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To the Friends of Reis Ranch,


Hi All,

I am writing to you from Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather is hot about 98 degrees

right now but no humidity- It's very dry here! The newest member of our staff Josh Titus

(who fares from Missouri) commented that "he had never seen houses with yards decorated with rocks. No Grass, No Green Just Rocks!"  Welcome to the desert...

plenty of cactus, tumbleweed and yes - rocks - but there is No Dust at West World this weekend! Please come out and see us.



I am looking for horses for Dennis to work at Lexington, VA June 5 & 6 and Lexington, KY

June 12 & 13. He needs two horses for each event. He would prefer to work with two problem horses or one problem horse and one horse that could be brought to a new performance level. (No Colt starts for these venues) The horse and the horses' owner must be there for both days. You must be willing to sign a media release allowing us to use any & all photos and video of your horse and there is a fee of $200.00.  Please go to our website at click on TOUR then click on PROBLEM HORSES fill out the questionnaire and I will call you for an interview if it looks like your horse will work.  If you do not own the Mentor Series Home Study courses I am going to encourage you to purchase it. Dennis is going to do an amazing job at helping all of these horses and if you know and understand the techniques he will be using you can maintain and continue the process when you get your horse back home! We have some incredible opportunities for purchasing our courses right now... If you are a club member you get 25% off that is $247.00 saving on the Premiere package alone - for info and purchase  go to



Drive and set up/tear down for the National NO Dust Tour.

Do not apply unless you have a CDL and a clean driving record and able to lift panels and build product display - $20.00 per hour - 32 min hours per week.  Must be willing to travel immediately and live in 2003 Peterbilt Truck. We are leaving Scottsdale, AZ for Amarillo, Texas on Monday 5/24      e-mail resume to




We have made it our goal to make the No Dust Club the very best it can be. We are excited to announce some very special changes. If you are already a member you are going to love it and if you are not you are going to want to join today!

For only $20.00 per month you will receive:

         25% off mentor Series Home Study Courses

         A new training DVD every month

         Every week a new lesson online.

         Online video library from 2006 to 2010

         25% off all clinics at Reis Ranch

         50% off two people at a 4 week clinic

         15% off all horse handling equipment

         25% OFF Gold member tuition

         Help and support from Reis Ranch instructors

         Online discussion forum  with No Dust Members

(these discounts cannot be combined with other promotions)

No one else offers the same value and support like we do!

CALL NOW TO JOIN 800-732-8220


SportForce Question Corner:Product Feature-HoofStim

 Question: Will HoofStim eliminate cracked hoofs?

 Answer:  HoofStim has a balanced formula that will improve the quality of the hoof wall, sole and horn. The product has nutrients that are lacking in normal hoof growth that cause most problems. Please contact our new sponsor SportForce  Go to and and find out more about our new sponsor and the SportForce product line.



  Incredible discounts now available for No Dust Club members.

25% off Mentor Series Courses, 25 to 50% off Reis Ranch Clinics, 15% off equipment, 25% off Gold Tuition

    No Dust Problem Solving Tip of the week on the No Dust Club page.www.reisranch.comWatch the "Tip of the Week":  Dennis works with a mustang mare that is fearful around other horses and prone to kick when in a herd.  To see this video in it's entirety log on to the members only area  or Click here to join


  The new video is up on the member's only website filmed in Sulphur, Louisiana

Dennis works with student Brenda Clardy's mustang. Brenda has been having difficulty with this mare in a herd environment. She would kick out at other horses and very disrespectful on the ground.  If you are not already a No Dust Problem Solving Support Member you are going to want to join today! - click below to join!


  Top Ten Students of the No Dust World Challenge- go to the home page and click on top ten standings to check out who made it into the top ten this week!



Where: West World, Scottsdale, Arizona

When :  May 21-22-23 Starts 10am  Ends 5pm each day

What:   Friday - Student qualifying rounds - Instruction & endorsements

 Saturday - Sunday - Horsemanship challenge competition and Educational Seminar with

Dennis & Deborah Reis sharing their love and knowledge of horses!

Purchase a 3 day pass for only $25.00 and spend 3 days with Dennis and Deborah or for a One day Free Pass (Saturday only) go to our website and print out the pass and present at the door. For our complete tour schedule go to



Hey - all of you No Dust Club members - take advantage of the new member discounts available when you sign up for a Reis Ranch Clinic - 25% off for No Dust Club Members. 50% off two people for No Dust Club Members when you sign up for a 4 week clinic.

Dennis Reis Presents: The Reis Ranch School of Universal Horsemanship Levels Program

This clinic is a Universal Horsemanship Levels program, meaning you will move through the Mentor Series Home Study Freedom Course 1, Awareness Course 2, Movement Course 3, and the Horseman's Course 4 all at your own pace. Dennis will instruct each student at their current course level. Students will progress into the new course levels at their own pace, and returning students will enjoy a price discount on their continuing education.


You may sign up for 1 to 4 weeks but may not enter into the class schedule in the middle of any session. Everyone starts together on June 18th and may continue for as long as they like.

Dates: June 18th through July 12th : 1 Week to 4 Week Educational Sessions. The Class days are Friday- Saturday- Sunday - Monday with Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday off.

Week one - June 18-19-20-21

Week Two - June 25-26-27-28

Week Three - July 2-3-4-5

Week Four - July 9-10-11-12

TUITION COST - 25% off for No Dust Club Members. 50% off two people for No Dust Club Members when you sign up for a 4 week clinic. Bring your family member or bring a friend and enjoy together an incredibly fun and educational experience at Reis Ranch!

 Once a student has completed 1 four-week block, Tuition at the Reis Ranch School of Universal Horsemanship is half price.

Deposit Requirements: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space.

Board Cost Includes: Stall - Feed twice a day - Shavings - Stall cleaned

PEN Cost Includes: OutdoorPen- Feed twice a day

Lodging- Call for available lodging

Prerequisites: You must own all four of the Mentor Series Home Study Courses.

You must be able to trot on your horse. No Stud horses allowed.

Come join us! Enrollments now open for 2010. Call for details or to reserve your space.  800-732-8220



What' on & when? 

5/17/10 - Highlights from the No Dust Tour 2010 in Ocala Florida

Part 1 of 3 Dennis works with a very, very green Palomino mare. She was very fearful in the round pen & very difficult to catch.

5/24/10 - Highlights from the No Dust Tour 2010 in Ocala Florida

Part 2 of 3 Dennis continues his work the very green Palomino mare. Learn the Universal Horsemanship Ground School tasks that make up Dennis' preflight checklist!

6/7/10 - Highlights from the No Dust Tour 2010 in Ocala Florida

Part 2 of 3 Dennis continues his work with the Palomino mare but is riding Brenda Clardy's mustang. Learn the Universal Horsemanship Technique of socializing two horses.


Enjoying the Journey & keepin' the dust down,

Deborah & Dennis  

Small, Beau & Atreyu

  And Hondo too!
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