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March 2010 Vol 1, Issue 7
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Fellowship with a purpose!
Jeri DurhamGreetings Fellow SILA Members:


March is going to be a very busy month for us.  We start with a Day of Service at the Downtown Women's Center on Saturday, March 6.   Shortly after that we will have the wrap party on March 16 for the Silent Auction to be held during the luncheon. Then on March 27, we have our annual fundraising luncheon.  We need every member to support this activity by attending and selling tickets.  This is our major fundraiser, so let us all work to make it successful.  Let Maria and Deanna know of your items for the auction and be sure to get them to Deanna.  It promises to be a wonderful event.   We will end the month with a slate of nominees for club elections to be held at the business meeting on April 7.  It is also time to register for Spring Conference, where Ginger, Joan and Julie will be serving as our delegates.  


In light of the recent devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, please make sure that you and your families are adequately prepared for the day we have our big one.  Please review your plan, discuss it with loved ones and ensure that you have water, batteries, some cash on hand and food for at least 3 days.  It is also wise to have an emergency kit in your car--a blanket, water, walking shoes and a first aid kit.  


During these busy times, take a moment to give thanks for our many blessings and to smell the flowers.  I thank you all for your generosity and involvement in making this earth a better place for women and girls.  Keep Jackie in your prayers as she continues to recuperate and Pam as she undergoes knee replacement surgery. We hope both will be able to attend the luncheon.  I am looking forward to seeing you this month.


President Jeri

March Meetings
Both meetings in March will be held in the Library at the Downtown Business Magnet High School at 1081 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles.  Dinner will be provided at the meeting on Wednesday, March 17th at 6:00pm. Please RSVP by responding to the separate emails which will be sent out shortly before each meeting.
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March Meetings
Saturday Day of Service at DWC
SILA's Women of Distinction Luncheon
Are You Going to the Camino Real Spring Conference?
SIA Biennial Convention
Who Will Serve on Next Year's Board of Directors?
1736 Fundraising Activities
Member Happenings
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2009-2010 Board
President:  Jeri Durham
1st VP (Programs): Ginger Cole
2nd VP (W&M):  Maria Romero
Secretary:  Dona Lawrie
Fund Treasurer:  Karen Johnson
Club Treasurer:  Irene Recendez
Directors 2008-10: Joyce Jacob
             and Barbara Jury
Directors 2009-11: Lupe Solorio
             and Cindy Van Steelandt
Contact Information
For more information about SILA or this Newsletter, please contact:
President Jeri Durham at or 626-826-2224
Editor Janet Elliott at or 310-809-2438
Saturday Day of Service at DWC
Preparing for Day of ServiceAnnually, all Soroptimist Clubs are encouraged to participate in a "Saturday Day of Service".  This year, SILA members decided to spend the afternoon of Saturday, March 6th, with the  residents of the Downtown Women's CenterScreening B-Girl at DWCIn preparation, members gathered hundreds of toiletries, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, tooth brushes and wipes, and spent the March 3rd meeting sorting them into several dozen gift bags.  Then on Saturday, the members took the bags and refreshments to the Center and screened Emily Dell's feature movie B-Girl for the residents.  A special treat was having Laura Henry, who had been involved from the beginning in the production of the film, be there to introduce the film and talk about it.
SILA's Women of Distinction Luncheon
SILA's annual Women of Distinction Silent Auction, Luncheon and Presentation honoring four outstanding women will be held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club on Saturday, March 27 at 11am.  This is our primary fundraising event for the year so everyone's participation is needed to make it a success.  Contact Deanna Blaylock if you have not yet given her your silent auction item and meet at her house on March 16th at 6pm to help prepare the items for display. A light dinner will be served.  Contact Maria Romero if you need additional invitations or have any questions about the event.
Are You Going to the Camino Real Spring Conference?

