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Confluence Conference


On Monday, November 7, more than 70 stakeholders gathered at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. The conference brought together researchers and other stakeholders as a first step in developing a roadmap for ongoing health research in Seattle Public Schools.

Pegi McEvoy Workshop Team   

Ben Danielson Jill Lewis and team

Donna Johnson and team Sarah Butzine, Donna Oberg and Maggie Anderson

Click here to read more about the conference and to view presentations and additional images from the conference.



School Health Stakeholder Survey

During the Summer and Fall of 2011, over 150 school health stakeholders answered an online survey. Survey respondents included health professionals, health researchers, parents, and school health champions. The purpose of the survey was to learn what this group thinks about the health concerns of children and about conducting research in schools.


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Between August and November of 2011 we conducted interviews with 33 people who have been involved with school health research. The purpose of the interviews was to gather information about successful school health research from a broad base of perspectives so that we can build an effective and sustainable infrastructure for health research in Seattle Schools. We talked with 14 university researchers, 7 school staff members, 10 community-based health professionals and 3 parents.


Click here to learn more about the interviews and results.


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