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State Ambassadors Needed
SUMMER 2011 Reis Ranch School of...Universal Horsemanship...

To the Friends of Reis Ranch:

Hi All,

It has been awhile since I have written - Dennis and I have been incredibly busy working at home in California and preparing for our 2011 tour. I am writing to you today from Tulsa, Ok our 3rd stop of this year's tour. We had large crowds showing up in New Mexico, Missouri and Oklahoma. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and new ones too! Each stop feels like a family reunion .... and  we look forward seeing all of you again as the tour moves down the road. Please come out and see us in Fayetteville, AR this weekend! Bring your friends and family- tickets are freeYou can register on our home page at


State Ambassadors Needed

I need your help please. I still do not have State Ambassadors for the following locations:

 Andalusia, Alabama -   Scottsdale, Arizona

WE need State Ambassadors for each No Dust Tour Location! Each Ambassador will earn $500.00 in store credit. Our goal is to place Flyers and Free passes in 100 outlets within a 60 mile radius of each No Dust Tour stop. Check it all out at then give me call!


Do your summer plans include your horse?

SUMMER 2011 Reis Ranch School of Universal Horsemanship

May 27th through July 11th, 2011


You may sign up for 1 day or all 7 sessions. Here is how it works. There are two dates that you may enter into the classes. Sign up to start on May 27th everyone starts out together on day one and may stay as many days as they choose. Ride 1 day or all 7 sessions.

Or Start on June 24th and ride for 1 session or 3 more.

Dates: May 27th through July 11th: 1 Week to 7 Week Educational Sessions. These are 4 day (40 hour) weeks. Class days are Friday- Saturday- Sunday - Monday with Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday off.

May 27th - First start date to participate for 1 week or up to  7 weeks
Week One - May 27-28-29-30
Week Two - June 3-4-5-6
Week Three - June 10-11-12-13
Week Four - January June 17-18-19-20
June 24th - Second start date to participate for 1 to 3 weeks
(And students that started on May 27th may continue on and stay for 1 or 3 more weeks)
Week Five - June 24-25-26-27
Week Six - July 1-2-3-4
Week Seven - July 8-9-10-11



Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

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