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October 2010Vol 2, Issue 2
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We have had three meetings since the summer break, and if you were not able to attend, you were missed.  We had an informative speaker on Alzheimer's disease and conducted our business meeting, making an important decision regarding our fees.  We voted to discontinue the meal charge and have a pay as you go policy.  This has worked well at our meetings at McCormick and Schmick's.  We are still seeking input for a meeting location and Stephanie is investigating using Taix's on a regular basis.  


Irene and Emily will be making a special presentation on ways to increase our membership at the October 18th meeting.  Please join us for this important meeting.  We have been charged by our Governor Michelle to recruit at least five new members.  The region is paying all of the fees other than local dues.  Start thinking now of who you would like to see join our club. 


We are going as a group to see the Rockettes on December 10. Ginger secured tickets for us and there may be one or two left. Contact her if you are interested.  This should be a really fun evening.


You recently received an email from me which included a proposal from the Music Center for our luncheon.  Carole has done an excellent job in negotiating with them to get a good price, $51; it is the Music Center, after all.  If you have not weighed in on the discussion, please do so.  We need everyone's input and support.


Our members have had some challenges:  Janet is recovering nicely from her surgery, Sheila will be having another knee surgery next month, Julie lost her stepson, and Joan still cannot drive. Please keep them all in your prayers.  


Finally, I encourage everyone to please attend our meetings.  We need you!


President Jeri

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International Guest at Sept 1 Meeting
September 15 Meeting
A Return to Noon Time Meetings?
Register Early for Fall District Workshop
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2010-2011 Board
President:  Jeri Durham
1st VP (Programs): Ginger Cole
2nd VP (W&M):  Carole Oglesby
Secretary:  Joyce Jacob
Treasurer:  Janet Elliott
Directors 2009-11: Barbara Jury
             and Irene Recendez
Directors 2010-12: Karen Johnson                Dona Lawrie
Contact Information
For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:
President Jeri Durham at or 626-826-2224
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438
International Guest at Sept 1 Meeting
 Benedetta Frati is in Los Angeles for a four month internship at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Her Aunt, Elena Frati is a Soroptimist in Siena Italy (Tuscany). She e-mailed President Jeri in late August asking for assistance for her niece who was about to arrive in LA.  Carole Oglesby picked Benedetta up at the airport and she stayed with Amy Patton (who's husband is an architect) until she found a room. What a beautiful professional young women who expressed how difficult it is for women to be in architecture. We wish her the best in her career. And thanks Carole and Amy for their quick response in support of a fellow Soroptimist.
September 15 Meeting

An excellent speaker was invited by Pam Smith for SILA's Program Meeting on September 15. Kami Chin, is Manager of the Asian/Pacific Islander Services and Education with the California Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. She presented the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's disease, with indepth discussion. They are:

  1. memory changes that disrupt daily life

  2. challenges in planning or solving problems

  3. difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure.

  4. confusion with time or place

  5. trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships

  6. new problems with words in speaking or writing

  7. misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps

  8. decreased or poor judgment

  9. withdrawal from work or social activities

 10. changes in mood and personality. 

NOW ARE YOU WORRIED? Some of these are an aging process, so the secret can be to keep active! Especially with social groups such as SILA.  Yes, every 71 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer's. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, consult a doctor. Early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias is an important step to getting the right treatment, care and support. Thank you Pam and Kami Chin for a opportunity to discuss Alzheimer's Disease. For more information: or

A Return to Noon Time Meetings?
Did you participate in the survey Carole Oglesby sent out in September asking members for their preferences regarding many aspects of our meetings, including location, time, parking, atmosphere, and the price of food?

At the meeting on October 3rd, Carole presented the results from those who did respond to the survey.  The most conclusive results were unanimous opinions that we should go back to alternating evening and noon time meetings every month and should charge for meals only if members attend.

As a result of this survey, Stephanie Klopfleisch volunteered to research a noon-time alternative at Taix's Restaurant.  If possible, the second meeting in November, on Wednesday, November 17th, will be a noon meeting there.  Until then, meetings will continue to be at McCormick & Schmick's on a pay-for-your-own basis.
Register Early for Fall District Workshop


There is a significant savings if your registration for the 12th Annual Camino Real Region Fall District Workshop is postmarked on or before Friday, October 29th.
The Workshop is being held on Saturday, November 13th, from 8am to 3pm in Long Beach. There's a full agenda that includes updates on regional, national and international Soroptimist activities plus an outside speaker speaking on "Getting America Moving Again: Everybody Needs a Little Push". 

Come join other SILA members and get lots of information on Soroptimists around the world. The registration form, agenda and map were emailed to you but are also available online at The fee of $30 (IF POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 29) includes continental breakfast, lunch and materials.  After October 29, the fee is $40.  See you there!
Member News
Ginger ColeGinger Cole is one of five newly elected to be inducted into the John Muir High School Hall of Fame at a ceremony to be held on November 13 from 3-6pm at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena.  As described in the Pasadena Star-News, Dr. Cole has taught English and journalism throughout the San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys, dedicating her career to parent involvement in the development of her students.  During her senior year at Muir, Ginger became the second female drum major in the history of the Mighty Mustang Marching Band.  Her doctoral dissertation at UCLA was honored as the most outstanding work that year by all students within the doctoral program.

In addition, it was recently announced that LAUSD was awarded a US Dept. of Education grant of $3.6 million for the first of three years to fund four magnet schools to become "Global Awareness Magnets".  Ginger was the principal author of this grant!  Way to go, Ginger! 

Joan TancrediPam Smith and her husband Le Roy were in the Glendale News-Press because Pam's aunt, Sophie Murawski, celebrated her 101st birthday on September 24. Born in New York as the fourth of six surviving girls, Sophie never married and Pam is her only known surviving relative.  As noted in the newspaper article, throughout the years, Sophie has loved to tat, and was an avid fan of baseball, television sitcoms and playing solitaire, and admittedly, she has an insatiable taste for chocolate!  To read the full article, click here. Congratulations, Aunt Sophie!

Joyce JacobJoyce Jacob and her husband, George, will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary with Joyce's brother and his wife from Iowa (who are also celebrating their 50th!) in San Francisco the first week of November. Then for New Year's, the whole family (11 of them - including two sons, daughter-in-laws and 5 grandchildren) will be in Hawaii. Happy Anniversary and congratulations, Joyce and George!