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October Edition
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   March, April, May and June set records, making 2010 the warmest year worldwide since record-keeping began in 1880.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, liquid fossil fuels supply 38.5% of the total U.S. energy consumption, natural gas 24.3%, and coal 21.2%.  Fossil fuels supply 76% of total Building Sector energy consumption.  Fossil fuel energy consumption is expected to grow by 12% between 2010 and 2030 with 55% of this growth due to the Building Sector. 

   The nation's economy hinges on a healthy Building Sector.  The building sector touches nearly every industry across all sectors of the U.S. economy.  Today, the Building Sector is in crisis, foreclosures continue to rise and housing starts to plummet.  As of June 2010, over two million construction workers have lost their jobs.  In the commercial real estate market, we have only just begun to feel the effects of the $1.4 trillion commercial real estate meltdown underway. This is the time to make the changes necessary to propel us into a greener and more sustainable economy.

Summer 2010
Joseph Blanco and De'Aundri Abbott
HOME STAR Coalition Applauds Senate
By: Rob Srinivas 

    HOME STAR Coalition applauds senate for inclusion of the Bi-partisan Home Star Legislation in The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act. Home Star Coalitoin urges swift action by Congress and The Administration as coalition supporters grows to over 2,600.

    WASHINGTON, July 28/PRNewswire/ -- The HOME STAR Coalition, a broad-based and diverse group of small and medium sized businesses and nationally recognized companies, labor and environmental organizations and associations, today applauded the inclusion of the HOME STAR legislation in The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act.  The HOME STAR Coalition is joining Senate leadership for a press conference today to discuss the bill and the critical need for HOME STAR.

     "I'm honored to represent the more than 2,600 members of the HOME STAR Coalition and the millions of families across America that will benefit from this important bi-partisan legislation," said WellHome President Larry Laseter, who is representing the HOME STAR Coalition at the press conference with Senate leadership today.  "HOME STAR is good policy, but even better practicality in its ability to deliver a triple win for America - it creates clean energy jobs for our nation's skilled construction workers and at U.S. manufacturing facilities, it benefits homeowners through comfort and energy efficient improvements to their homes, and it helps the environment through long-term energy efficiency gains."

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2011 California Code Changes

By: Geri Fox


  Many of you are starting to plan your 2011 project schedules. Only a few more months, and California will be ringing in the New Year with the new California Green Building Standards Code, aka CalGreen.

     The law was adopted this year and will go into effect January 1, 2011.  Its goal is to encourage low pollution emitting practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable and environmental building development.  This code is our nation's first ever mandatory state-wide green building code. 

   Whether we like it or not, if the buildings are not produced up to CalGreen standards, we will not be leaving with a building permit in hand.  Unlike its predecessor LEED (which is voluntary), it does not allow one to choose from categories to achieve award qualification.  Instead, CalGreen is setting a minimum state-wide standard for all of us to help initiate a cut down on waste, emissions, and energy use to bring about change for a hopeful future.

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Green Funny Bone

New Green Leaders

By: Jessica Zima
     As the Green Industry has progressed and grown, so has its leaders with the invention of a newly defined position, the Sustainability Director.

     In an article by Green Source Magazine's Nadav Malin, Sprouting Green Leaders, we see there are many twists and turns, but no direct path to getting there.  Some start as young people pursuing their passions, while others are high ranking executives, but what do all Sustainability Directors have in common?  They have a similar goal/purpose: to bring about a difference in how our world operates with its environment. 

     As the world changes to become more environmentally conscious, these Sustainability Directors are key to keeping green at the forefront of people's minds.  They are kept on their toes and required to use their creativity, passion, and assertiveness to demonstrate to homeowners, companies, industries and the world, how easy it can be to go green.

     To read about personal experiences and how Sustainability Directors are making an impact go to the full article.

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Rethinking - CHEAP

By: Jon Dougal

     Hidden costs or extraneous costs - not true costs: like the tailings or waste from mining operations, that with acid rain pollute the ground water with heavy metals, but the cost of a ton of ore never includes the cost of cleanup.


     Life Cycle Assessment, a recently evolved science, is beginning to bring understanding to the use of building materials, infrastructure, city planning and waste management.  The true cost of living in our societies can't be based on the initial capital cost or 1st costs; the equation requires a 7th Generation view.  Cost currently is held up as the No. 1 barrier to greater implementation of just about everything; you've probably been subjected to "Value engineering" But has this become a self-fulfilling prophecy?


     Because of cheap Chinese made solar products, the entire solar industry thinks of the price of a watt of PV before considering the cost to society.  The glut of excess product hasn't helped either.  But has the energy community accustomed customers to look at energy generation as only initial capital costs?

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Upcoming Events

4th Annual Opportunity Green Business Conference

Wed. Sept 22- Fri. Sept 24

At the conference you'll interact with celebrated business leaders, innovators and change-agents. Learn exciting trends, critical knowledge and develop winning partnerships to prepare your company for a world where profits, people and the environment are truly interconnected.

Located at the Los Angeles Center Studios, 1201 West 5th Street.

Event Website


LEED CI Gold Building Tour of Toyota Training Facility

Wed. Sept 22 5:30-8:00pm

Member of the project team will present an overview and background of the project.  Additionally, the project team will guide tours and provied insight on the build out and certification process.

The USGBC-IE Chapter welcomes your participation at this event as well as your interest and support for green building efforts in the Inland Empire.

*Registration Required

Event Website


The 26th Annual CA Coastal Cleanup Day

Sat. Sept 25 9:00am-12:00pm

CA Coastal Cleanup Day is a great way for families, students, service groups, and neighbors to join together, take care of our fragile marine environment, show community support for our shared natural resources, learn about the impacts of marine debris and how we can prevent them, and to have fun!

Come out and join thousands who have participated throughout the years!

Event Website

IE Green Building & Business Expo

Wed. Oct 27 3:00-8:00pm

The US Green Building Council-Inland Empire Chapter will be hosting the 1st Annual Inland Empire Green Building & Business Expo.

They anticipate attracting approximately 100+ people to this inaugural event.  This exciting event will join Inland Empire Municipal Policy Makers with local architects, engineers, contractors, developers, realtors and green product vendors with the intent to further the development of a sustainable and energy efficient future.

Located at The Frontier Project, 10435 Ashford Street, Rancho Cucamonga

Register Here

Event Website


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It is available in a variety of textures and colors with varying degrees of translucency, allowing light through while maintaining privacy.  Pilkington Profilit can be used in interior or exterior applications, with NanogelŪ insulating aerogel to provide energy efficiency.


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Queen's Wreath

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Even when electronic devices are turned off, but plugged in, they still use energy - Save over 1,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and $256 per year. Collectively this costs Americans about $3 billion a year.

Unplug unused electronics i.e. tv, dvd, coffee pots, toasters, etc. You can save up to 40% on your energy bill
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"Our choices at all levels - individual, community, corporate, and government - affect nature.

And they affect us. "

- David Suzuki

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