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Hi All,

I am writing to you from home! I left the Kentucky blue grass behind for the golden hills of California! How wonderful it was to wake to the sound of the wind in the eucalyptus this morning and see Rocky, Medium & Large grazing in their pastures. Dennis and the crew are still on the road and will be arriving home just in time for the Reis Ranch clinic that starts on Saturday!  There is still space available so come out and ride for 1 week or all four. Call me personally so I can answer questions! We had a great time in Lexington but there is nothing like Home Sweet Home!



We are offering an incredible incentive program available to everyone! We are looking for enthusiastic horse lovers to become ambassadors for Dennis Reis and the "No Dust Tour 2010".  If you would like to put up posters and hand out FREE 1 day passes for our "No Dust Tour 2010" YOU CAN EARN STORE CREDIT!!!

Here is how it works:

         Free passes come in bundles of 200.

         You may order as many passes as you like in increments of 200 (example 200 or 400 or 1000 etc...)

         Each bundle has a number on it.

         The numbers on each bundle will be assigned exclusively to you.

         You will earn $1.00 in credit for every one of the free passes that has your assigned number on it that comes through the gate at a tour stop.

         The credit can be used for the following:

          *purchase of Mentor Series Home Study Courses

            *2 day clinics on the road         *clinics at Reis Ranch

                   *and future No Dust Club Membership fees

Here is how to order posters and passes:

         Call Reis Ranch at 800-731-8220

         You will be sent as many posters as you like

         You will be sent as many bundles of 1 day free passes as you like

                             (These passes are good for 1 day - Saturday for Free)

Please join the No Dust family! We look forward to hearing from you soon!




Would you like to ride with Dennis Reis?  Well now you can!

Following all of the 3 day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) "No Dust Tour" stops there will be a 2 day hands-on clinic with Dennis on Monday & Tuesday. Bring your horse

And spend two full days immersed in Universal Horsemanship! Dennis will work with you and your horse at your own pace and skill level.

         Evaluate and solve problems

         Learn safety techniques

         Build confidence

         Take your round pen, ground school and mounted work to new heights of excellence!

         Create a bond with your horse that you never thought possible.

It is amazing how far you can come in only 2 days with the one on one attention from Dennis. These are not endorsement days. This is a unique opportunity to advance your skills in the Mentor Series Home Study program.  No Dust Club members receive 25% off and we have a special offer for those of you that have yet to purchase the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

v  Want to audit a 2 day clinic? Become a No Dust Club member and you can come watch the hands-on clinic for FREE! or pay $25.00 per person per day to audit.

 Space is limited and filling up fast * Call for information 800-732-8220


1. Are there any prerequisites to attending a hands-on clinic? Yes -You must own all four of           the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

2. I bought my Mentor Series Home Study Course from a friend can I still participate?

            No.  Courses must be purchased from Reis Ranch.

3. Do I have to bring my own horse or are there horses available?   You must bring your

            own horse.

4. Can I b ring a stud horse? NO - we are sorry no stud horses allowed.

5. Can I come and ride for only 1 day? NO - It is required to attend both days.

6.  If I cannot bring my horse can I come and audit? Yes! No Dust Club members can audit            for free or you can pay $25.00 per day to audit.

7. If I purchase a 3 day pass for the No Dust Tour stop does that include coming to the 2 day hands on clinic that may follow the tour stop? NO - auditing 2 day hands-on clinics is a separate auditing fee and NDC members can audit for free.

8. Are there discounts on the clinic cost for NDC members? YES! NDC members get 25%             off the clinic cost.

9. How can I get a discount to come to a clinic if I don't have the No Dust Club membership or the Mentor Series Home Study Courses? Call the ranch today for a HUGE DISCOUNT SPECIAL ***800-732-8220




June 30 & July 1         Lexington, KY

July 26-27                   Albany, OR

Aug 2-3                       Spanaway, WA

Aug 9-10                     Kalispell, MT  

Aug 16-17                   Fort Collins, CO

Aug 23-24                   Lincoln, NE

Aug 30-31                   Waterloo, IA

Sept 6-7                      Cloverdale, IN

Sept 13-14                  Harrisburg, PA

Sept 20-21                  Columbus, OH

Sept 27-28                  Corunna, MI

Oct 4-5                        Springfield, IL

Oct 11-12                    Cookeville, TN 

Oct 18-19                    Valley Center, KS

Oct 25-26                    Prescott Valley, AZ




It occurred to me that many of you may never have come to a No Dust Tour stop and would  

like to know what happens!!! So here ya go!

