Project Yields Monthly Harvest

In Whatcom County, the F2S acronym for Farms to Schools also stands for Farms to Seniors. The success of Farm to Schools initiatives in her area inspired Julie Meyers, Director of the Whatcom San Juan Senior Nutrition Program for the Whatcom Council on Aging, to provide fresh local produce for Meals on Wheels and Congregate Meals participants. more 

Grandparents Learn the Latest about Breastfeeding

Healthy aging involves caring connections with other people, including adult children and grandchildren. The support of grandparents with child care can make all the difference for infants and new parents. Hospitals that offer grandparents classes can help ensure the best nutrition for nursing babies and the best source of emotional support for new moms. more

Nutritional Recommendations for CACFP to Promote Healthy Aging


New recommendations for changes in the federal Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) will enhance the nutrition and health of more than 115,000 older adults in the US. Participating Adult Day Centers receive CACFP reimbursements for meals, primarily for lower income adults, and meals must follow nutrition regulations. There are 17 participating centers in Washington State, serving an estimated 198,000 meals per year. more


Funding Opportunities

Fuel Up to Play 60

Application Deadline: October 1


Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grants

Application Deadline: October 1


NIH Community-Based Partnerships for Childhood Obesity Prevention and Control (RO3)

Application Deadline: October 16


School's Out Washington Quality Enhancement Grants

Application Deadline: November 1


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Upcoming Events

International Walk to School Month

October 1 - 31 

USDA Weekly Webinar: The School Day Just Got Healthier

October 2, 9, 16, 22 and 30 - 12 noon Pacific

Healthy Worksite Summit

October 16-17 - Lynnwood, WA

What's Cooking in Washington's Food Environments: WA State Food and Nutrition Conference

October 19 - Tukwila WA


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Planning Allows Aging in Place
Access to Low Cost Fitness Classes Enhances Healthy Aging
8/80 Rule Works for Children and Seniors
Farm-to-Senior Project Yields Monthly Harvest
Grandparents Learn the Latest about Breastfeeding
Nutritional Recommendations to Promote Healthy Aging
Funding Opportunities
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