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February Edition   2010
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The promise of economic advancement in 2010 will require hard work and changes to the current status quo. We have worked intensely these past few years to offer services, education and opportunities to those interested in green building. Opportunities such as green jobs are forcing many to re-think the direction of their careers. However, the greatest hurdle is locating affordable training to jump-start these new desires. Our new education partnerships will offer the resources needed to start your green career. Green jobs are endless from green building consulting and auditors to weatherization specialists and solar installers. Be on the lookout for these opportunities in the coming weeks. As always here at RESCUE Green we strive to be a resource to our clients and all people interested in improving the quality of life through green building.

February 3, 2010
Joseph Blanco and De'Aundri Abbott

Energy Recovery Ventilators

By: Robert Cronk

The last couple of years have left me observing what an interesting time we are at when comparing the business climate, the social climate, and well, the climate climate.  In spite of the business climate having about bottomed out, we actually see a desire by building owners to implement steps to be more environmentally friendly.  Sometimes the bottom line dissuades these owners, but everyone is certainly talking about it and at least investigating what steps they can incorporate in their project. 

With this interest brings technology, new ideas, studies of these new ideas, and hopefully some incentive monies to help promote them.  We have magazine articles promoting technology, government funded studies to verify the capabilities of said technology, and with all of this, a dizzying amount of information we design professionals consider in current or future work.  Much of the technology is very good and valid based on the claims made, but this technology can come at a very high cost (read no foreseeable payback), or is best suited for certain climates or building types.   I say this because many of you read and hear about products, and then come to us only to be let down when we mention, for example, that the chilled beams you were interested in for your low desert project will take up, oh, about ¾ of the ceiling space and double the mechanical budget.  Please know that I am not knocking the technology.  I have actually been very interested init, but I also know that they are currently better suited for a less extreme climate.

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Doing your Part

By: Jon Dougal

One of my pet peeves has been how many organizations for environmental causes exist and continue to be created. How many "Save the insert name River" do we need and why can't all those save the Lake or river or coast line converge, combine, cooperate and save the river(s)?

After chastising myself for thinking critically of all those do-good organizations I came up with "It's the Locale Stupid". An offshoot of "think globally act locally". It's there river, it's their city, it's their pollution problems.

So some thinking people take the helm and start something to give their constituency a hand in their own future - mostly through education.

Here is a case worth studying if you've a mind to help the planet for the better, by starting your own group.

The Environmental Marketing Association of Arizona (EMAA) is a new, non-profit, business organization, established in Tucson to promote marketing of environmental services and goods, and related architectural, design, engineering, construction, and consulting activities. Arizona has several advertising, marketing, technical, and trade organizations, as well as green proponent organizations.

However, EMAA founders identified a gap in environmental marketing. Barney P. Popkin and several others established EMAA in mid-November 2009 to fill this gap. Mr. Popkin is a former USAID Foreign Service Officer/ Environmental Protection Specialist, USGS Hydrologist, University of Arizona Hydrology and Environmental Engineering alum, and current UA Affiliate/ Visiting Scientist. Other founding members consist of a hydrologist-mining specialist, an owner of an environmental engineering firm specializing in surveying and mapping, a trade legal specialist, a solar and desalination designer/ inventor, and an environmental field supervisor/ instructor.

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The Green Funny Bone!


The Power of Alternative Energy

By: Ned Araujo

Southern California is now poised to generate clean renewable energy that will help fuel its society and economy for generations to come. The state is geographically located in an area where renewable energy is available in the form of geothermal, wind, and solar. Plentiful solar energy allows for extraction of other energy derivatives, such as bio-fuels. Numerous issues, however, must be addressed in order to transition California from dependency on fossil fuels and imported natural gas to reliance on California's own renewable energy. This article will focus on the issues related to bringing solar energy produced in the high desert area of Southern California's San Bernardino County to local consumers.

