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September 2010Vol 2, Issue 1
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Fellowship with a purpose!

President JeriGreetings SILA  Members,


Welcome back to a new club year. This year we are going to focus on service, membership, fun and fellowship.  Our first meeting is Wednesday, September 1 at McCormick and Schmick's on 4th and Hope in downtown LA.  It will be a business meeting and we do have a few items to on which we need to act. A major item will be the Board's recommendation to eliminate the assessment for meals.  Since so many like meeting at the restaurant and the happy hour menu is so inexpensive, the Board thought everyone could do their own thing.  We need you to be there to voice your opinion!  Ginger is putting together a tentative calendar which we will share at the meeting and we are planning to continue our interaction with 1736 and also the Downtown Women's Center.


I hope that you all of have enjoyed your summer and are ready for a new year of service.  We have lost some members and we need to reflect on the reasons as we look at increasing our membership this year.  The region has waived fees for 5 new members for each club this year, so let us take advantage of that offer.  So start thinking of women who may be potential members.  Emily and Irene will be working on some recruitment activities.


I look forward to seeing you on September 1.


President Jeri

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RSVP to Sept 1 Meeting via an Evite
Planning Retreat Launches the New Year
An Amazing Look into SILA in the 1960's
LA Soroptimists Create "A Cultural Happening" in 1967
Joan Tancredi Remembered
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2010-2011 Board
President:  Jeri Durham
1st VP (Programs): Ginger Cole
2nd VP (W&M):  Carole Oglesby
Secretary:  Joyce Jacob
Treasurer:  Janet Elliott
Directors 2009-11: Barbara Jury
             and Irene Recendez
Directors 2010-12: Karen Johnson                Dona Lawrie
Contact Information
For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:
President Jeri Durham at or 626-826-2224
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438
RSVP to Sept 1st Meeting via an Evite
We are going to try using Evites (free email invitations) to remind members about upcoming meetings and to gather RSVPs in order to know who is planning to attend.  Please open and respond to your Evite for the Sept.1st meeting as soon as you get it.  And let us know if you like this new method of RSVP'ing to meetings!
Planning Retreat Launches the New Year
Planning RetreatEleven SILA members attended the annual Planning Retreat on Saturday, August 7th, from 9am to 2pm, at Barbara Jury's beautiful residential complex, Hollenbeck Palms, in East Los Angeles. After breakfast hosted by Joyce Jacob, a welcome from President Jeri and a fun get-to-know-you-better activity arranged by 1st VP Ginger Cole, the group spent time discussing strategies for increasing membership, the current financial structure of SILA, and possible service projects. After a delicious lunch in one of the facility's dining rooms hosted by Barbara, members volunteered for various committee assignments and discussed possible dates for this year's Woman of Distinction Luncheon.  
An Amazing Look into SILA in the 1960's
At 3am on July 7, Paul Searle sent a short email to the general info email address on the SILA website: "I recently acquired a large collection, from the 1960's, from the Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles, containing many photographs, etc. that I think you would be interested in having. It would be a shame to waste it. If you would be interested, please contact me."
By 11am that morning, Janet Elliott had picked up the most fabulous scrapbook of photographs, newspaper clippings, and event memorabilia put together by an unknown SILA member from 1964-1971.  Titled "The Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles Publicity Book", the large 23 page scrapbook contains beautifully displayed articles and pictures about various Soroptimist events and projects - like the annual fashion show at the Biltmore Hotel in 1966, fundraisers at the Harness Races at Hollywood Park in 1966 and 1967, Soroptimist House - where "20 U.S. and international USC coeds live and learn cultural understanding", $3,000 donated to KCET for special programming in 1967 (see article below), and the annual Achievement Awards luncheon held in 1968-1971 honoring five young women under 35 "who have made a mark in the LA professional and business world." Lucille Ball was the guest speaker one year!  All of the members noted in the book are familiar to Barbara Jury, our most senior current member, but many other current members will recognize pictures and articles about former members Justice Mildred Lillie and Muriel Morse (general manager of LA City's personnel department and SIA President in 1970).
No decisions have been made yet about what to do with this historic collection, although professional historian Sharon Sekhon has offered to help scan the articles and pictures so that they'll be stored on our website.  We will have it available at the meeting on September 1st.  Be sure to take a look.
Mr. Searle said he found the scrapbook among the boxes of an estate sale he'd purchased at a Pasadena swap meet for $450 looking for old perfume bottles, which he collects.  Rather than discard it, he made the effort to look us up on the internet and send us the email. He said we could repay his kindness by steering him to any old perfume bottles we might have or find.  Check those closets and shelves, ladies!  We owe Mr. Searle big time for helping us preserve this wonderful piece of our history! 
LA Soroptimists Create "A Cultural Happening" in 1967


