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June Edition   2009

Welcome to the first edition of RESCUE Green's Newsletter. As leaders and innovators in Green building we strive to inspire everyone to lead a greener, more sustainable life. Read along, enjoy the information, share your thoughts and pass it along.
RESCUE Green is an environmental building consultant firm assisting the building industry in producing greener, more sustainable buildings. In addition, we are a Design/Build Cooperative that brings more than 10 companies with over 30 years of combined experience, and every necessary trade together to produce high performance buildings. We work as one, or you may work independently with our consultants, to help your current project or team to achieve the highest sustainability.

Kessler Family Giving  Back to our Troops. RESCUE Green partners with Homes for our Troops  

RESCUE Green and Homes for our Troops have partnered up to build Sergeant First Class Jacque Keeslar a home in Fallbrook, California. The Keeslar's new home will feature Disabled Accessible design standards, as well as achieving LEED for Homes certification, and is currently in the early design phase. RESCUE Green Cooperative and affiliates are honored to be donating their time and energy to build a sustainable, accessible home for SFC Jacque Keeslar!
Homes for our Troops is a non-profit that builds homes for severely disabled veterans coming home from the war. Visit them at
To read more about SFC Jacque Keeslar and his story Click Here.
If you are interested in giving to this project please email us at or Rick Goyette at

 Will Green Building Thrive in Our Current Economy?

By: DeAundri Abbott
Date: June 01, 2009
In the face of the economic downturn you have to ask yourself the question, "What's going to happen to Green building when commercial, and residential real estate and building is declining?"  What I have found in my research is that Green Building is accelerating. All through 2008 the numbers kept an upward trend with an 80% growth in the Sustainable building market. Green homes are the best marketing vehicle for home builders. What we are seeing is a lot of new Green home developments going up across the country and Canada, and people are buying them. This is convincing more developers to build Green and offer this type of product. In the commercial building field Green is one of the few difference makers. For example there is hard data that Energy Star and LEED Green buildings gets higher rents, greater occupancy, and better resale value; even in the face of an economic down turn. This is enough business case information to convince the most anti-green person to go into the sustainability direction.

 Is There a Climate Change Tipping Point?  Green Building May Provide an Answer.

By: DeAundri Abbott
Date: June 01, 2009
Source: New York Times 
In the New York Times, there is a good article on the debate among climate scientists, about the probability of a climate change tipping point. "Whether the probability is high, medium, or low, I think the response is the same: climate cannot be stabilized without an energy technology revolution," said Christopher Green, an economist at McGill University in Montreal . "One way or the other, we just need to get busy."

The Green Funny Bone!




 All About SB 375 

By: Joseph Blanco 
Date: June 01, 2009
In September of 2008 Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law SB 375. It is senate bill that is an incentive based law, more specifically, the measure requires the state Air Resources Board (ARB) to set targets to reduce greenhouse emissions for passenger vehicles in each region of the state for 2020 and 2035. The bill has seen tremendous support from developers and environmental organizations. 
California's 18 metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are affected by the law and require the regions to adopt an integrated land use, housing and transportation plan by 2010. By meeting these targets they will be eligible for transportation funding; consequently by meeting the criteria outlined in the plan they will be relieved of certain review requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act.
The law does not require individual cities to approve any development within their jurisdiction. The bill specifically targets those developments that qualify as "smart growth" in regional plans. The projects located near transit or clustered areas are eligible for the roughly $15 billion a year in transportation money.
Several questions are left unanswered in the bill, even though it  was highly praised by the Governor and legislators as a landmark piece of legislation; therefore, many are skeptical. Such questions as; what exactly will SB 375 do?  Will the bill create new levels of government?  What are the consequences of non-compliance with SB 375? And, finally, how will the bill be funded? 

Additional Links:
SB 375 Senate Bill- Bill Analysis - Analyzes the bill and raises additional questions and concerns.

 Is Integrated Project Delivery The Key to Going Green?

By: Joseph Blanco
Date: June 01, 2009 
There are many misconceptions about Green Building.  Among them: it "costs" more to go green and the added expense does not justify the end result. The truth is that Green Building does not increase overall cost if done efficiently. There is an increase in initial costs; however there is an overall savings in the long term of the project. The charts below demonstrate this point.
The method that leads to greener projects at conventional budgets is the integrated project delivery method. The integrated project delivery method is the process of integrating all trades involved in the design and construction of a structure at the beginning. This will result in less time spent on concept and design, faster delivery of projects, stronger commitments of sub contractors, and it minimizes if not eliminates change orders.

