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To the Friends of Reis Ranch,


Hi All,

Just wanting to wish all of you a very Happy 4th of July!

And please take advantage of the early bird special we are offering all of you!

Also I need horses for Dennis to work at our event that is happening at the ranch on July 16-17 & 18. If you live in California and want Dennis to work with your problem horse or start your colt - or take your started horse to a new level:

go to the  Tour  drop down and fill out the submit your horse form asap! We are offering an incredible incentive program available to everyone! We are looking for enthusiastic horse lovers to become ambassadors for Dennis Reis and the "No Dust Tour 2010".


Submit your horse today- need horses for July 16-17-18 at Reis Ranch

or any tour stop!




Club Members -Sign up and pay no later than July 5th and ride with Dennis  in any 2 day clinic this year or next year for half price!!!

Not a Member ? We have a fantastic huge savings for you too!

Would you like to ride with Dennis Reis?  Well now you can!

Following all of the 3 day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) "No Dust Tour" stops there will be a 2 day hands-on clinic with Dennis on Monday & Tuesday. Bring your horse

And spend two full days immersed in universal Horsemanship! Dennis will work with you and your horse at your own pace and skill level.

         Evaluate and solve problems

         Learn safety techniques

         Build confidence

         Take your round pen, ground school and mounted work to new heights of excellence!

         Create a bond with your horse that you never thought possible.

It is amazing how far you can come in only 2 days with the one on one attention from Dennis. These are not endorsement days. This is a unique opportunity to advance your skills in the Mentor Series Home Study program.  We have a special offer for those of you that have yet to purchase the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

v  Want to audit a 2 day clinic? Become a No Dust Club member and you can come watch the hands-on clinic for FREE! or pay $25.00 per person per day to audit.     Call for information 800-732-8220


Dennis Reis No Dust Tour Ambassador Program:

Choose what level suits your passion and time schedule

State Ambassador

City Ambassador

Online Ambassador



Our goal is to place posters and 1 day free passes(postcards) in 200 outlets within a 60 mile radius of  each No Dust Tour stop.

here is what is expected of a "State Ambassador"

1. To place at least 1 poster and 100 postcards in 200 different locations.

2. To work a minimum of 50 hours  - willing to go to 40 outlets a day for 5 days at least 1 month prior to event date.

3.  To fill out the provided form recording the name of the store, business, group - the address - phone number and contact person where posters and cards have been placed .

4. To write your special code on every postcard so you may receive your store credit.

In exchange you will receive $1000.00 in store credit to be used for:

 No Dust Club membership * Gold membership *Home Study Courses

2 day hands-on clinics with Dennis Reis  * Clinics held at Reis Ranch

You will also receive $1.00 in store credit for every postcard that comes through the tour stop gate with you special code written on it. 


click here for details:

You may not have allot of time but still want to get the word out about Dennis & Deborah coming to town. Maybe you belong to a riding group or 4H and you could put posters and passes in your local feed & tack shop.  Here is how it works:

         Free passes come in bundles of 200.

         You may order as many passes as you like in increments of 200 (example 200 or 400 or 1000 etc...)

         Each bundle has a number on it.

         The numbers on each bundle will be assigned exclusively to you.

         You will earn $1.00 in credit for every one of the free passes that has your assigned number on it that comes through the gate at a tour stop.

         The credit can be used for the following:

          *purchase of Mentor Series Home Study Courses

            *2 day clinics on the road         *clinics at Reis Ranch

                   *and future No Dust Club Membership fees

Here is how to order posters and passes:

Call Reis Ranch at 800-732-8220

         You will be sent as many posters as you like

         You will be sent as many bundles of 1 day free passes as you like

                             (These passes are good for 1 day - Saturday for Free)

Please join the No Dust family! We look forward to hearing from you soon!



If you live to far away from a tour stop to put up posters and passes but still want to earn store credit become an Online Ambassador

Here's how it works:

Go to our website at

1. Fill in and submit the "Online Ambassador" form . and receive your own

  number code.
2. You will receive a printable 1 Day Free pass with your special number code .      

3. Email  the printable pass to anyone anywhere across the country. You can look up all of the horse associations, breed associations, riding clubs, 4H , boarding stables, all of the tour stop areas and e-mail them your printable pass with your code number on it - Encouraging them to come to our great event - just print the pass and present at the door! You might live in New York but if you send a pass to a 4H group in Oregon and they come with your number on it - You get credit!
3. For every one of the printable passes that comes through the gate at
     any No Dust Tour stop you will receive $1.00 in store credit.
4. Store credit may be applied to Mentor Series Home Study Courses,
     No Dust Club memberships, Gold Memberships and hands-on clinics

     with Dennis Reis.

(These passes are good for 1 day - Saturday for Free)


DON'T MISS US ON RFD TV - Mondays and Sundays

What' on & when?

7/4/10 Sunday 10am pacific

Dennis & Deborah tour the Featherlite plant in Cresco , IA. Follow along and see the nuts & bolts of how a Featherlite trailer is built from beginning to end!

7/5/10Monday 9am & 7pm pacific & 7/11/10 Sunday at 10am pacific

Dennis & Deborah Reis and their June students ride on the beautiful Northern California beach - Witness Deborah Reis doing ground school and liberty and riding bridleless in the ocean surf! 

Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too! Find us on Facebook
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