June 21, 2011
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Q: How can I tell the credit card payment went through?


A: You will be given a successful message and it will immediately show in the patients payment history.  You can also check for the authorization number on the receipt or your credit card report.


Q: How can I tell the difference between running the card and just saving a credit card payment?  

A: If you ran the card you will see an authorization number on the cash report/receipt.  Also in the payment history box under the CC heading it will show "yes".  If it is blank then a card wasn't charged and you just saved the payment.


Q: How do I save a credit card payment vs run the card?

A: If you run the credit card you will hit transmit.  If you were just saving the payment you would hit the save button at the top of your page, the same way you would save a cash or check payment so it reflects on your cash report and in the payment history.



Healthpac releases regular scheduler updates to add new features, fix "bugs" in the system and improve current functions. IPC meets frequently with Healthpac to let them know what is working well for our clients and what isn't. Consequently, your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to revisit a few topics and learn about a few of the changes included in the newest update.  

New Features and Updates
1. Improved Internet Explorer 9 compatibility -Compatibility View mode no longer needs to be turned on to see Appointment History/Activity.

2. Added Work/Other phone to appointment detail row options, Other Phone to Detailed Column view options.  All phone fields will now also display extensions if they exist.


3. If you open Appointment Maintenance and then Demographics, and search/select a patient before returning to Appointment Maintenance, your newly selected patient will be selected to streamline creating a new appointment.


4. Added new Clinical Questionnaires, which can be used for collecting appointment-specific data - additional documentation on this feature will be available soon.


5. Added number of scheduled appointments to authorization display in Appointment Maintenance to give an idea of authorizations used (charged) vs. authorization scheduled.


6. Added Client Option to allow keeping rescheduled appointments in their original location, rather than adjusting the location


7. Added option to Template creation to "Use Template for ALL Departments" which will make the new template universal (not for any specific department). Use with CAUTION as it will override ALL other department's templates for the specified dates and days of the week.


8. Removed "Refresh" option from right-click menu. Users can continue to use the refresh button on the bottom-right area of the appointment book page.


9. Added new "Custom Schedules" tab to the schedule printing screen. This allows creating a bare-bones schedule with custom columns (headers) for multiple departments. Custom schedules also include avalable slots. All schedules are generated as a PDF. Header settings are automatically saved for a user between sessions.


10. Added new option to Template creation to allow creating templates for multiple independent dates. Clicking "Alt" button next to the effective date options gives you a date input box and a list of effective dates.  Add dates to the list, and templates will be created for those specific dates only.  Effective days of the week are ignored if using this option.


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