Partners in Action
Partners in Action
Promoting Nutrition, Physical Activity & Healthy Communities in Washington,
Partners in Action showcases activities and resources that support the objectives of the WA State Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan and help "make the healthy choice the easy choice" for Washington's residents.
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Partners of the Plan News
10 Years of Working Together to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Ten years ago a group of dedicated stakeholders got together to develop the first Washington State Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan. The goal of these 36 initial "Partners of the Plan" was to make it easier for state residents to eat well and be active. The State Plan that grew from their work is a framework for improving formal policies and standards and less formal guidelines and practices to achieve this goal. Changes to policies and environments take time and sustained effort. This edition highlights some of the successes of the past 10 years. more...

The Plan in Action
WA State CapitolPartners Advance Policy to Procure Healthy Food with State Dollars

Improvements in the nutritional quality of food purchased by the State of Washington could make it easier for thousands of people to make healthy choices each day. Legislators proposed a bill that would require the Department of General Administration to develop a model food purchasing policy with input from the Department of Health. Policies would cover types of food purchased, nutritional qualities and portion sizes. more...

Partners Advocate for Complete Streets Initiatives

State legislators are considering House Bill 1071, which would create a complete streets grant program. Ten years ago, the group that came together to develop the Washington State Plan for Nutrition and Physical Activity was united in their support of "complete streets" that make it easy for people to walk and bike. Since the plan was first developed, Partners across the state have worked to pilot complete streets projects, and the cities of Redmond, Spokane and Tacoma have adopted local ordinances. more... 

Partners Efforts Result in Executive Order to Address Food Insecurity

In 2010, Governor Christine Gregoire issued Executive Order 10-02 on "Strengthening Washington's Food Systems Through Policy and Collaboration." She asked five state agencies to work collaboratively to examine state food policy, food-related programs and food-related issues. Agencies and stakeholders are preparing a report that will address food security, nutrition and health challenges and solutions in Washington State. more...

FSA spending for breastfeeding suppliesRules and Regulation Improvements: IRS Ruling to Allow Health Saving Account Spending for Breastfeeding Supplies

Last month the Internal Revenue Service adopted a new policy to allow breastfeeding women to use their tax-fee health spending accounts to purchase pumps and other lactation supplies. Supplies for the first year of breastfeeding an infant can range from $500 to $1,000 for a pump and storage containers for breast milk. The new policy is a reversal of an earlier decision in which the IRS ruled that lactation supplies were not medically necessary. more...

Local Partners Influence the Built Environment

Local partners of the plan promote healthy living by influencing budget decisions. To help seniors "Stay Active and Independent for Life" (SAIL) Washington communities are investing in specialized exercise trails in outdoor locations. SAIL exercises are designed to help people with balance, strength and flexibility, but anyone would benefit from using the SAIL exercise stations. When communities change their environments to make it easier to be active, people move more.  Read more...

Media aware child careChild Care Providers Adopt Screen-time Policies

In just the past two months, over 200 Washington State child care providers have participated in free on-line training to help them implement screen-time policies. Most pre-school children watch more than four hours of television per day, and some of this screen time takes place in child care settings. More than 60% of children under age six are in non-parental care on a regular basis, and over one million of these children receive care in family homes. Policies at home and at child care can make it easier for children to avoid excessive hours in front of screens. more...

Funding Opportunities
  • Feed Your Brain Grant Application: School's Out Washington/Children's Alliance/Discuren Charitable Foundation
    Application Deadline: Tomorrow, April 1
  • Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Grants Program
    Application Deadline: April 27
  • Health Impact Project: Advancing Smarter Policies for Healthier Communities
    Application deadline: June 1
  • Healthy Eating Research Call for Proposals
    Application Deadline: August 2

Learn more...


Upcoming Events
  • Washington State Dietetic Association Convention: Nutrition For Life
    April 5 - Yakima, WA
  • Community Food Security Coalition Conference: Food Policy From Neighborhood to Nation
    May 19-21 - Portland, OR
  • Healthy Schools Summit
    May 24-25 - Seattle, WA 
  • Sixth Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference
    June 28-July 1 - San Diego, CA
  • Safe Routes to Schools National Conference
    August 16-18 - Minneapolis, MN

    More on these events and others...
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Ten Years of Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice
Partners Advance Policies Supporting Nutrition & Physical Activity
Complete Streets Initiative
Partners Work on Food System Executive Order
Partners Influence the Built Environment
Child Care Screen Time Policy Free Online Training
Funding Opportunities
Upcoming Events
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