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November 7, 2009
To the friends of Reis Ranch 
We are finally home! 38 states and over 16000 miles bring the 2009 No Dust Tour to an end. The Trucks and trailers are parked for the winter and our horses are happily out to pasture. Dennis and I are glad to be home and have the opportunity now to look back at what has been a fantastic tour.
Our last stop was Southern California - we had a small but an enthusiastic crowd and we all relished in the perfect California weather!
Dennis surprised the whole crew with a day at Disneyland.  Fun was had by all and several of our crew had never been which made the trip extra sweet. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our No Dust Ambassadors and students
who worked tirelessly to hand out tickets, put up posters, contact media to help
promote the tour and Universal Horsemanship.
Thank you to our sponsors:
Wrangler who put up posters and tickets in their stores
all across the United States. Who provided l Dennis and me and the crew with
Wrangler brand clothing to wear at all of our events.

Featherlite who had dealers and Featherlite Trailers at all of our events and continue
to offer special discounts to our members. You can go to the website right now
and Download and print a coupon for savings and then visit your local Featherlite dealer. Visit for details. 

We still have openings for our 1 month clinic at the ranch.  November 14th through December 12th. Take advantage of being part of a smaller group and spend 24 hands on days with Dennis.  Ride on the beach, have Thanksgiving dinner with Dennis and I and  work through the first three courses of the Mentor Series Dennis guiding you every step of the way.  It is amazing how far the people and horses come in such a short period of time with Dennis's hands on approach.  For details and cost call me at the ranch 800-732-8220.

We are offering special 1 year no interest no fee financing for the Holidays
You can take advantage of this incredible offer when you order a Premier package,
 4 pack or 3 pack. Here's how it works:

Premiere Package
pay $146.58 down (plus shipping) and $77.28 a month for 11 months
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pay $ 116.58 down (plus shipping) and   $70.91 a month for 11 months
3 Pack                   
pay $   85.00 down (plus shipping) and   $63.19 a month for 11 months     
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We have changed the format of our monthly training DVD's. Those of you that are already members and watched the October DVD know what I am talking about.   WE have brought
structure to the content that is being sent to you each month. Each DVD is presented to you in a four week lesson plan with commentary from Dennis and myself on what you will be working on. These DVD's address the pitfalls you will want to avoid when riding and working with our horses on the ground. Watch and learn as Dennis works with Home Study Students and their problem horses as they learn the tasks of the Mentor Series. Each task is identified so those of you that own the courses can get your workbooks out,
 up your game and expand your educational library.  The weekly lessons are posted to the members only website before the DVD arrives at your door. Members can go online right now and watch November's DVD.
Order a Premier Package, 4 pack or 3 pack and receive a 1 year no Dust Problem Solving
Membership for price. That is only $10.00 per month.

To receive the 1 year 0% financing and price membership you must call
Reis Ranch at 800-732-8220 to order.

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