LA Times Article"While the hippies are making it happen on the psychedelic side of N. Fairfax and in the wilds of Topanga Canyon, things will be culturally swinging on Vine this weekend."  So begins an article in the Los Angeles  Times dated May 19, 1967.  "Educational television is having a freak-out. In other words, for the benefit of the uninitiated, Channel 28 is holding a "Cultural Happening" Saturday and Sunday, an operatic watusi, a Shakespearean trip, a symphonic love-in.  KCET is giving you two days of extraordinary programing, spicing the sterile, bland diet of summer reruns and old movies.  The "Cultural Happening" has been made possible by a grant of $3,000 from the Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles, which is mere pullet fodder by commercial standards, but a jackpot to the educational people".  The article goes on to describe the 8 1/2 hours of special programing, ending Sunday night with the airing of complete performance of "Hamlet at Elsinore" starring Christopher Plummer.
A Cultural HappeningThis is just one example of the events described in "The Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles Publicity Book" acquired in July (see article above).  Besides several articles in the LA Times about this donation, the Club also got recognition by having their sponsorship noted on the back of the event brochure and from KCET itself.  In an article showing a picture of Mrs. June Read, president of the Soroptimist Foundation of Los Angeles, and Mrs. Ruth Kagy, president of the Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles (older members will remember when the Foundation and the Club were separate) handing their $3,000 check to the president of Community Television of Southern California and the general manager of KCET, it states "The ideals of achievement and service of the women of the Los Angeles Soroptimists were clearly demonstrated last month when the club presented to KCET a check for $3,000 making it possible to promote and to broadcast a unique television "happening."  This awareness, trust and faith in an alternative kind of television is highly commendable. We are profoundly grateful and thankful for public-spirited organizations such as the Soroptimist Club of Los Angeles.  The viewing public will be rewarded because of the Soroptimists generosity."
Joan Tancredi Remembered
Joan TancrediOur dear friend and 20 year member of SILA, Joan Tancredi died on July 26, 2010.  For those who were unable to attend her funeral services and may not have seen her obituary in the Los Angeles Times, here's a wonderful overview that shows what a dynamic, diversified, family-oriented person our wonderful friend was.

Joan Lorraine Herman Kolodin Tancredi was born on October 16, 1933 Chicago, Illinois, to William and Leona Herman. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago, where she went to South Shore High School, rode the bus to piano and dance classes, and schlepped her little sister, Dee Dee to the movies, and to the Thorne Rooms at the Chicago Museum of Art. At 16 years old, she went to college at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she studied English Literature. There, she met Bill Kolodin, whom she later married. Joan and Bill moved to California in 1954, and settled down in Pacific Palisades, where they raised their three children, Steven, Susan, and Richard.

Joan was an aficionado of the theater, especially musical comedy, and knew all the words to all the songs. She also loved the LA Dodgers, and attending absolutely any event that involved one of her 3 children or 15 grandchildren. She was Cub Scout Den Mother, Girl Scout Troop Leader, class mom, costume designer, make-up artist, event planner, cook, chauffeur, and number one fan.

She had a penchant for guys with weird last names. In 1979 she married John Tancredi, with whom she shared a love of family, gusto for celebrating everything, and traveling. Together, they went to France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, the US Southwest, Hawaii, Ecuador, Peru and many points in between. Together, they attended every school play, concert, honors program, ball game, art show, graduation, gymnastics competition, dance recital, bar mitzvah, confirmation, first communion, wedding, of their kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, and those of countless friends and neighbors. They celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Passover, Easter, Tishivuv, Tu 'Bishvat, D-Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. Joan never forgot anybody's birthday or anniversary.

Joan was an outstanding professional woman, receiving her Masters Degree in Speech and Hearing from Cal State, Los Angeles. Among other accomplishments, she developed the New Pathways Program, an integrated approach to rehabilitation for brain injured patients, at Daniel Freeman Hospital. She worked as a speech therapist, teacher, and specialist in foreign accent reduction, and became known to friends and colleagues as Elocution Joan.

She was a member of the Soroptimist Club, the California Association of Speech and Hearing, the Garden Committee at her Condominium, the Pacific Palisades Bowling Team, Palisades Park Womens Volleyball team, the Sweet Adeline Singing Group, the Italian-Jewish Bridge Club, and the Honor Camper Society. She is survived by her children, Richard, Susan, Steve, and her grandchildren, Gabriel, Nicolas, Brian, Michaela, Catherine, David, Daniel, Michelle, Christopher, Allison, Zachary, Elizabeth, Samantha, Megan, and Sarah. Not necessarily in that order.
Members wanting to contact Joan's family can reach them at the following addresses:
Steve Kolodin, 3564 Three Springs Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91361
Richard Kolodin, 513 Albert Way, Petaluma, CA 94954
Susan Kolodin-Calles, 8610 Lancaster Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814