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To the Friends of Reis Ranch,


Hi All,

I feel like I have been on a travel Merry-Go-Round! We finished in Lincoln, NE Tuesday at 5pm - drove 1 hour to Omaha, NE got on a plane at 8pm got into San Francisco at midnight - an hour drive home to the ranch - up at 6am worked at the ranch all day - two conference calls and in bed by 11pm  - up at 5:15 am back on a plane  - landed in Omaha at 5pm back to Lincoln - picked up the horses and drove 318 miles to Waterloo, IA arriving at 2am last night  - whew....we made it!  Come join us this weekend for our No Dust Tour 2010 Colt Starting Challenge.  For the complete results of all the challenge standings go to and check out the scores!

Cattle Congress - Waterloo, IA

Aug 27-28-29    10 am to 5pm daily


We are gearing up for our : Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour 2010 Horsemanship World Finals ands Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour 2010 Colt Starting World Finals. We will be handing out beautiful custom buckles for 3 title championships.  From course 1 to Course 4 - any level in our system can win the world title!! The top ten students of our Mentor Series Home Study program will qualify to come to Oklahoma. There will be 2 buckles awarded:

Buckle No. 1:

Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour 2010 Horsemanship World Champion - will be awarded to the student with the most points earned this year including points earned that weekend in Claremore.

Buckle No. 2:

Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour 2010 Horsemanship World Finals Champion - The top ten student  points will start at zero for the Claremore challenge and this buckle  will be awarded to the student that wins the challenge held in Claremore.

The top three Colt Starting Horseman will qualify to come to Oklahoma and one buckle will be awarded. Dennis will be competing along with the other three horsemen; however his points will not count towards the World Finals Championship Title and buckle

Buckle No. 3: Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour 2010 Colt Starting World Finals Champion - will be awarded to the Colt Starting Horseman

that wins the competition in Claremore, OK


BOOK YOUR AIRFARE NOW! October 29- 30-31 2010

and join our year end finals in Claremore Expo Center, Claremore, OK

(We will have a host hotel available next week.)

Friday 10/29  - 10am to 5 pm - Universal Horsemanship Mounted and Mounted Refined Competition.

Saturday 10/30 - 10am to 5pm  - Universal Horsemanship Ground School competition.  Fun - Exciting demonstrations by Dennis & Deborah Reis

Round 1 - Of the Universal Horsemanship Colt Starting Competition.

Saturday 6pm - The No Dust Halloween Ball & BBQ -music & prizes!

Sunday 10/31 - 10am to 5pm ­ - Universal Horsemanship Round Pen competition

Round 2 & Round 3 Of the Universal Horsemanship Colt Starting Competition

And Buckle Award Ceremony!

****Registration for weekend and No Dust Halloween Ball for Club members starts next week!



It can happen as Dennis Reis Presents:


No Dust Club Members will have their horses started for FREE! Non-members pay $200.00 Submit your horse today- for the World Colt Starting Challenge we need horses for all tour stops!     

Click here:



Club Members receive a 25% discount off clinic prices.

 Not a Member ? We have a fantastic huge savings for you too!

Would you like to ride with Dennis Reis?  Well now you can!

Following all of the 3 day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) "No Dust Tour" stops there will be a 2 day hands-on clinic with Dennis on Monday & Tuesday. Bring your horse

And spend two full days immersed in universal Horsemanship! Dennis will work with you and your horse at your own pace and skill level.

This is a unique opportunity to advance your skills in the Mentor Series Home Study program.  We have a special offer for those of you that have yet to purchase the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

v  Want to audit a 2 day clinic? Become a No Dust Club member and you can come watch the hands-on clinic for FREE! or pay $25.00 per person per day to audit.     Call for information 800-732-8220



Hey - all of you No Dust Club members - take advantage of the new member discounts available when you sign up for a Reis Ranch Clinic -

NO Dust Club Members can sign up for 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks and receive 25% off.    50% off for No Dust Club Members when two people sign up for 4 consecutive weeks.

