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October has been quite a busy and successful month in USTA and Memphis Tennis.  From Local Combo City Playoffs, to Tri-Level Sectional Championships, Mixed Doubles Sectional Championships, Spring League National Championships, Club tournaments, and finally Combo State Championships...whew, are there really enough days in the month?  And to everyone headed to Chattanooga this weekend for the Combo State Championships, best of luck to you too!  Let's bring home a few more State Titles Memphis!

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November 3-6

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MUS/Hutchison Tennis Complex

Join us for the last open tournament in the 2011 Series. 

Entry Deadline is October 31, 11:59 pm


Super Senior State Champions 

Congratulations to two Memphis teams for winning the Super Senior State Championships in Chattanooga September 23-25.  The teams will compete in the Sectional Championships Dec 2-4 in Hilton Head, SC.


2011 SS champs

Pictured Above:  Paul Fultz's Men's 60's Super Sr. Team


2011 SS 70's champs

Pictured Above:  Peter Schoenster's Men's 70's Super Sr. Team


Way To Go Memphis! 

The Good Old Days Question Mark

To register to play USTA tennis, a Captain had to fill out a sheet with everyone's of birth..USTA number, expiration date of USTA card and give to the MTA secretary:

1)  the completed sheet
2)  copy of everyone's USTA card, both sides of card
3)  USTA team fee which was usually each individual players check, some bounced!
4)  MTA fee which was usually each individual players check, ($15.00 a year) some bounced!
5)  USTA member fee if needed.

Many times info was not complete, checks were missing, so the Captain had to go home and return when all the information was corrrect.

If you had 12 on a team, most of the time each Captain bought in 48 checks,(4 per player because they were going to 4 places) 12 copies of USTA cards, a team sheet with all the information and multiply that times teams....

Nell put all this information in her system, turned it over to the coordinator. the draw was done and mailed to the Captains.

The first Memphis Coordinators were Cookie Cooke , Mike Brannon, Paul Fultz and now Donna Hopgood

When the matches were played they had a deadline to get the score sheets to the MTA office to be recorded that week. If the info was not in the MTA office by the required date, it was not posted on the wall until the next week.

A person volunteered to keep records for each level.
The volunteers went to the MTA office on a selected day each week and filled out a tally sheet, which they pinned on the wall, showing how each team did and what position they were in and the Captains came and looked at the sheets to find the info on their league. This was the only way to see the weekly results. If Nell was in the office she would let you see the score cards from the matches and this was the only way to see who played who.

For a couple of years the players had to be put on the sheet from #1 to # 18 in strength with a number beside their name so if

#1 and #8 =9 played together and
#2 and #7 =9 played together
#3 and #6 =9 played together

#1 and #8 = 9 had to play #1 doubles as #1 was at the top....
#2 and #7 = 9 had to play #2 doubles
#3 and #6 =9 had to play #3 doubles

For those of us who went thru this process and watch it progress to what we have today, we wonder how we survived before email, AOL, text, twitter, Tennis Link!   -- Bev Miller

2012 MTA Directory


If you played in a USTA League during 2011 then you will automatically be included in the 2012 MTA membership directory.


To make sure your contact phone number and email (if desired) is included, please complete the Directory Update Form located on our website.

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USTA Jr. Team Tennis
Jr Team
The Fall USTA Jr. Team Tennis League in Memphis is currently underway.  Team matches are played on Saturday and Sunday over 4 weekends in the fall.  The format is 1 Boys singles, 1 Girls singles, 1 Girls Doubles, and 1 Boys Doubles.  Each match is played best of 2 sets, the first to 4 games wins the set (not winning by 2).
If you would like to learn more about this program please visit our website by clicking here, or contact Tony Cherone: (901) 488-2985 or e-mail


Tennis is an addiction that once it has truly hooked a man will not let him go. ~Russell Lynes


Cathy Russell
Editor, Talkin Tennis 

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