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December 2009 Vol 1, Issue 4
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Fellowship with a purpose!
Jeri DurhamGreetings SILA Members.
Well this is definitely a busy time of the year for most of us and SILA is no different.  We have our big service project at 1736 right around the corner on December 12 and I am hoping to see all of you there as we brighten the lives of those families in crisis.  The Program Committee has two activities planned where we can become informed and be entertained.  I will not be with you at the December 2 meeting as I will be visiting China!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I will have much to share when I see you on December 12.  As we bring 2009 to an end, let us be thankful that we are able to share with others and remember those who are less fortunate.  We must continue the focus on what's best for women and work to improve the lives of our sisters worldwide.  I hope that this holiday season will bring you and your families much joy and laughter.
President Jeri
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No Meeting on December 16
A Report on Meetings in November
SILA Will Help Kids "Shop" for Mom
The Nutcracker Swings!
Member Happenings
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No Meeting on December 16
The club decided earlier in the year that in lieu of the second regular meeting in December - traditionally a Holiday Party - we would do something a little different.  So on Saturday, December 19, Pam Smith is organizing a holiday activity: going to City Ballet of Los Angeles's unique performance of The Nutcracker Swings at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA.  See below for more details.
A Report on Meetings in November
The SILA business meeting on Wednesday, November 4, was held at the Downtown Magnets High School.  Included in this meeting was approval of the DMHS as the location for future meetings; resignation of member Vicky Hung Rangsuebin; solicitation by VP Maria Romero of nominations for the Ruby Award: Women Helping Women to be honored at the annual recognition luncheon and silent auction on March 27, 2010; and reports by Chair Joyce Jacob for the Womens Opportunity Award (WOA), Chair Ginger Cole for the Violent Richardson Award and Chair Joan Johnson for the Fellowship Award that applications are available and will be posted on the SILA website.  Minutes for this meeting will also be posted on the website shortly.   
The second meeting in November was held on November 18th at administrative offices of 1736 Family Crisis Center, with whom SILA has a long term strategic partnership to operate the property we own as a second step shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  1736 provided lunch for the members and Ron Troupe, Daphne Howell and Roxanna Cruz presented an update on the families staying at the houses. Roxanna related one particularly heart warming story about a woman with 5 children, including 2 teenage boys and one approaching age 18.  Few shelters are able to accommodate families with boys or older children and usually force them to split up at a time when family connections are most critical to the children's well being. 1736 was able to arrange for the family to stay together at our houses.

Also in November was the Fall District Workshop on Saturday, November 14, in Santa Monica.  Seven SILA members attended and the general concensus was it was "the best Fall District Workshop - EVER!".  It began with an outstanding presentation by Cynthia D'Amour which kept participants "enraptured for 2 hours" on how to motivate groups to get results, followed by a presentation by Dr. Susan Love and a timely discussion about the fight against breast cancer and the new policy regarding mammograms for women in their 40's. Dr. Love was on the panel which made the recommendation which was announced and made headline news the week after this conference. 
SILA Will Help Kids "Shop" for Mom at 1736
1736 Family Crisis CenterAs we have for the past two years, SILA is once again providing an opportunity for the children who are currently staying at 1736 to "shop" for holiday presents for their mothers.  The club is providing funds to buy gifts cards for the 11 women.  Members are encouraged to purchase appropriate gifts such as pajamas, night gowns, robes, slippers, jewelry, long neck scarves, perfume, lotion, etc. (The women's sizes are 5 medium, 5 large and 1 extra large.)  Bring the gifts, along with any extra gifts bags, tissue paper and ribbon you have to the houses on Saturday morning, December 12, at 8:30am for a wonderful "hands on" activity which includes setting out the gifts and then assisting the children in selecting and wrapping gifts for their Moms.
IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Please contact Deanna Blaylock by email or phone (213-304-3613) asap to let her know what you're bringing.  If you would like Deanna to do the shopping, you can send her a check (suggested donation: $50) made payable to Deanna Blaylock and mailed to her at 5008 S. Chariton Avenue, LA 90056, but please still email or call her to let her know it's in the mail.  Time is short so please contact her as soon as possible so that she knows what to buy and has time to shop before this event.  (If you have not been to the houses, please call Deanna for directions. Security for the women and children prevent us from printing the address here.)
The Nutcracker Swings!
CBLA NutcrackerJoin us on Saturday, December 19 at 2:00pm for City Ballet of LA's tribute to the classic tale of the Nutcracker. Set in the 1940's Los Angeles during WWII, be swept away to another world while dancers swing to the sounds of Tchiakovsky and Duke Ellington.  Enjoy the beautiful Orpheum Theatre, an Historic Cultural Landmark, at 842 S. Broadway.
Contact Pam Smith by email or phone (818-244-7361) immediately if you are interested in attending the matinee with the group. Tickets are $40, $30 and $20; groups rates may be available. Guests are welcomed.
Robyn GardenhireCBLA's founder and artistic director, Robyn Gardenhire, is a former SILA Women Helping Women Awardee.  Click here to read more about Robyn's interesting career as a professional dancer and her efforts to return to South Central LA and provide Los Angeles with its own ballet company which is representative of our multicultural community and a school that exposes children to the world of ballet.
Member Happenings
Sheila TatumMember Sheila Tatum is getting a second knee replacement on December 7th.  She'll be out of commission for a few weeks (long enough to let others wait on her over the holidays!) but we look forward to seeing her up and strong on two legs shortly after the first of the new year.
Pam, Deanna, Joan Tancredi, Stephanie, JanetA group of "seasoned" Soroptimists got together with former member Joan Tancredi for lunch in Santa Monica last month.  Joan looked great after surviving a hip replacement, spinal surgery, lung cancer, two brain surgeries and the lost of her husband John over the last two years.