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October 2009 Vol 1, Issue 2
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Fellowship with a purpose!
President Jeri
Dear SILA Members,
Well, even though the temperature has been high, summer is over and October is already upon us.  We have already had two club meetings and one Board meeting.  Our meetings have been very productive and we are moving forward with our plans for the year.  Kudos to Ginger Cole who led us in an activity at the last meeting where we really got to talk with one another and discovered that we are all really passionate about the same thing-changing the world into a better place via improving the status of women and girls.  All of the things we wanted to see happen - an end to poverty, racism, war and denial of equal rights - are all reflected in improving the status of women and girls.
Margaret Mead's famous quote, "A small group of committed people can make a difference and change the world," is always inspirational.   When thinking about who it is that can truly inspire and change the world, I cannot help but think about our SILA members today, as well as the hundreds of SILA members who have volunteered before us. We all have and will continue to "make a difference and change the world."
I encourage all of us to think of things that we can do to make a difference. Each of us has the ability to impact others, even in very small, simple ways.  Let us stretch ourselves to move beyond our comfort zones and become more involved within your committees and with other SILA projects and events. Let's be committed to making a difference and changing our world!
I look forward to working with each of you in the coming year as we continue to impact women and young girls in our community, the Region and Federation!
President Jeri
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Location of October Meetings
Policy Summit 2009
Lazy Leader Road Show
Meet Our VP of Programs Ginger
Our VRA Winner is at Stanford
Member Happenings
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Location of October Meetings
Philippe'sThe next meeting on Wednesday, October 7th at 6pm will NOT be at The California Endowment, but rather Philippe's Restaurant directly across the street at 1001 N. Alameda Street, LA, CA 90012. It's the home of the French Dipped Sandwich. Do you know how the sandwich got that name?  Read about that and other facts about this 90 year old LA tradition at Buy your own food at the counter then go upstairs to the 2nd floor meeting room.  An elevator is available. Convenient parking is located behind the restaurant. The meeting will feature a presentation by Carole Oglesby on the Policy Summit.
The location for the second meeting in October on Wednesday, October 21st is still being determined but the speaker will be Donna Kreutz, Camino Real Regional chair for Public Awareness who be talking about the multiple new ways Soroptimists are communicating on the internet with both existing and prospective members.
An updated listing of SILA meetings is available under the members link on the SILA website.
Policy Summit on Ending Violence Against Women
2009 Summit 
At the first Policy Summit in March, 2008 at The California Endowment, SILA in conjunction with Business and Professional Women International and American Association of University Women, brought together over 200 participants from health and social services agencies, law enforcement, government agencies and other community groups to discuss what works to address violence against women and identify opportunities for improvement in current systems.
This year's Policy Summit on October 6th is a knowledge building event designed to be of value to those who are accountable for services to and the safety of women affected by violence.  If you plan to attend or have volunteered to assist at the event, the deadline for registering is October 1. Print and mail in the Registration Form today. For more information, contact Julie Mairs or
Lazy Leader Road Show (aka Fall District Workshop)
Lazy LeaderThis year's Fall District Workshop will be held on Saturday, Nov. 14th from 9am-4pm in Santa Monica.  It will feature a workshop by Cynthia D'Amour, author of The Lazy Leader's Guide to Outrageous Results.  Cynthia is a dynamic motivational and personal leadership development speaker.  Her workshop will also be offered to the public for a fee at the same time - invite your non-Soroptimist friends! - but your $30 registration fee ($40 after Oct.15) gets you admission to this workshop, continental breakfast, lunch, the rest of the Fall District Workshop which includes Keynote Speaker Dr. Susan Love talking about the Army of Women campaign to find the cause of breast cancer AND Cynthia's packet of handouts and support material (valued at $79!).  What a deal!  Print and mail in your Registration Form by October 15.
Meet Our VP of Programs Ginger
 Ginger Cole
Ginger Cole was inducted into Soroptimists the same day as President Jeri in 2007 and is already actively serving SILA as our Vice President of Programs.  She got hooked on Soroptimists when she attended the International Conference in Scotland in 2007 with Sheila Tatum.
Ginger has a Doctorate in Education and has worked for the LA Unified School District for 30 years.  She is currently an Administrator monitoring school compliance for the various Court Ordered Integration Programs that the District is under.  Ginger has been in the education field for 35 years teaching pre-K through College.  She is very interested in working with parent groups and has she own consulting company - Parent Resources and Educational Partnerships (P.R.E.P.) which focuses on empowering parents to become advocates for their children's education.  She looks forward to expanding this activity, as well as teaching teachers through a local university after she retires from LAUSD in a year or so.  
She is the proud mother of Gail, 33, who earned her PhD last year and works at the University of Miami as the Chief of Staff to the Vice President of Student Affairs and as the University Ombudsperson. 
Sheila, Jeri, and Ginger are all in the same chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., another public service organization.  She and Dona Lawrie have been colleagues and friends for many years also.  As Ginger says, there are so very few degrees of separation!

Our 2008-09 VRA Winner is at Stanford
Ernestine FuRemember last year's Violet Richardson Award winner, Ernestine Fu, the high school student who founded Visual Arts & Music for Society
(VAMS)?  She just moved into Stanford and checked in to let us know how she's doing. "I'm living in a four-person suite (two doubles connected by a mini living room). I'm planning to take four courses this semester:
Multivariable Calculus, Seeing Children Through Literacy, Chemistry 31X or Physics 25, and American Memory and the Civil War. The Calculus and American Civil War classes include not only lectures, but also small seminar sessions; should be exciting!  And, my AP Calculus AB & BC, Physics, and Chemistry scores allow me to bypass a few classes. Unfortunately, Stanford only accepts my AP Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry scores. Overall, I'm really enjoying Stanford!"  You go girl!
Member Happenings
StephanieStephanie Klopfleisch has spent the last month in San Diego caring for her 97 year old father who passed away this week. Stephanie is a retired Department Head for LA County who is now enjoying a second career as a professional violist. In addition, she and her husband Randy enjoy traveling to all parts of the world.  Ask her about bicycling across Russia or hiking in Myanmar or the Inca Trail in Peru!  Unfortunately, her rehearsal and concert schedule makes it nearly impossible for her to attend Wednesday evening meetings, but she intends to remain as active as she can in SILA and certainly attend all our special events.