Call to ConferenceThe Camino Real Region Spring Conference is being held at the newly renovated Radisson Hotel in Culver City on April 23rd, 24th, and 25th. For the first time, it combines the Leadership Training Retreat (the training session previously held in July for newly elected club officers) with Spring Conference. On Friday morning, April 23rd, a "Leadership Academy" will provide future club officers and all club members with club leadership training and a copy of the Leadership Academy Resource Book.


The Conference provides an opportunity to be updated on the state of our region, to honor presidents and clubs within the region, to honor the wonderful women who win our signature awards (Ruby Award, Women's Opportunity Award and Violet Richardson Award) at the regional level, to celebrate the accomplishments over the past two years of outgoing Governor Cheri Fleming and look forward as Governor-Elect Michele Memmott takes the helm for 2010-2012. Click here to go to the Camino Real Region website and download the Call to Conference for full details about activities and registration as shown above.

Our own Sheila Tatum is the Conference Coordinator.  Ginger Cole, Joan Johnson and Julie Mairs will be attending as our conference delegates.  Several other club members have already registered.  Newer members and those who have never attended a Spring Conference are particularly encouraged to attend. 
SIA Biennial Convention

Biennial Convention


Every two years, our Federation, Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA) holds a Convention.  Because SIA includes all of the North and South America, and, despite the name, numerous other countries including  Japan, Korea and the Philippines, it is not often the Biennial Convention is held as close as it will be this year, in San Francisco.  From July 7-10, 2010 (with a variety of tours offered before and after the actual Convention) Soroptimists will gather at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square for 3 1/2 days of updates on programs, speakers from Headquarters, voting on Bylaws revisions, and various awards and recognition events.  For great insight into the impact of Soroptimist International and fellowship with hundreds of like-minded professional women, consider attending the 41st Biennial Convention.  For more information, click here.  Early registration rates apply through May 7.

Who Will Serve on Next Year's Board of Directors?


Don't forget to complete the survey which was emailed to active members on March 3 asking for your suggestions for nominations for next year's club officers and directors.  The survey also asks what committees you'd be willing to work on.    The deadline for the survey is March 16 to give the Nominating Committee, Jackie Johns (Chair), Carole Oglesby and Barbara Jury time to put together next year's slate. Remember, we're a small club and will thrive only if all members are willing to take an active role in helping to plan our activities.
1736 Fundraising Activities


1736 Family Crisis CenterWant to support 1736 Family Crisis Center even more?  (Remember SILA leases the houses we own to them for $1 per year to use as a Second Step Shelter for victims of domestic violence.)  Consider supporting these two fun activities:
  Fourth Annual Poker Tournament on Saturday, April 3, 2010
  Day at the Races at Hollywood Park Racetrack on Saturday, June 19, 2010.
Click here for more information. 
Member Happenings
Pam & BarnieMember Pam Smith recently lost her beloved Bichon Frise, Mr. Beasley, to cancer but has quickly given her heart to the newest member of her family, 3 month old Barnie. What a cutie! He will help her recover quickly from knee replacement surgery.  The surgery went well and Pam went home from the hospital on March 6.
Former member Joan Tancredi is living temporarily in a condo in Thousand Oaks, nearer her son, Steve, who lives in Westlake Village. Her new phone number is 805-777-3858.
Member Jackie Johns is currently unable to drive and has been unable to attend meetings since no one lives close enough to pick her up. Although she may have to request a 3-month leave of absence, she wants to stay involved in SILA. 
Member Stephanie Klopfleisch recently returned from a trip to Thailand with nine family members and is off again on March 20 for a three week trip to Morrocco.
Leslie and Bob MulfordRetired member Leslie Nelman Mulford, who lives in Monterey, Ca., and her husband Bob are leaving March 11 for a 9 week trip which includes a National Geographic Expedition to the "hidden corners of the world" by private jet.  Their itinerary includes the Himalayas, West Africa, Egypt, India, China, Vietnam, Korea and many other destinations.  You can follow their travels on their blog,