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September 2011 - Evaluation Issue
Evaluating Your Projects from Square One


The most effective projects involve evaluation planning from the very beginning. Partners who are planning policy and environmental changes to achieve nutrition and physical activity objectives need to be able to demonstrate their impact. And increasingly, funders require evaluation planning and data-informed rationales in grant proposals. In this special issue of Partners in Action, you will find helpful information, case studies and resources to help you begin with evaluation or help you refine your current approach. Wherever you are starting out, the result will be solid evidence of your project's success and data to inform your work.

Partner Profile: Liz McNett Crowl


In this first in a series of Partner Profiles, read about the health and fitness champion who helped develop the Washington State Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan and whose initiatives in Skagit County and elsewhere have inspired so many Partners. more


Assessments Lead to

More Active Community Environments


Liz McNett Crowl has used a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies over the years to make it easier to be physically active in Skagit County. After receiving an Active Community Environments Initiatives (ACES) grant, McNett Crowl assessed all of the major communities in Skagit County. These assessments led to the improvements for the safety for cyclists and walkers on county bridges and along busy rural highways. more 
Clark County Measures Healthy Food Access
Two county departments collaborated on changes to a food safety database, making it easier to assess healthy food access. The Chronic Disease Prevention department proposed changes to the Food Safety database, allowing them to identify underserved areas. more 
Evaluation Tracks Increases in Breastfeeding


The Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington and other agencies dedicate their evaluation efforts to help mothers exclusively breastfeed their infants for the recommended time period. They use data from state and national sources as well as surveys with hospital staff, and even a study of breast pumping rooms in fruit packing facilities. more 
Evaluation Shows that Screen Time Training Leads to Policy Development

Child care providers who participated in free training said they planned to develop a new policy for their child care setting to limit television and other forms of screen time. Providers could choose to participate in the survey after completing a free online training called "Media Aware Child Care." more 
Survey Tallies Health Enabling Policies in Washington Cities

The Washington State Department of Health and the UW Center for Public Health Nutrition conducted a survey of all cities and towns in Washington to better understand what city policies create supportive environments for healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco-free living. A partnership with the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) provided contact information for Washington's 281 cities and towns. more 
Healthy Communities Workbook Provides Assessment Ideas

With a dozen Healthy Communities initiatives currently underway throughout the state, the Department of Health team has created and refined a number of tools to help busy communities assess the health of their communities. Anyone can use these tools to access and summarize data. more
Funding Opportunities

National Afterschool Matters Grants  

Application Deadline: September 30 


Building Healthy Communities Grants

Application Deadline: October 31


Schools Out Washington Quality Enhancement Grants

Application Deadline: November 4


Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grants

Application Deadline: December 31


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Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Conference

September 22 - Washington, DC


Joint Conference on Health

October 17-18 - Vancouver, WA


Schools Out Washington Bridge Conference

October 17-18 - Seattle WA


Washington Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference

October 27-29 - Bellevue, WA


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Evaluation Tools


Food Deserts into Oases


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Special Evaluation Issue:
Assessments Lead to More Active Community Environments
Clark County Measures Healthy Food Access
Evaluation Tracks Increases in Breastfeeding
Screen Time Training Leads to Policy Development
Survey Tallies Health-Enabling Policies in Washington Cities
Healthy Communities Workbook Provides Assessment Ideas
Funding Opportunities
Upcoming Events
Featured Resources
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