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March 2012 - Healthy Schools


Partners in Washington are working to make schools healthier. Many projects need to involve the entire school community to ensure that children and teachers can be more active and have access to healthier food. To plan for healthy schools, Partners announced breakfast initiatives, made healthy changes to cafeteria food, and expanded safe routes so that children can walk or ride bikes to school. It takes careful attention to policies and environments to reverse the trend in childhood obesity.

Partner Profile: Carolyn Kramer 
Partner Profiles highlight the work of long-standing champions of nutrition and physical activity. Carolyn Kramer has been a game changer in policies and environments around school health. When a barrier presents itself, she patiently and persistently works with opponents until they become partners. more
Healthy School Breakfast Initiatives

A diverse group of agencies, organizations, and businesses are working together to promote the benefits of a healthy breakfast for everyone in Washington through two campaigns. The Washington State Department of Health's Healthy Communities Breakfast Initiative targets children, families and communities and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's Fuel Up First with Breakfast Initiative aims to increase the number of low income children eating breakfast at school. more

Boy_biking_to_schoolCall for Safe Routes to School Projects 

The Washington Department of Transportation's Safe Routes to Schools program funds local efforts that create safe, healthy alternatives to riding the bus or driving children to school.  Eligible projects can focus on engineering improvements, education and encouragement activities, or enforcement efforts. more 
Healthy Schools are Located in Active Community Environments

Active travel to and from school has many benefits. It is easier to walk or ride a bike when schools are part of residential neighborhoods, but many schools are built on the outskirts of residential communities. more 

Kennewick Schools Get a Jump on New School Lunch Standards

While the new National School Lunch Standards were making headlines in January, Partners in Kennewick had already been working for years to provide more healthy options for school food. The nutrition services director describes a multi-year team effort that Sodexo, Inc. has undertaken with the school community to meet the market's demand for healthier food. more 

Healthy School Environments Support Breastfeeding

Making schools healthy places can benefit the babies of teachers and students. Nearly 6,000 teenaged girls give birth in Washington each year, according to 2010 figures. An estimated 3,900 teachers have babies as well.
 Find out how schools are supporting parenting teachers and students. more
Schools as Healthy Worksites

According to Sarah Butzine, Program Supervisor for Coordinated School Health, "Staff wellness initiatives support and create a healthy school climate and culture; involving everyone and serving as an important connection point for students, staff, and community partners."  more

Funding Opportunities

Feed Your Brain Grants Through Schools Out Washington

Application Deadline: April 6


Fuel Up to Play 60

Application Deadline: June 1


NIH Community-Based Partnerships for Childhood Obesity Prevention and Control (RO3)

Application Deadline: June 16


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Upcoming Events

Webinar: Worksite Lactation Support

March 21 - 11:30 am to 12:30 pm PT


Webinar: Evidence Based Hospital Breastfeeding Support

QI Initiative

April 21 - 12 noon to 1 pm PT


Screen Free Week

April 30 to May 6 - Nationwide


Heathy Schools Summit

May 17-18 - SeaTac, WA


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Healthy School Breakfast Initiatives
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Funding Opportunities
Upcoming Events
Featured Resources
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