Where and how do you get started? Hire a professional green consulting firm, but choose your green consultant wisely. A green consultant must also be able to coordinate well with designers, engineers, and sub-contractors, so, a thorough understanding of overall building practices is crucial. The expertise needed in your green consultant will be essential to keeping costs down and increasing the efficiency of the structure.

Visit the American Institute of Architects for more information on Integrated Project Delivery.

Upcoming Events

In it's fourth annual Top 10 Green Building Products awards, Sustainable Industries recognizes companies pushing the envelope in creating building materials that contribute to more sustainable building design.  More nominations were received than ever before in 2009, proving that more companies are entering this increasingly competitive space. 
To REGISTER go to:
Click Here  for more info: going green on affordable housing. An updated calendar on the green affordable housing sector.
Wed July 8 - Thu July 9, 2009 - Chicago, IL
GreenPower's 5th BioPower Generation conference will bring together leading experts from across the value chain to examine the latest developments in the biomass power generation industry.
Click Here  for more info.
Tues Sept 29 - Wed Sept 30, 2009 - San Francisco, CA
The conference focuses on finance and investment for clean energy technologies, with a particular emphasis on the Western US, and covers both large scale projects and the development and commercialization of new technologies.
Event website:
Thurs Oct 22 - Fri Oct 23, 2009 - Tucson, AZ
Renewable energy is coming to the Southwest.  How will it impact our natural resources?  Topics:
 - Issues and opportunities for renewable energy in the Southwest
 - Incentives and barriers to renewable development
 - Federal, state, and utility roles
 - Land and water requirements
 - The permitting process
 - Costs and benefits of various technologies
June 21, 2009 - Breakfast Behind-the-Scenes for Father's Day.  
Click Here for more info.
In This Issue
~ Giving Back to our Troops...RESCUE Green Partners with Homes for Our Troops.
~ Will Green Building Thrive in Our Current Economy?
~ Is There a Climate Change Tipping Point? Green Building May Provide an Answer.
~ The Green Funny Bone!
~ All About SB 375
~ Is Integrated Project Delivery The Key to Going Green?
Featured Green Products



iCel s a unique, proven, scalable, intelligent, high density energy storage system. It is integrated cell of electric lithium, capable of storing energy from any number of energy sources: conventional grid energy, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or fuel cells.

  • Weighs under 20 lbs
  • 28 volts, 30 amps capacity
  • IkWh of readily available power
  • Dimensions: 12in x 6in x 3in (LxWxH)

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 Bio Tower
Advanced "Smart-Silo" Thermophilic Vertical Composting System Converts 100% of Biodegradable Waste Into A Certifiably Consistent, Saleable, Premium Soil Product Utilizing Less Space Per Processing Ton Than Anything Else In The Industry  

One of the oldest Leucophyllum selections, the Texas Ranger has a dense, rounded form, requires little to no pruning, and its mature size of 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide is small enough to warrant a space in most residential gardens. 'Compacta' has evergreen grey-silver foliage and produces an abundance of dark pink flowers when the humidity rises in the summer and fall. It tolerates more water and heavier soils than other Leucophyllum selections. Sunset Zones 7-24.

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 Get Trained: Green Building in 2009
RESCUE Green has invested substantial resources in developing Training programs that are relevant, as well as rigorous.
RESCUE Green utilizes its Professional Collaborative as well as other experts in green building and psychometrics to prepare and approve the RESCUE Green materials, and to ensure state-of-the-art environmental training certification for commercial and/or residential practitioners.
Practitioners can sit for training in RG-Commercial, RG-Residential or RG-Commercial/Residential.
If you are interested in up to date Green Building training, email your contact information to  and we will send you a list of training classes in your area.
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Quote of the Month

"In many ways the environmental crisis is a design crisis. It is a consequence of how things are made, buildings are constructed, and landscapes are used. Design manifests culture, and culture rests firmly on the foundation of what we believe to be true about the world."

Sim Van der Ryn, Stuart Cowan, Ecological Design
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