1. What happens on Friday at a tour stop? Friday's are full of fun & education! This is a No Dust Challenge day for students who have paid a Gold tuition to come and be tested by Dennis and earn endorsements in the Mentor Series Home Study program. Friday is also an exciting challenge day for the students where they will show off their skills and incredible relationships they have with their horses!

2.How can I come and ride with Dennis on Friday? If you own all four of the Mentor Series Home Study Courses and purchase a Gold Tuition you can come to be endorsed and participate in the No Dust Challenge on Friday! We offer special discounts to NDC members

3. If I am a No Dust Club member can I come and watch for free? Yes! No Dust Club members have season passes that are good for all No Dust Tour stops and clinics across the U.S. A.

4.  What if I am not a NO Dust Club member can I watch on Friday? Yes! It is $25.00 for

a 3 day pass which would include Friday - Saturday and Sunday.

5. When I purchase a 3 day pass does that include coming to the 2 day hands on clinic that may follow the tour stop?NO - auditing 2 day hands-on clinics is a separate auditing fee.

6. What if I can only come one day . Do I have to pay for a 3 day pass? NO - you can come for 1 day only, Saturday only for FREE!

7. What happens on Saturday & Sunday? Prepare yourself for two motivational and educational days! Dennis will be working with local problems horses - dealing with issues such as trailer loading - bucking - flagging out- can't catch and hard to bridle. He may start a colt and take him on his very first ride. Dennis & I will have our own personal horses along and will be demonstrating techniques from the round pen to performance work. Dennis will share his love and knowledge of the California Reinsman and Vaquero traditions -demonstrating the levels of training and the tools used to produce a soft, willing equine partner. We will take many breaks to sit down and talk with the crowd personally and answer your equine questions.  This 3 day experience is a chance to meet Dennis & Deborah Reis on a more personal level and share together our horsemanship journeys.

8. How do I get Dennis to work with my problem horse or colt at a tour stop? Dennis will pick the horses he will work with on Saturday & Sunday from his students horses that are participating on Friday. To read the prerequisites and submit your horse online go to




"NO DUST" TOUR                                                                 

July 16-17-18               Penngrove, CA          

July 23-24-25               Albany, OR                

July 30-31 Aug 1         Spanaway, WA         

Aug 6-7-8                     Kalispell, MT                 

Aug 13-14-15              Fort Collins, CO        

Aug 20-21-22              Lincoln, NE                

Aug 27-28-29              Waterloo, IA               

Sept 3-4-5                   Cloverdale, IN            

Sept 10-11-12             Harrisburg, PA           

Sept 17-18-19             Columbus, OH           

Sept 24-25-26             Corunna, MI               

Oct 1-2-3                      Springfield, IL                           

Oct 8-9-10                   Cookeville, TN                        

Oct 15-16-17               Valley Center, KS      

Oct 22-23-24               Prescott Valley, AZ    

Oct 29-30-31               Claremore, OK           



Q:  My horse is fat, eats too much feed and is hyper at times.  What is the best supplement I can use to help overcome these conditions?

A:  MetaLibrium/TheraCalm is a unique formulation developed by leading SportForce nutritionists is the best metabolic supplement on the market today. This product will help alleviate these conditions when included in their daily diet.


What's New this Week

  Become an ambassador for Reis Ranch and earn credit towards selected purchases

  2 day hands-on clinics  will be held all across the U.S. with Dennis

  You can now find us on Face book! Find us on Facebook

  Dennis & Deborah in Lexington, KY - June 12 & 13th

  No Dust Club members get even more - added to the already abundant discounts you will now get 25% off the 2 day clinics as well.

  No Dust Problem Solving Tip of the week on the No Dust Club page. Watch the "Tip of the Week": part 2 of a series: Dennis works with a wild Mustang off the BLM. Hard to catch and cannot bridle, To see this video in its entirety log on to the members only area or Click here to join

  The new video is up on the member's only website Part 2 of a series :Filmed in Springfield, MO Dennis works with student Brenda Clardy's mustang she bought from the BLM. This horse was very difficult to catch and in all the horses I have seen Dennis work with this one was the most difficult to help overcome the fear of a halter or someone touching it's head.  If you are not already a No Dust Problem Solving Support Member you are going to want to join today! - click below to join!



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What' on & when?

6/14/10 Highlights from the No Dust Tour 2010 in Fort worth, TX

Part 1 of 2 Dennis works with student Joanne Peppers horse. This mare had been a therapeutic riding horse for children. It did fine with kids but would not go forward, offered to buck and run the adult over!

6/21/10 Highlights from the No Dust Tour 2010 in Fort worth, TX

Part 2 of 2 Dennis works with student Joanne Peppers horse. This mare had been a therapeutic riding horse for children. It did fine with kids but would not go forward, offered to buck and run the adult over!

Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too! Find us on Facebook
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