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Recruiting in the Digital Era 

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Social Recruiting: Guidance for Employers, Recruiters and Candidates
Social Screening - A Hot Topic!
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Resources for Employers and Candidates

The holidays are generally considered to be a "quiet" period when it comes to recruiting, but once the New Year begins both employers and job seekers will be back at it. And with any luck, the renewed confidence in the economy we've seen in the past week will continue and we will finally  witness a (long overdue) increase in hiring activity.


Given that, I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of the new material I've created that focuses on recruiting in the Digital Era, in addition to resharing some older pieces that are still relevant and valuable.


Although the pieces go into a fair bit of detail, they're targeted to people who consider themselves "social recruiting" rookies. The overall goal is to help both individuals and organizations understand the new tools, services and processes that are available, as well as the challenges they create, in order to determine the best ways to use them. 


Click on the links on the left or scroll down to read more and access the pieces.


As always, I welcome your feedback. 


Courtney Hunt

Founder - SMinOrgs and GCDEL


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Social Recruiting: Guidance for Employers, Recruiters and Candidates



Most people are familiar with the recruitment and selection "funnel." I've recast the funnel to illustrate how social media can be incorporated into the hiring process. Recruiting in the Digital Era: Updated Guidance for Employers, Recruiters, and Candidates provides a comprehensive treatment of "social recruiting" and includes links to previous posts. Targeted primarily to people (both individuals and employers) who are unfamiliar with how social media can be used at different stages, it offers an overview of how employers can and should incorporate social media and other digital technologies into their talent acquisition processes. The piece also offers guidance for candidates. Questions and comments, especially from recruiting professionals, are welcome.


Social Screening - A Hot Topic!


Social screening imageThe first piece I wrote about social media and recruiting was a white paper entitled Social Screening: Candidates - and Employers - Beware, which I published about a year ago. I was prompted to write it after learning about a company called Social Intelligence, which conducts social background checks on prospective employees. It has been one of the most popular SMinOrgs publications. Although I probably need to update some of the details, the general recommendations are still valid. 


Earlier this year I wrote a related post entitled Digital Era Employment Practices Under Fire - Again!, which focuses on the employer practice of requesting login credentials and/or asking candidates to sign into their social networking accounts so they could be reviewed. This post explains why the practice is inappropriate and provides additional guidance for employers and job candidates.


Then, after reading numerous inaccurate and misleading pieces about a letter written by the Federal Trade Commission regarding Social Intelligence and their practices, I wrote a follow-up post called Social Screening of Job Candidates: Focusing on the Facts. This post takes a deeper dive into the practice of social screening and explains why it's in the best interests of both employers and candidates for organizations to use outside parties to conduct social background checks rather than do them on their own.


More Related Resources


Help wanted icon Although it doesn't specifically pertain to recruiting, my post entitled Social Media Data "Ownership": Recommendations for Employers provides related food for thought and guidance that can be valuable for job candidates and employees as well as employers. It offers recommendations for developing a pragmatic, balanced approach to articulating the relative rights and responsibilities of employers and employees when it comes to their social media "property" and activity.


For one of his guest blog posts, Jerry Carducci wrote  S.M.A.R.T. News: Recruiting and Employer Branding in The Digital Era, which focuses on how social media technologies can be used to enhance recruiting in organizations, especially in terms of creating and conveying a unique employment brand and finding and engaging top talent. 


Finally, I'll share the deck from a presentation I gave during Social Media Immersion Day at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan last month. The presentation, entitled Social Media: Beyond Marketing and Throughout Your Career, includes slides about the implications of new technologies for marketing-related job and career options, as well as career management for employees of all types.


Expressing Gratitude at SMinOrgs


Last Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States, so it seemed appropriate to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported the Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs) Community since its inception - and especially during 2011. 


Here's a link to a post that thanks the many individuals and organizations that have supported SMinOrgs and contributed to its growth, development, and success.  




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