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CFR Joins the No Dust Tour

To the Friends of Reis Ranch:

We are proud to announce that the CFR "Colts First Ride World Challenge" is joining the  "No Dust Tour".

FREE TICKETS will be available for a limited time only generously provided

by  our sponsor "Stable Mix Horse Treats" Elk Grove Milling, Inc - please go to

and get your FREE pass today!   Elk Grove Milling and Stable Mix Horse Treats are the official feed of the 'NO Dust Tour"   so please contact our very generous sponsor at and thank them for providing the tickets and supporting the No Dust Tour!


WE are looking for horses to start at each tour stop. Horses that have never been saddled or ridden!

 Please go to and read

the criteria and fill out the horse submission form - then call us and make an appointment. 800-732-8220


Do you have what it takes to compete?  If you love horses and have a talent for getting them started then we are interested in talking with you! We would love to have a local horseman from each area come out to participate in the CFR!  Please fill out the entry form then call for an appointment - to be considered for the challenge.


For the complete No Dust Tour and CFR schedule go to:

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phone: (800)732-8220

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