Dennis Reis Presents: The Reis Ranch School of Universal Horsemanship Levels Program

This clinic is a Universal Horsemanship Levels program, meaning you will move through the Mentor Series Home Study Freedom Course 1, Awareness Course 2, Movement Course 3, and the Horseman's Course 4 all at your own pace. Dennis will instruct each student at their current course level. Students will progress into the new course levels at their own pace, and returning students will enjoy a price discount on their continuing education when they sign up for 4 consecutive weeks.

You may sign up for 1 to 4 weeks but may not enter into the class schedule in the middle of any session. Everyone starts together on November 6th and may continue for as long as they like.

Dates :November 6th through November 29th: 1 Week to 4 Week Educational Sessions. These are 4 day weeks. Class days are Friday- Saturday- Sunday - Monday

                                                                     With Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday off.

Week one - November 6-7-8-9      (please note the first session starts on Saturday)

Week Two - November 12-13-14-15

Week Three - November 19-20-21-22

Week Four - November 26-27-28-29

Deposit Requirements: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space.

Board Includes: Stall -or Pen Feed twice a day - Shavings - cleaned

Lodging- Call for available lodging

Prerequisites: You must own all four of the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

You must be able to trot on your horse. No Stud horses allowed.


Check out the details below and call me right away to reserve your space! This is a one of a kind opportunity! Bring your family member or bring a friend and enjoy together an incredibly fun and educational experience at Reis Ranch!  Reis Ranch is amidst the beautiful wine country of the Sonoma / Napa Valleys. Wineries can be found in any direction.  San Francisco is a short, easy 1 hour drive south on Hwy 101. The beautiful giant redwoods are just 20 minutes north. The scenic north coast beaches are just 30 minutes west. Come join us! Enrollments now open for November 2010. Call for details or to reserve your space.  800-732-8220

Join The "No Dust Club" Today!

$20/ Month or $200/ year and receive 25% off your

Mentor Series Home Study Courses and FREE financing!




Dennis Reis No Dust Tour Ambassador Program:

Choose what level suits your passion and time schedule for 2011!

State Ambassador  *  City Ambassador  *  Online Ambassador

To learn more about our Nationwide ambassador program & how to earn store credit

just go to:


I need a State Ambassador for our Big Event in Oklahoma!!!

Please call if you are available to participate!



Our goal is to place posters and 1 day free passes (postcards) in 200 outlets within a 60 mile radius of each No Dust Tour stop.

here is what is expected of a "State Ambassador"

1. To place at least 1 poster and 100 postcards in 200 different locations.

2. To work a minimum of 50 hours  - willing to go to 40 outlets a day for 5 days at least 1 month prior to event date.

3.  To fill out the provided form recording the name of the store, business, group - the address - phone number and contact person where posters and cards have been placed .

4.  All of the free passes  will have a special code number assigned exclusively to you.

In exchange you will receive $1000.00 in store credit to be used for:

 No Dust Club membership * Gold membership *Home Study Courses

2 day hands-on clinics with Dennis Reis  * Clinics held at Reis Ranch

You will also receive $1.00 in store credit for every postcard that comes through the tour stop gate with you special code written on it.


Check out the other Ambassador opportunities at:


DON'T MISS US ON RFD TV - Mondays and Sundays

What' on & when?

Sunday 8/29/10 10am pacific

No Dust World Colt Starting Challenge - Kalispell, MT

Part 2 of a 3 part series: Round 1 - competing in round pen, ground school, mounted & mounted refined - Dennis Reis, Warrick Bergroth & Evan Bonner

Monday 8/30/10 9am & 7pm pacific & Sunday 9/5/10

No Dust World Colt Starting Challenge - Kalispell, MT

Part 3 of a 3 part series: Round 1 - competing in round pen, ground school, mounted & mounted refined - Dennis Reis, Warrick Bergroth & Evan Bonner



Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too! Find us on Facebook
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