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To the Friends of Reis Ranch,


Hi All,

The No Dust Colt Starting Challenge continues with Dennis and Warrick Bergroth

competing at their very best! Dennis & Warrick drew for their horses and the challenge began  with each horse exhibiting their own unique personalities!  

Neither horse had ever been saddled or ridden.

Dennis drew the 2 year old half Quarter/Arab gelding and Warrick the 6 year old quarter horse mare. Dennis's horse was small but full of high energy, pushy, fearful and wanting to escape from the round pen. Warricks' horse was big, stubborn, did not want to go forward but did want to buck!  In the spirit of excellent horsemanship and education Dennis took a time-out to coach Warrick during a difficult moment to help his horse overcome it's need to buck. These challenges are a testimony that the Mentor Series Home Study program really works! Both horsemen did a fantastic job with their horses following the course program perfectly and the proof came on Sunday in the third round...After successfully maneuvering the obstacle course both Dennis and Warrick wowed the crowd - Dennis raced his horse at top speed carrying the American flag and Warrick rode his mare, cantering while carrying a full size blue tarp.  This No Dust Tour is the most exciting, entertaining and educational horsemanship program we have ever had!  Tell your friends and come experience the best in horsemanship!

For more information about Warrick Bergroth and all of our very talented instructors go to


You do not want to miss the next Colt Starting Challenge

at a tour stop coming to your area!

Come see us this weekend:

Tacoma Unit - Spanaway, WA July30-31-Aug-1   10 am to 5pm daily




It can happen as Dennis Reis Presents:


No Dust Club Members will have their horses started for FREE! Non-members pay $200.00 Submit your horse today- for the World Colt Starting Challenge we need horses for all tour stops!     Click here:



Club Members receive a 25% discount off clinic prices.

 Not a Member ? We have a fantastic huge savings for you too!

Would you like to ride with Dennis Reis?  Well now you can!

Following all of the 3 day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) "No Dust Tour" stops there will be a 2 day hands-on clinic with Dennis on Monday & Tuesday. Bring your horse

And spend two full days immersed in universal Horsemanship! Dennis will work with you and your horse at your own pace and skill level.

This is a unique opportunity to advance your skills in the Mentor Series Home Study program.  We have a special offer for those of you that have yet to purchase the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

v  Want to audit a 2 day clinic? Become a No Dust Club member and you can come watch the hands-on clinic for FREE! or pay $25.00 per person per day to audit.     Call for information 800-732-8220


Join The "No Dust Club" Today!

$20/ Month or $200/ year and receive 25% off your

Mentor Series Home Study Courses and FREE financing!



We continue to add more benefits to our No Dust Club! If you have been thinking

About purchasing the Mentor Series Home Study Program but coming up with

With the whole amount all at once is to difficult right now - these payment plans are for you!  The Premier package gets you our entire Home Study Program:

4 complete Courses- with 16 class's total. Over Thirteen hours of Dennis Reis teaching each and every task on DVD, 4 separate complete works books, 4 sets of study cards, a hand tied rope halter with 12' lead  and horseman's string made at Reis Ranch and two Horseman training sticks designed by Dennis. This is not a basic how-to video. This program is extensive and complete. If you are starting a young horse it would take you at least a year to year and half to complete!


Premier Package   nonmember price $996.58 Club member price            $747.43 SAVE $249.00     Enjoy free financing: Put $147.43 down and 4 payments of $150.00

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Dennis Reis No Dust Tour Ambassador Program:

Choose what level suits your passion and time schedule

State Ambassador  *  City Ambassador  *  Online Ambassador

To learn more about our Nationwide ambassador program & how to earn store credit

just go to:


I am in need for State Ambassadors for the following states:

Pennsylvania - Ohio - Michigan - Illinois - Arizona - Oklahoma

 Please call me ASAP!



Our goal is to place posters and 1 day free passes (postcards) in 200 outlets within a 60 mile radius of each No Dust Tour stop.

here is what is expected of a "State Ambassador"

1. To place at least 1 poster and 100 postcards in 200 different locations.

2. To work a minimum of 50 hours  - willing to go to 40 outlets a day for 5 days at least 1 month prior to event date.

3.  To fill out the provided form recording the name of the store, business, group - the address - phone number and contact person where posters and cards have been placed .

4.  All of the free passes  will have a special code number assigned exclusively to you.

In exchange you will receive $1000.00 in store credit to be used for:

 No Dust Club membership * Gold membership *Home Study Courses

2 day hands-on clinics with Dennis Reis  * Clinics held at Reis Ranch

You will also receive $1.00 in store credit for every postcard that comes through the tour stop gate with you special code written on it.


Check out the other Ambassador opportunities at:


DON'T MISS US ON RFD TV - Mondays and Sundays

What' on & when?

8/1/10 Sunday 10am pacific

Reis Ranch Clinic 2009 - Dennis works with student Shelly Kerr to help her to teach her horse to mount from the fence.

8/2/10 Monday 9am & 7pm pacific and Sunday 8/8/10 10am pacific

No Dust Tour 2009- Arizona - Mustang mare restart - part 1 of 2


Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too! Find us on Facebook
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