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April 2012 

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Featured Department...Evangelism
Finishing Well...Jerry Nance
Reaching the Bernard Gillott
Singapore Teen Challenge
Featured Department
Bernie & Cathy Gillott
Bernie & Cathy Gillott
  Bernie and Cathy Gillott serve as the Global Evangelism Coordinators and assist Teen Challenge centers around the world with a variety of outreaches, including crusades, street outreaches, and musical events. They are also actively involved in providing training to staff and volunteers on how to conduct effective community outreaches.
Click here for more information on their ministry.

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a list of prayer needs from Teen Challenge ministries around the world. 

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I am writing this from Nairobi, Kenya Africa where the All Africa Teen Challenge Conference is taking place. It is so exciting to be with more than 100 TC leaders who represent 10 nations across Africa.


The crowd consists of many young leaders who are poised to learn and take on the challenge of doing the work of Teen Challenge. It is so rewarding to share the staff training courses with these leaders.


We are teaching the Teen Challenge core values, servant leadership, ministry to the family, mentoring and how to use the TC curriculum and much more. What an exciting time for TC Africa! God is on the move in this region and I am so touched by the faithfulness and self sacrifice of these leaders.


We thank the Lord for all He is doing all over the world through this ministry.  


Finishing Well

Jerry Nance
Jerry Nance

By Jerry Nance PhD, President, Global Teen Challenge      


In John 17:1-19 we have the story of Jesus praying for his disciples as he is preparing to go to the cross. Jesus knew his time was short and he knew he had finished his work on earth. Now his destiny was leading him to death. He had spent 30 years preparing for his 3 years of ministry. Jesus was speaking to the Father about his time of ministry.


You see, Jesus had invested his life in his disciples, his sons. He was leaving the task of changing the world to them as he had imparted all the Father had asked of him. Now it was time to go and he was reflecting on the completion of his work. In verse 4 of John 17, Jesus says, "I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you have given me to do."


Jesus felt the confidence of having finished the work the Father asked of him. He was entrusting his disciples to the Father, knowing that he would soon leave this earth.


Jesus was an excellent role model for us-showing us as leaders to finish well. I pray that each of us will be diligent in fulfilling all God has asked us to do. We each have been given an assignment and we must listen to God and follow His guidance.


Over the years I have seen so many Christian leaders not finish well. They had a touch of God and had been used by God to establish ministries, centers, churches and other outreaches. But something happened along the way that caused them not to finish well. Some have been hurt by those they served, others have faced overwhelming challenges that seemed to destroy their faith. Some began to chase after worldly gain and others just stopped serving the Lord all together.


I must confess it discourages me as I watch senior leaders whom I have looked up to over the years not finish well. May God help each of us as leaders to keep our heart and motives pure, may God help us keep our prayer life on fire and our passion for the word of God alive. We have too many turning away and not finishing well. May God help us truly keep our lives on track as we lead the great work of Teen Challenge.


As a leader I know many are watching my life and I want to finish well. I want to always say follow me as I follow Christ. God help each of us to finish well.


Jerry Nance  


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The Challenge to Reach the World

by Bernard Gillott, Global Global TC Evangelism Coordinator

PR Street Evangelism 

Evangelism has always been at the core of the ministry of Teen Challenge. In each region appointed Regional Representatives identify, strategize, and coordinate evangelistic opportunities. It is one year since the passing of our founder David Wilkerson. His passing has left us with a wealth of challenge and opportunity.


Act 13:3"For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep, and was laid among his fathers . . .


Teen Challenge carries a vision to fan the flame of evangelism in OUR DAY. Our heart is to continue to keep the flames of Holy Ghost fire and evangelism alive.


Cathy talking with childrenJesus final words as he ascended to the Father were, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit... Matt 28:18. I grieve for the consequences if we fail to obey the Lord's command in the strategic closing moments of time. Our vision is not just to do crusades and evangelism, but to empower and equip Centers to do that evangelism. The core truth for Teen Challenge is that evangelism isn't evangelism until the evangelized are evangelists.


In 2004 the United Nations office of drug control report 200 million drug users worldwide. In 2008 that number had escalated to 208,000. Despite optimistic projections in so manychild quarters, that number has continued to grow to 250 million in 2009 and 272 Million by 2010 (Chart page 5). (See document) 

 The UNDOC 2010 "Overview Of Global And Regional Drug Trends And Patterns" reports the abuse of cocaine doubled in the Europe in the last 10 years. Globally we continue to see the rapid escalation of the number of people using amphetamines and stimulants. The UNDOC projects that Amphetamine abuse is soon likely to exceed the number of opiate and cocaine users combined. The challenge to Evangelize is before us, and the opportunity to reach the world is clear.  


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Pastor in dry riverbed


Evangelism engages the needs of the community. In times of drought while it is wonderful to tell of Jesus love, it is also time to pray for rain. In October, when that Lavumisa river should be overflowing its banks, the dry river bed testifies to the extent of the drought. The counsel of the witch doctors frequently results in infants coming up missing. Teen Challenge Centers joined us to pray for a breakthrough and rain. Mariah of Brooklyn Teen Challenge took this picture of the parched bed of the River as Pastor Sabella walks the river bed and calls]ed us to pray for an end of the drought.


 Singapore Teen Challenge reaching Yamah addicts

Singapore Teen ChallengeYAMAH
In Cambodia and Singapore the most abused drugs are Marijuana (Yarsaens) and Meth Amphetamine, once known as YaMah-(literally, "makes you strong like a horse.") Now it is called Bah Mah which means crazy medicine. We saw evidence of the continued escalation of meth amphetamine abuse In the outer court of a Buddhist temple, where the addicts congregate because the police do not enter the holy grounds. 



Warning: Some of the images in the linked documents are very graphic. 

Outreach teams in Puerto Rico take the gospel right to the front lines. Ministry ranged from Puerto Rico Outreachenthusiastic praise and tender worship in church and Teen Challenge, to intense ministry in a filthy "Shooting Gallery" of a drug house. We ministered and filmed the bondage and most  grotesque wounds we've seen in 40 yrs of ministry to addicts. The heroin, cut with ketamine (horse tranquilizer) and was literally eating the flesh from their bodies. The images in the attached video are graphic, but hope is at the end. JOIN US as Rosa gives her life to Jesus Christ. It is a graphic reminder that good news of the gospel that still heals wounds and changes lives as God sets the captive free. From the cross that Jesus carried up Calvary to the promise of RESURRECTION. God is at work.  
To see full report, Click here.



About Global Teen Challenge

The mission of Global Teen Challenge is to assist in the development and implementation of Teen Challenge programs around the world.  Today there are more than 1100 Teen Challenge programs in 91 countries of the world. It is our desire to provide the best and latest tools available in helping individuals with life controlling addictions.  According to the United Nations, more than 200 million people worldwide struggle with drug abuse. Drug users are getting younger and their use is becoming more frequent. Alcohol and drug addictions are plaguing our nations, our cities and invading our homes. We are committed to doing everything we can to reach people around the globe with life controlling problems. For more information on Global Teen Challenge, visit our website at    

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