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February 2011 Universal Horsemanship a Natural Way

To the Friends of Reis Ranch:


Dennis and I want to know about you and your horse!

So we are offering the opportunity for  you to send us your "Personal Profile" so we can get to know you and more importantly help and support you on your horsemanship journey.

Step one:Click Here to fill out and submit your Personal Profile online.

 (All information will be kept private and confidential)

Step two: Call Reis Ranch at 800-732-8200 to make an appointment to talk to

Dennis and me personally.

This service is free and carries no obligations. WE are here to answer your questions, help you solve problems and help you make the right decisions on your educational path utilizing the techniques of Universal Horsemanship a Natural Way!

Reis Ranch Saturday Night Problem Solving Seminar

Come Join us Saturday evenings at Reis Ranch

6pm to 9pm

January 22  - January 29 - February 5 - February 12 -February 19

We all want to learn more about how to solve problems and better understand horse psychology and behavior. These Saturday nights will be informative - educational and exciting.

Come as our guest for FREE to watch and learn or bring your problem horse or colt to be started.

Go to for info & details.

Would you like Dennis Reis to work with your horse personally?
Do you have a young horse that you would like to have started?
Do you have a horse that bucks, kicks, rears, bites,
can't catch, can't saddle, can't bridle or load in a trailer?
Does your horse have no forward motion or he runs off with you?

Every Saturday Night Dennis will be working with a young horse or a horse with severe behavior issues.   Cost for Dennis to work with your horse is $250.00 for the evening or purchase the Mentor Series 4 Course Package and Dennis will work with your horse for FREE! There is only space for 1 horse each night. This is an incredible opportunity for you to have your horse developed with Master Horseman Dennis Reis.  Using the techniques of Universal Horsemanship in a natural way Dennis will get your horse started on the ground -In round pen and ground school work , help your young horse experience his very first saddling and ride or work with your horse to over come any behavioral issue you may be experiencing.


February 2011 Universal Horsemanship a Natural Way

Reis Ranch, Penngrove CA
February 4th through February 21st  2011
From beach rides to cow working, ranch roping & colt starting. Problem solving - such as: bucking, rearing, kicking, biting, hard to catch, trailer loading, bridling & standing still. Enjoy morning walks & yoga. Guest speakers on horse shoeing, saddle fit, horse massage, nutrition & health. On days off explore San Francisco, winery tours and the giant redwoods of the north coast.

Space is limited - call now 800-732-8220

WE are excited about all that 2011 holds. Please come out and see us!



Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too!   


Contact Information
phone: (800)732-8220