The high desert of Southern California, encompassing a large portion of San Bernardino County, is a high insolarity zone. This means it is ideal for solar energy generation. Currently, there are only a few existing solar power plants and several planned small-, medium-, and large-scale solar power plants in the zone. These new projects have not been constructed as planned for several reasons, including:

Environmental: Last year, many large-scale projects were cancelled due to environmental concerns. Most large-scale projects require large contiguous areas ranging from a few hundred Acres to thousands of Acres. The Bureau of Land Management, a federal government agency, has been leasing the vacant land for these projects; however, due to a lack of pre-zoning, many of the projects were sighted in areas that were meant for desert conservation. After spending millions of dollars in development studies, many projects are no longer able to proceed until the environmental concerns are addressed. The federal government is now working on creating planning zones for government controlled land in order to correct this situation.

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Stop Going Green

By: Jon Dougal

The headline reads like a manifesto against where you think we should be focused now. What you say? Who is this madman espousing the opposition's mandate. After all - climate change is a hoax. Well isn't it? Thousands of scientists creating bogus data and trying to snow Al Gore. Who's also trying to snow us? The Kyoto Accord (treaty) asked for voluntary reductions in GHG's. There haven't been any. Voluntary actions by governments don't work. But read on there is merit and good reasoning in the following thought pattern. The future calls for bold actions not just making yourself feel good from buying a Prius, or recycling newspapers. Oh wait, yeah, there is no recycling market right now and those dutiful trash separators are outta work.

The following articles suggest major actions, not just single steps. "Think Globally Act locally" is archaic and needs to be thrown out the window, not being in tune with the major actions necessary to really change the climate crisis. We need major C02 legislation putting caps on GHG emissions. Clean burning city buses burning methane ("natural" gas) are still emitting GHG's. In California utilities are fighting behind the scenes to control (keep control) of emerging renewable energy transmissions.

Paul Hawkin in his 1st treatise on ecology "The Ecology of Commerce" suggested that it was commerce that would shape ecology. Major corporations (worldwide) would be more dependable agents of change than governments. We can see that issue in action today at Copenhagen.

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Upcoming Events

Thurs Feb 18, 2010

Presented by the Solar Energy Council, location TBD.  Visit the Solar Energy Council website for further information.

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Tues Feb 23, 2010
EcoTuesday is a forum to network, collaborate, and engage with environmental and socially responsible business leaders. EcoTuesday's structure includes an interactive dialogue and features a visionary speaker from the sustainable business world. Additionally, everyone in the room has the opportunity to introduce themselves - which means that everyone else has the opportunity to learn more about what they're interested in.
Wed Feb 24, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
Environmentally-minded people gather to enjoy extended Happy Hour with special food and drinks specials exclusively for Green Drinkers - including special margarita with organic tequila. PARKING: $5 flat rate with Ciudad validation. Public transportation encouraged:

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Sat Feb 27, 2010 Burbank, CA

Learn to turn leaves, grass, and food scraps into nutrient rich soil in this free compost workshop. It's fun for the whole family and compost bins are free.

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~ Energy Recovery Ventilators
~ Doing your Part
~ The Power of Alternative Energy
~ Stop Going Green
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DRiWATER is patented, time-release water bound in the form of a solid gel.  With virtually zero water waste, DRiWATER delivers moisture directly to a plant's roots for an extended period of time.  It is an ideal and efficient method of irrigation for establishing plant where permanent irrigation is not required or available.  100% natural and biodegradable, it is not an absorbent polymer and will not compete with the plant for moisture.

DRiWATER is widely used locally and internationally for xeriscape landscaping, reforestation, erosion control, and watershed restoration projects.  DRiWATER also contributes LEED points to your green building project for Water Use Reduction in Landscaping.

For further information including technical specifications, project profiles and LEED details, visit, or call us at 1-800-DRIWATER.

 Plant of the Month

Queen's Wreath

The Queen's Wreath, a native of Mexico, is a fast-growing plant, reaching up to 40ft in height.  It requires moderate water and boasts bright pink flowers and heart shaped leaves that attract bees.
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Cut down on gasoline emissions, which fill the air with ozone, by avoiding the gas pump during the heat of the day, since heat increases evaporation.  Instead, fill up in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.
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"The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built. "

- Frank Lloyd Wright

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