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December 2010Vol 2, Issue 4
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Fellowship with a purpose!


Happy New Year!  It is hard to believe that 2011 is here already.  First let me thank those of you who participated in the activity at 1736.  It was a wonderful morning and was truly appreciated by the residents.  This activity always makes me grateful to be in the position to help others.  We are all truly blessed and must continue to focus on helping those who are not as fortunate.  We also had a great time at the Rockette's Christmas Show.  Thanks to Ginger for coordinating that.  It was a spectacular show.


As we begin this new year, let us focus on our upcoming membership event on February 16.  We need everyone to invite at least one potential member, so we can build up our membership.  Remember, region dues will be paid by Camino Real, so that is a definite incentive.  We need to get the word out about how great an organization SI is and the phenomenoal work carried out around the world.  


On April 16, we will hold our annual luncheon where we honor our award recipients.  Let's start building our guest list now to support this fundraising effort.  We are getting a great deal on the meal at The Castaway so we should be able to increase our treasury if we all get out and sell the tickets.


As we start this new year, let me thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to serve as your president.  It is truly an honor.  I hope to see you at our meeting on January 5, which will be a joint board and business meeting.  Bring your ideas for a service project this spring.


President Jeri 

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Recruitment Event
Christmas Memories
Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!
Christmas at 1736
Annual Event at the Castaway
Member News
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2010-2011 Board
President:  Jeri Durham
1st VP (Programs): Ginger Cole
2nd VP (W&M):  Carole Oglesby
Secretary:  Joyce Jacob
Treasurer:  Janet Elliott
Directors 2009-11: Barbara Jury
             and Irene Recendez
Directors 2010-12: Karen Johnson                Dona Lawrie
Contact Information
For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:
President Jeri Durham at or 626-826-2224
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438
Recruitment Event


Have you identified at least two friends or colleagues that you think would make good Soroptimists and invited them to the new member reception on February 16th? Who would make good members? Women join Soroptimists because they feel the organization will provide value to their lives, both as volunteers and as business and profession women.  Market research has shown potential Soroptimist members are:
- Looking for a way to help women.
- Seeking a way to be involved in a global effort.
- Want to connect with profession women.
- Are investigating several organizations and looking for a fit.

The SIA bylaws say to qualify for membership in Soroptimist International, a woman should: a) be working in a profession or business or in an occupation of comparable status or responsibilities to those of a person working in a profession or business (regular member), or b) be recently retired from or temporarily or permanently out of work from a profession or business or an occupation of comparable status or responsibilities to those of a person working in a profession or business (retired/unemployed member), or c) be embarking on a career in a profession or business or occupation of comparable status or responsibility to those of a person working in a profession or business (embarking member).

So what does "profession and business" mean? Because it is so difficult to provide a concrete definition, the federation empowers clubs to be inclusive in their interpretation of this phrase rather than exclusive.  Instead of focusing solely on title or occupation, clubs are encouraged to look closely at the actual work a potential member does and how her attitude, enthusiasm, ideas, and skill set would add to the club.  In other words, the primary focus of recruitment should be on specific contributions an individual can make to the club and to Soroptimist.

Want more good ideas on recruiting and retaining good members?  Check out the Recruitment Manual posted on the SIA website
Christmas Memories
Xmas"You have 10 minutes to write about a favorite children memory of the holidays."  With a few additional tips from VP Programs Ginger on how to write a memoir, as opposed to an autobiography, at the December 1st meeting SILA members reflected on family and friends and the wonders of the holiday season from a "childhood" perspective.  As the short but poignant memories were read, the warmth of days gone by were very evident. Thank you, Ginger, for a unique program meeting and writing experience and for putting the results together into a beautiful holiday email that was sent to all members on December 8th.
Rockettes Christmas Spectacular!
Rockettes 2And spectacular it was!  More than 20 SILA members and guests enjoyed a marvelous evening on Friday, December 10th, at the beautiful Nokia Theater at LA Live, watching the Radio City Rockettes dance their way through numerous holiday routines which included dancing reindeer, Santa Clauses, NY tourists and rag dolls. Along with other musical numbers which highlighted the wonder and magic of Christmas, it truly was an ideal way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.
Christmas at 1736
1736 Gifts 2010Xmas at 1736Once again, SILA had a lot of fun bringing Christmas joy to the families staying at the second step domestic violence shelter run by 1736 Family Crisis Center and owned by SILA.  On Saturday morning, December 18, members went to the shelter and set up two large tables of gifts.  Members then assisted the children in selecting and wrapping a large bag full of gifts for their mothers.  As an extra surprise, each mother will receive a framed photo of their children in front of the Christmas tree and a $40 Target gift card. Thanks to Deanna Blaylock and Pam Smith for their extra effort in shopping for and organizing an outstanding event.  
Annual Event at the Castaway
Castaway LogoCastaway ViewHave you marked it on your calendar? Saturday, April 16, 2011. Our annual awards luncheon and fundraiser is going to be at the beautiful Castaway Restaurant in Burbank.  Featuring a spectacular view, lovely interior, great food, with plenty of room for both our silent auction and program, this should be an ideal location for a very successful event. Start making your list of friends and colleagues whom you want to invite!
Member News

LA Femme Film Festival AwardCongratulations to member Emily Dell on her film B-Girl being named Best Feature Film at the 2010 LA Femme Film Festival.  As Emily says, one of the coolest parts was being able to share the stage with Angela Basset!

Emily with Girl Scouts


Film Director Emily and her sister, Film Producer Elizabeth Dell also did two Q&A events at the Girl Scouts' Believe in Girls (B.I.G.) Expo in Palm Springs this month, including a live dance battle between Troop members and a practice film set with Girl Scouts providing the volunteer labor.  What a great way to introduce girls to the career opportunities in the film making industry.  Everyone knows what the actors, and maybe even the director does, but do you know what it takes to be a gaffer or a grip?

We are proud that our Emily and Elizabeth continue to share their success to improve the lives of women and girls in true Soroptimist fashion.  Way to go!